🔮👻PARANORMAL👻 VLOGS 26: Chit chat, EVP and more

November 7, 2019 0 By William Hollis

hi everybody welcome to my paranormal
books so I got out of spooky today and I put some false eyelashes that was scary
in itself because it was very hard to put on it was very hard to put on I’m
not good at that so I messed with them and they got all
over him so I finally got the long right them too often because I’m not
good at cutting the bond mm-hmm so what I wanted to do was first say I hope you
all had a good Halloween a fun Halloween spooktacular Halloween I did nothing
I wasn’t feeling well so that’s why I did to go live on Halloween night like I
had planned I suffer from migraines that I get quite often and I’m hoping to kick
those and unfortunately I never know when they’re going to hit so I had a bad
migraine and I was feeling really sick and out of it and really tired and the
weather was pretty bad it was a very dark and spooky night it was windy out
our power kept going on and off throughout the you know throughout the
night it started the night before and throughout the night it was going out in
the morning and I just didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up
everything and nothing happening and it was really too noisy because I was going
to do alive with having conversations with the spirits and unfortunately doing
that with the noise wouldn’t have been really good because it was so windy cuz
it was so windy I really didn’t want to do that because the noise from the wind
and all the things that were there here at home um so I did capture a lot of
EVPs and pictures of waters crying I’m gonna add just a few that I caught
the newer ones and then my favorite one again I also I’m going to add a few of
my EVPs one of them so I got an EVP when I was talking to interdimensional beings
and I asked where are you would I be able to see you and they said look
outside and you will see us look outside you can see us so I’m gonna put that EVP
right in here right now so that was a real EVP I got the other
down tonight and I’m going to be probably trying to communicate with them
more they are real they are there they’re not too far there’s many many
many many fits above this whether you believe it or not most of you are kept
capturing that because I find that a lot of people didn’t believe me when I was
growing up and I was little and I was telling them about the things speaking
to me and the things I said witnessed and my experience is growing up
paranormal so that kind of annoyed me when people weren’t taking me seriously
or listening to me and when you’re a child it’s even harder but those it was
the 70s really people didn’t start talking about the paranormal or anything
or even UFOs for that matter until the late 70s or and only very little because
they had Close Encounters then you had all of the horror movies like The
Exorcist aspect kind of kicked open the door to have a little dialogue and but
there really wasn’t any shows like I said in my past paranormal box there
really wasn’t anything there was no internet yep those were the old days I
guess I’m old but um there was no internet so you couldn’t hop on and look
up this paranormal thing or ask a question there were no ghost hunting
paranormal researchers there was none of that
there was a Lorena Ned Warren they were out there and I remember hearing about
them and I was looking for their mail because there was no email okay there
was no internet so emails didn’t exist at this point so you had to physically
mail a letter and I was a kid and you know nobody was believing me anyway but
now then as the 80s went on like the later 80s people started talking about
the paranormal and UFOs and then in the 90s it just opened up with the event of
the Internet and that all those ghost hunting shows
so yes so what made it easier also was we didn’t have digi cams back in the day
now I’m not a big cellphone user so I walk around with my cell phone snapping
pictures or recording I have a very old blackberry cell phone another thing I
want to talk about is watch out for the beer porn addicts there’s a lot of them
out there if they are pushing even if you see a lot of shows up implanted here
since YouTube is created or in the very beginning anyway knowing that this is
taking off and the shells are the ones that come off as a regular person that
actually told real truths in the beginning but later on they started
mixing lies and more lies and then you get disinformation they use it and then
the other thing is or they use the pole shift there is no pole shift no coal
ship but I want you to listen there is no pole shift happening it’s not gonna
happen tomorrow next week next year or ever it’s fear porn and they need to
push that on you because they the negative ones the ones that are
controlling the matrix the ones that are trying to control you need you to create
the dark cabal basically need you to create this world and the anxiety and
negativity and if it’s always what you focus on becomes reality and I’ve said
this in my other videos so if you’re focusing on the pole shift and you’re
panicking not only are you feeding that negative feel that they need because
they feed off of negativity and fear but you’re creating it if enough of you were
thinking of that you’ll create it so if there’s anyone out there that’s pushing
this pull shift I don’t care if you’ve been listening them for ten years I
don’t care if they are the sweetest nicest people or if they talk to them on
the phone if they have a channel and they’re pushing the pole shift for if
you want to listen to them listen to them but don’t believe them and just see
it now they could be good people with bad information but most of them
don’t they know what they’re doing another thing if they’re pushing
disaster after disaster on you know because the end of days is happening now
but it’s not the entities for us and it never was the end of days is the end of
days for them and it’s the end at the end of days so we’re almost at the end
of it and it’s for the dark of all the evil ones the negative ones it’s the end
for them but they always wanted you to think this you know I mean because the
Bible was manipulated anything in this meat matrix that was created in this
matrix had the dark couples dirty little Masonic thinkers in it and they changed
all the things and they put out lies to make you believe this so if you’re
buying it you’re falling in to their trap there’s
no planet nibiru Planet X planet line whatever they’re
calling it there’s no big asteroids coming this way there’s none of that so
if someone’s pushing pull shift planet 9 Nibiru or the Sun is going to burn us
with the radiation and the kill shot that’s not gonna happen either some of I
bought some channels and they’re good people but they’ve got this bad
information because they’re reading stupid nonsense from people that are
Masonic they’re part of that Illuminati dark cabal whatever you want to call it
and yes I do know that birth so you need to stop listening to people
pushing the Sun is gonna fry you the radiations gonna kill you from the Sun
if you’re gonna get radiation from anything it’s gonna be from your 5g
Wi-Fi so and there’s ways to protect protect yourself against all that and
one of them is stop carrying your cell phones around everywhere and on you
another thing is you’ve got to stop listening to the fear mongers if they’re
pushing this pole shift and they’re sticking it in their videos even subtly
they don’t want to seem like a fair mugger and not to scare the ones off
that they’ve drawn in with their truths but they’re so they try to do it more
subtle but they do bring it up and they’re all like oh my god something’s
happening there did you see these military they’re gonna do martial law
forget that as well now it’s not saying that the darker ball isn’t trying stuff
they are they’re trying to push their agenda 21
and they’re doing it in California they’re doing it in other countries
we’re getting it stopped here and agenda twenty one does not have anyone’s best
interest in mind it really is depopulation and it’s also
control so you know you just don’t wake up and stop being a sleeper and so
anyway what I was going to say about the EVP is I caught an EVP from an
interdimensional being and I asked well can I see you and they said well look
outside and you’ll see us so I’ll stick that in here again and I did some more descrying
and I got my new pictures which I’m gonna put and a few more that I didn’t
add in my last video and I’m going to be doing it again Nancy with Hornish crying
sometimes you get a lot of really good pictures of entities and spirits and
n-dimensional beans and sometimes you get kind of okay pictures you never get
nothing but you may get a lot of pictures that are nothing but this is
what I say and it’s very strange someone’s like a Polaroid that has to
develop if you first see them and you see nothing or you just see one or two
wait wait a week or wait a day or two and look at them again you might see
them and rotate them then sometimes they end up looking like a big face and take
up the whole pot or Bowl what are we using and sometimes they only take up a
corner and sometimes it’s a bunch of faces sometimes it’s spirit animals like
I showed you so you also have to wait a couple of days or even a week or two or
even a month or two and go back over those pictures because some strange
reason all of a sudden they’re there they’re like clear as day and I don’t
know what the reason is sometimes you’ll get them out of the bag but sometimes it
they take a while to develop or for you to see them
and it’s not like oh well I love how they always try saying well your eyes
communicating with your brain your optic whatever and it’s trying to make sense
of form phases I’m sorry that you get the full face and I’ve you’ve seen my
pictures that’s not the way it is it’s not like looking at wood green and
making faces at a wood green and it’s you know it’s not like that at all so
now I can prove my existence of these things through recording them and
through taking orders growing pictures of them whereas before I didn’t have
that ability to do so because I didn’t use we didn’t have digi camps we had the
regular little cameras the Instamatic flash with the cube and nobody ever and
you had to go with your film developed so that’s a big pain in the butt imagine
me trying to do that with a million pictures they’re getting them developed
and that cost money and it took time took money because your pictures
developed it and the oldies you had to wait like a week to two weeks to get
your pictures back so when they came out with one our photo the little photo mats
I know if anybody remembers things they have a little photo mats for you to drop
your photo your film and he had the mini little containers
and then you wait for them and it’d be like a week or two and then you’d get
them and then when they had the one-hour photos it was like wow this is great
we’ll get it in one hour but he wants you know you don’t know wait to see what
the captured but it was still costing money you still have to pay for that
with the digicam if you don’t you just take your picture and plug it in and
barrenness so that’s definitely see some technology
can be good and some can be used for not so good so basically what I just wanted
to share is that I will be trying to do a live in the future where I would try
this very communicate with entities interdimensional beings and open up the
portal and then have you on your end open your portal I’ll compute we’ll do
it live if you’ll have your recorders on hands and to capture any EVPs Isis okay
so we will so if you have any loved ones and passed on that you want to come in
contact with or if you just want to try it then that’s what we’ll do
but I don’t know what I’ll do it if you’re brave enough so I have to see
the other thing is I will be having more I would the seasons
basically the season has ended from my paranormal blogs and now I’d like to
concentrate on my other blogs such as my DIY vlogs where at my DIY crafts
playlist so I like to concentrate on my other playlists now that the season of
paranormal blogs is over then but I do like to add a few paranormal dogs here
and there has strange and odd things happen if I capture anything or if I do
communication session with the spirits and entities and interdimensional beings
and if I do waters crying then I come and I post it or if something happens I
capture it and I share it and then I share it with you here on my paranormal
blogs I’m gonna start concentrating back to my other playlists I took a break
from my DIY crafts playlist and I’m gonna be starting doing more crafts
again because I picked up some stuff to do more crafting and I’m going to be
doing that in my everyday blogs and I’ll be doing some ASMR so I will see you on
my next videos um where we will do some of the communication so if you want me
to do alive where you can speak with a passel of them let me know in the
comment section and I will see you in my next videos bye you