10 Scary Ghost Videos To Give You NIGHTMARES ! *Caught On Camera!

August 29, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Top 10 Scary Ghost Videos! Watch till the end just if you’re brave enough! You really need to see this! It’s shocking! 9. In this video there’s a woman at the office
working on the computer, while a shadow silhouette of woman pass close by her, and then disappear. After this, something more crazy is going
on! It seems like the woman working on the computer
is possessed by that ghost. After, the ghost leaves her body, and go away. 8. There 2 guys are sleeping in their beds. It seems like they are a little agitated. After, the door opens, but there’s nobody,
let’s say it was just wind. Well the wind can’t do this, so the only answer,
it was a ghost! The guy wakes up perplexed, and leave the
room not being aware of what just happened. 7. Here it seems to be a room where a party took
place earlier. A woman stay on the chair waiting for something. You can see a chair starts moving right behind
her. She looks back hearing something but she doesn’t
realize what it was. Then another chair starts moving right in
front of her, she gets scared and falls on the floor. After, it seems like all the objects in the
room starts moving maybe by a ghost or more, and the woman fainted because of fear. 6. In this video, a guy is looking for a book
on the shelf. He takes a few steps and the door opens behind
him. Then,it seems he is dragged by a shadow on
the floor out of the recording camera range. If you look carefully you can clearly see
the shadow, it’s terrifying. 5. Here is a tape from another haunted house. The man came home, get down his jacket and
goes to the kitchen for a snack and some water. When he comes back down the hall this is what
happens. It seems like a shadow, a ghost, lifts the
man and takes him up through the air. It’s absolutely insane. Let’s watch again, but this time in slow motion. It’s literally a black shadow which makes
him to levitate. 4. In similar situation is this man, that walks
down the hall of a building, and a mysterious shadow is harassing him. The good part is that he escaped, running
away. 3. In this video, the ghost surprise this 2 guys
on stairs, catching one of them and probably punching him, cuz it seems they escaped hardly
by the mysterious shadow. 2. Here, another hall, another person, another
shadow. The ghost seems to shot him down, and dragging
the man, by his leg, and then the shadow run away. 1. This footage seems to be from a hotel. There are the doors of 3 rooms. This man, probably the manager, is looking
for something in each room, probably having a complaint related to that rooms. When he opens one of that doors he seems to
be shocked. He goes inside and then this happened. One single word describe this situation: SHOCKING. He comes out and then run away, scared. The best part is that he didn’t fainted, cuz
this is really a very difficult situation. Thanks for watching! Now, tell me, will you sleep properly this
night, after watching this video ? let me know in the comments below !
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