👻Episode 15 :Paranormal Vlogs:👻  Real pictures of entities in🔮 water scrying🔮

👻Episode 15 :Paranormal Vlogs:👻 Real pictures of entities in🔮 water scrying🔮

December 4, 2019 2 By William Hollis

hello and welcome to paranormal blogs
growing up paranormal episode 15 in this episode I’m going to show you some
pictures that I got in water scrying I have many other episodes I have 14 other
episodes and the 13th is the Halloween special and if you haven’t seen any of
my episodes yet please go ahead to my paranormal vlogs playlist and check them
out there’s 14 with this you’ll be 15 X and
in this video you will see pictures that I got in water scrying of real spirits
entities and interdimensional beings so in this episode you will see pictures of
entities spirits and interdimensional beings as they appear in my water
scarring now I have many episodes with some of the waters crying pictures as
well as other episodes with water screen tutorials and picked EVPs and other
episodes with many other things so check them out also when I show these pictures
I will try to add the originals now I don’t add or change anything other than
make it sharper and clearer put a filter so you can see it better it’s just for
visual purposes I don’t Photoshop these are real images
of real spirits entities and interdimensional beings I also not only
put the original that I circle them and list so let’s start with the first one
the first one happens to be an angelic being as you can see it’s for the
feathery wings it appears to be holding something this is the original as you
can see and if a pantsed have long hair and
wings and the arms are feathery as well seeing back of the head part it looks
like there’s wings that come out as well as the arms of feathery and the gown is
feathering now it appears should be holding something and some sort of a
face behind it it seems like a whole room also if you notice you could see an
11 11 the numbers 11 11 most people are seeing that all over the
place and it’s some kind of a code so 11 11 is to the right side you will see
that as you look at it they’re well aware that I’m putting this on the
internet and showing it for other people to see as I always X permission and you
will see in my other episodes of what is growing as well as what’s growing
tutorials so as you can see it’s holding something I believe in its winged arms
and it also appears like I said to have wings in the back okay so my next
picture here looks to be a duck yes I get spirit animals as well and I have a
pond out front and I quite often have ducks out there so I get all kinds of
animals and sometimes I get those same animals in my warts cry and you can see
that’s clearly a duck which looks to be a cat above it so I have my cats that
past that I’ve asked to show themselves and see the cat now here I’ve outlined
it and drew an arrow and it appears to be a cat up above it it looks like my
cat butterball is very fluffy who appears and I did ask for him but that
clearly is a duck without a doubt and we’re going to see it alright now this
is a dog I don’t know who the dog is I used to have two dogs we in the past now
I have cats but spirit animals do visit you can clearly see the eyes and this is
the original Hazzard appeared in my pot to the camera
sometimes I don’t see them with my naked eye I do start to see the water cloud up
now here I made it sharper and clearer for you so you can see the
characteristics better look at those eyes you can see the emotion in those
eyes is very clear that is a dog someone’s dog and here we go again I
like to give you enough pictures because I realized sometimes you can’t focus you
may not see it at first so in these pictures see how I made them clearer and
brighter I put them in a different filters so that try to get more detail
in this picture it seems to be two spirits now see it’s like a spirit
inside of ectoplasm see the there’s a face with a guy with an arm and he kids
to have a kind of a mustache that goes alongside of his mouth okay but there
appears to be there appears to be another spirit behind it sometimes
there’s more than one spirit and sometimes the main spirit blows out
another spirit and what I you could see the two eyes and eyebrows and forehead
and then they blew out another spirit you can you see that with the two arms
the guy with hair mustache maybe glasses and there’s a person behind it you could
see their neck what appears to be a shirt and that’s what happens sometimes
maybe that’s them so they just blew out another picture what I mean by blow out
they blow out their Ekta plasma here’s a picture of a guy he appears to have some
kind of like frizzy hair maybe it’s an afro he has a thick mustache his lips
are big his noses is wide so sometimes their eyes don’t come out clear
sometimes they do like in the dog very clear there you could see the face you could clearly see his nose slips but
appears to be a mustache his eyes his eyebrows and his hair seems to be sort
of parted on the side here is another dog I caught this is a more fluffy dog
this is the original has it appeared to the camera from the pot you could see
the dog’s eyes they have more depth sometimes they have a problem showing
their eyes it doesn’t mean they’re evil because their eyes would black sometimes
they have glasses if they wore glasses in life so here it’s more clearer I mean
it clearer and sharper you can clearly see the snout the nose the eyes the ears
and the fluffy neck so this appears to be a fluffier dog so I called it fluffy
dog here it is in a filter made even clearer and you see the eyes see the
expression so I don’t know whose dog it is but he appeared to me I been getting
dogs lately so there he is again as you could see from a distance now this seems
to be a white haze in front of him that’s the Ekta plasma they need plasma
to manifest this plasma in the sky this plasma in your body here is the original
of a face I caught it appears to be a guy with sort of long hair and not you
know he seems to be a little older he could see his nose and his mouth and it
appears to be a bushy mustache his eyes aren’t defined and we’re going to see it
again now this picture sometimes like I said there’s two spirits of one
sometimes one spirit blows out another spirit through the aect plasma but
sometimes that spirits just blowing out another version of him and sometimes
as you can see this is Cleary you could see his face more sometimes they’re
gonna be facing different ways sometimes I get five to six see I circled it here
now there’s another spirit when you flip this over and I’m gonna show you when
you turn this picture upside down you could see the other face now either it’s
the same spirit trying to show you them two different ways it’s just the way
they do things so I’m not sure why but that’s the way it is as you can see now
this is the same picture flipped over see the guys he’s wearing glasses you
can clearly see his glasses and his nose and he’s blowing out the Ekta plasma of
the face that we just saw before this there he is again you could see his neck
he looks to be a bigger heavier God that’s the face he was blowing out of
his mouth which is plasma see now writes the other side up upside down is this
heavier set guy with glasses here he is again you could see his neck cuz he is
Sharik you could even see the lines in his neck because he’s a heavier person
and he is he blew out that other spirit which is probably him and it different
there it is I drew it in case you couldn’t see where his glasses are his
nose his mouth and then he blows something out which is another version
of him probably and here we go again one more time so just in case you didn’t see
cuz I realized sometimes your eyes have to focus here we are again
now here’s another picture of the one I showed you before I put it in twice not
realizing I’m just going through my pictures so there he is again the guy
with kind of not really an afro but it’s parted on the side and here’s a picture of a man with a
beard and a mustache he looks like he’s sort of bald but his hair on the side
and it’s kind of long because he’s eyes and eyebrows his nose it’s not as
defined as some of the other pictures but sometimes the spirits have a hard
time some do it better than others and you know you’re gonna understand the
camera is going really fast so they have a split second basically to get their
image in there and they do it as well as they can so as you can see here’s
another spirit you see the he has long hair he’s holding some object whether it
looks like the neck of a guitar it actually does he has long hair you could
see he has a decorative collar it has some kind of embroidery it’s shiny
uh you could see his arms are holding something but he his neck his head is
towards us he’s facing out but he’s holding so I could see his arms he has a
rather long neck I did ask for a Palladian or interdimensional being to
show them so so this could be Mike that’s my cat in the background he likes
to do this whole dog okay that was my cat so here you can see I outlined it
for you where his hairline is eyes eyebrows nose see he’s holding something
to see his arms and then hit he’s holding something with his arms and then
his head is turned okay so over here we have two faces that’s the original and
if you missed any of these you could just play the video back again or pause
it so you can get a better look so here it is I made it sharper and clearer and
there’s the two faces one appears to be a male one appears to be a woman that
like I said sometimes they’re in mid forming now this one I made even clearer
sometimes they can’t always come in as clear as other people are spirits
entities because they’re still forming like I said the camera is going fast
they have a second to get their image in maybe two seconds so there’s the faces
and I’ve outlined it and labeled where their features are so that you can get a
better idea in case you’re having a hard time seeing it here it is again and like
I said you could always go back and look at these and pause it for a better look
those are the two faces I don’t know who they are
here is a cat I don’t know if you can see it I should have labeled it far away
you can see the two eyes the nose the mouth the whiskers the lines I believe
this is my cat cuddles or my cat’s monkey that was a grey cat
but you could clearly see the eyes the nose the mouth it’s either that or now
here is a woman’s face you see her her eyes her nose or eyebrows but this is
the original but what’s in her mouth is for some reason they blow the plasma out
of their mouth and I did look to see if there was an image upside down but there
wasn’t it so it’s just plasma coming out of her mouth I guess that’s how they do
it here’s another with the filter the same woman you can clearly see her eyes
eyebrows and nose and they need plasma to manifest you have plasma in your body
but when you die you release that plasma and it’s who you are and you could now
this is a different more different eyebrows it’s a man I believe you could
see his nose through the plasma is a little more you could see it a little
bit it’s more transparent you could see the thicker eyebrows deeper eyes the
bigger nose part of the mouth and that also is blowing out plasma that’s how
they manifest so here is a guy who appears to have an afro his nose
my lips are big but you could see he has like two shirts it appears like a
lighter t-shirt with a jacket over it can you see it his eyes I don’t know if
it’s his eyes or if he’s glasses but like I said they can’t always make their
eyes of the hardest animals seem to be have a better time at showing their eyes
and there he is again this is another man’s face with some
kind of feathery hair it’s like in case d-wing said can you see it and you can
see his neck he seems to have a necklace on and he has a jacket now whether
that’s his bare chest and neck and a jacket I don’t know that was the
original this is one enhanced by being sharper and brighter for you see his
eyes his eyebrows his wider nose his lips and that’s his hair now it seems to
have like feathers it’s very feathery but that’s his hair or feathers I’m not
sure who he is now this can be see how I outlined it and I labeled it now this
could be an interdimensional being and they look different there’s bird people
cat people called illyrians there’s all types this is a man an older man there’s
a line going through it like a light but you could see his hairline you could see
his part he is like long gray hair he is a mustache beard he reminds me of the
guy from Harry Potter the old man there he is again a little clearer can you
make it out his mustache his beard I made it a little clearer and he has an
owl friend below him so this it’s like a Harry Potter was a Dumbledore who’s that
guy with the long gray hair there is the owl face see it sometimes they bring
friends and he seems to have a bird above him
there it is I I don’t know what that white streak of light is it could be his
he doesn’t need as much plasma he might need whatever that is to manifest
himself they have all different ways he may not be a regular spirit big regular
spirits need the plasma and interdimensional beings do not this is
another woman’s face different again you could see her eyes her nose her eyebrow
and the plasma coming out of her mouth so this is a spirit like I said spirits
tend to use the plasma to manifest where other entities do not need that they
have some form of light at least that’s what I’m getting out of it and there it
is again I made it a little sharper this is a person’s face looks like a man it’s
really hard to tell you could see the eyebrows you could see his nose and
mouth and sharp chin so those were all the pictures I have for you today again
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