10 Times Paranormal Researchers Found Terrifying Things

September 4, 2019 0 By William Hollis

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when ghost hunters look into apparent hauntings, they come back with little to show for it. But sometimes they not only find evidence of paranormal activity, but
they stumble into scary, dangerous or even life
threatening situations. (church bell tolling) Here are 10 Times Paranormal Researchers Found Terrifying Things. (eerie music) Number 10 are Crawling Shadows. In late 2012 Greg Pollitt, the co-founder of “Paranormal Nights,” a supernatural investigation
team based in Cincinnati, Ohio, and some of his associates were looking into a local haunting. The homes owner claimed he’d experienced a number of unexplained events, including doors being
slammed without warning and locking on their own,
as well as objects moving without being touched
or even manifestations of shadow people moving about the house. When his team arrived
to investigate further, they were greeted with
things moving on their own and shadows seeming to crawl
across the floors and ceiling. The most chilling thing came
when a photo was snapped of their client as they
moved through the house. In the picture, unseen by anyone at the time it was taken,
it is an apparition. Number nine are Back Scratches. Before paranormal
investigator Greg Newkirk spent a night in the
Ohio State Reformatory, he believed ghosts did exist,
but that they were incapable of harming a human beyond giving their heart a jolt of fright. However, after nearly
20 years of that belief, one night in April of
2015 changed all of that as he and his team found
themselves in an abandoned prison and at the mercy of a violent entity. Newkirk was standing in one of the penitentiary’s many rooms. One without a single window, when another man who’d
ironically served time in the prison began taunting the ghosts to reveal themselves. Suddenly, Newkirk felt
someone brush past him, someone he could feel but not see. Then a burning sensation notified him that he’d been injured somehow. Lifting his shirt he discovered three distinct scratch marks on his back. Number eight is A Grave. As the host of the podcast
“Realm of the Weird,” paranormal investigator John Tenney was well aware of strange happenings. He even once witnessed
a small hairy creature with deep inset eyes,
pointed ears and hooves dart away during an investigation
that left him startled. Yet nothing could prepare him for the events that unfolded one night while he was exploring an old graveyard. During Tenney’s investigation, he realized he wasn’t exactly alone, as a voice whispered to him, “Careful.” Startled, he spun to see
what had spoken to him in such a chilling
voice, only to step back and fall through the top of an old coffin. Within seconds, the paranormal researcher went from looking for the dead to literally laying in a grave, and whatever warned him
was nowhere to be found. Number seven is Followed Home. After spending 72 hours in Hinsdale House, a building in New York
known to be haunted, paranormal investigator Nick Groff returned to his New Hampshire home. Shortly after he arrived,
strange things began happening. Loud knocks echoed through the walls, doors opened on their own
and footsteps could be heard without a visible source. It became evident that
something from the house had followed him home, and every time he went
down to the basement, he could feel a presence watching him. One night upon seeing a white apparition on a security camera feed, Groff began running his
ghost hunting audio gear, only to find several
voices were picked up. A psychic later told him
that a number of spirits were present there, one of which
was trying to protect Groff and his family from more
than one malevolent force. Number six is Hands at the Throat. As we’ve discussed, Greg
Newkirk is no stranger to paranormal entities interacting, often aggressively, with the living. While filming a documentary on hauntings, the ghost hunter brought
the films director to an abandoned church to look for signs of paranormal activity, which many had previously
claimed there were plenty of. They’d only been in the
building for around 30 minutes when a loud knocking occurred,
drawing their gazes upward to the chapel’s raised pulpit. There, a thick, dark
green mist slowly formed over the course of five minutes before slowly it began
to descend towards them. As the two men stared in disbelief, something took hold of the director. Newkirk watched as the man gasped for air and grabbed at his neck. As quickly as it began
the attack was over, but not before two bright red hand prints appeared on the directors throat. Number five are People in the Walls. In 2002 a group of high school students in Bradford County,
Pennsylvania snuck into an abandoned building
nicknamed The Murder House after hearing about shadowy figures being spotted in its windows. Shortly after entering,
they began hearing footsteps and shuffling on the floor above them. The noises became louder
until the group reached what appeared to be a mad scientists lab. They barely set foot
inside the strange room when one of them quietly alerted the rest there’s people in the walls. Pressing their ears to the drywall, they heard soft whispers
and rumblings from within. The group ran out of The Murder
House as fast as they could, unaware of how fitting the
house’s name had almost become. Hidden inside the walls were armed men who had been cooking
methamphetamine in the room. Number four is The Body of Sharon Wilson. Closed in 1989, Kuhn
Memorial State Hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi
was left in shambles and has been a popular place for people to conduct paranormal investigations, as well as numerous ghosts have been said to haunt the dilapidated walls. But on June 28, 2015, hunters from the Mississippi
Paranormal Society got way more than they bargained for when they toured the facility
and found a trail of blood leading to the body of 69
year old Sharon Wilson. Wilson had been the victim
of a robbery and kidnapping, and ultimately lost her life at the hands of 33 year old Rafael McCloud, who would later offer no
explanation for his actions or even obtain a lawyer to defend himself. Finding the dead is
usually a welcome thing for paranormal researchers,
but in this tragic case, it was anything but welcome. Number three is, It’s
Not Done With You Yet. In October of 2017, a group entered the old Yoakum Community
Hospital in Yoakum, Texas, a building which has been
abandoned since the 1990s, and it was considered a haunted place. The group, which included some
members of a local news team, some from the San Antonio
Paranormal Investigations team, and a psychic named Debrah
Tudor, could physically feel the air around them change
as they entered the building, but nothing seemed to manifest until they reached the second floor. Once there, the lead
investigator Guillermo Fuentes was attacked by an unseen entity which left deep scratches on his arm. Debrah turned to him
and eerily informed him that it wasn’t done with him yet. Suddenly, Fuentes was attacked again, this time receiving scratches on his neck. It was then the team decided
to abruptly leave the hospital. Number two is Sickening Spirits. In 2014 Robert Ansley, one
of the founding members of Austin Paranormal Research, discovered an abandoned lake house just outside of Austin, Texas. Formerly the Taylor House Eatery, the building was seemingly
haunted by several spirits, which made themselves known
through loud knocks and thumps, and demands to get out via EVP recordings. Ansley went the house every Monday night to try to capture more
evidence until one day when he suddenly came down with the flu. After a few days, he went to the hospital where he was admitted for four days due to en E. coli infection, pneumonia, an abcess in his brain
and sepsis in his blood. After recovering, Ansley finally listened to his most recent EVP recordings, on which he could clearly hear voices saying they wish to kill him. And number one is A Near Hanging. Shortly after moving into a house in San Pedro, California in 1988, Jackie Hernandez and her
family began encountering the ghost of an old man. After being called to
the house by Hernandez, a group of investigators lead
by a paranormal psychologist, began searching the attic,
where the family claimed most of the odd noises came from. Almost immediately one of the
team members, Jeff Wheatcraft, was thrown across the
room by an unseen force. Another man managed to snap
a photo of the incident only to find that in it,
Wheatcraft was being hanged by the neck by a clothes
line, the other end of which was around a beam overhead. Luckily both men managed to escape, and Hernandez moved from
the house soon after. But, all of them remember
the horrible night when an investigator nearly
lost his life to a ghost. This video is sponsored by Warner Bros.