👻 Haunted by Ghosts?! | The Minecraft Life of Alex and Steve | Halloween Minecraft Animation

September 19, 2019 0 By William Hollis

I’m just saying, I find it crazy how you’d say that ghosts aren’t real. Yeah, and I’m just saying that I’ve never seen something that can’t be explained by like; ‘that was just the wind’ or ‘someone must have moved that there’ Okay, I think you’re just too scared to admit it. Doesn’t believe in ghosts… Look at me, my name is Alex, and I’m so big and brave Welcome to Potion n’ Bits. You want to come get a potion and not be visible? We got invisible potions can’t be seen, look. Oh, don’t believe in ghosts do you, Alex? We’ll see about that. Oh. I just put all these away? Oh well, no biggie. Hmm.. Should really get that light fixed Huh, guess we redecorated?.. I… guess he was cold? I must have caught it so quickly it didn’t have time to fall! ..Yes. That. Come on! Nothing, I’m doing is working. I need to think of something so scary that the only possible thing it could be is a ghost! So to set the mood I need thunder but not just thunder. Lightning! And now for some creaking on the roof. You think you can do that? And you? You need a bang on the door as hard as you can. Got it? And now.. we wait to strike. Alex…. Alex……. Hey, Steve. Woohoo, who is this Steve– You know I can see you, right? I’m sorry Alex. I just thought if I scared you enough you would believe that ghosts are real. Well, there’s nothing you could do that would possibly change my mind– Well, that’s not me doing that because I’m right here. (screaming) Does anybody have a cup of sugar? We’ve run out and I’m making a cake– oh they’re gone. Hey there hoped you all liked the video if you enjoyed it just click that like button for us