11 SCARY Ghost Sightings Caught on Tape in Abandoned Places

October 15, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Abandoned houses are thought to hold the residual
energies of those who once lived inside. In other words, people with troubled lives
tend to leave behind troubled spirits in return. The supposed ghosts on this list are rumored
to have been driving curious explorers from their homes for years, often sending the trespassers
screaming as they flee. 11. A YouTuber named farriswheeler is exploring
an abandoned house with a friend. The first thing they notice is that the house
is covered in flies and that all of the main doors are locked. After poking around some more they come across
the remains of a poor cat who must have gotten trapped inside. It’s a depressing scene and definitely not
the exciting find that they were hoping for, so they decide to leave. On the way out, however, they unintentionally
record something watching them from the shadows. According to farriswheeler, this is the ghost
of a child. If you look closely, you can see a short,
motionless figure with its face covered by long hair. Then again, this looks like it could be some
sort of debris or even a wastebasket. Let me know what you think it is. 10. A YouTuber named Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal
is checking out an abandoned house in Tennessee that’s covered in occult graffiti. It’s an unsettling sight for sure, but there’s
an audio portion of this video that has people talking. No less than 5 people thought they heard something
during this part. Let me know if you hear it . . . As soon as he says that this is the entrance
to the underworld, some people claim they hear a voice that says “stay”. I think it sounds like leaves rustling under
his shoe as he takes a step back, but let me know if you heard the noise and what you
think it was. 9. A team of ghost hunters are inside of an abandoned
home when they catch what appears to be a transparent phantasm at the top of the stairs. I’ll admit that I did not see what they
were talking about at first, but when you replay the video at half-speed, it’s easier
to see a clear outline of a person’s head and shoulders. The figure starts out facing the camera and
then darts through a door on the right. I’m not sure if this is CGI or not, but
let me know if you can see it and, if so, what you think it was. 8. A YouTuber named Gemparkzz lost his grandmother
over ten years ago, but her spirit still appears to linger in her old empty property, which
his family has maintained ever since her passing. Gemparkzz timidly enters the house and crosses
the living room, walking by her wooden rocking chair. Doors keep slamming shut wherever he goes. It’s almost as if his grandmother wants
her privacy, or maybe she is trying to keep him away from something she doesn’t want
him to see. Then, as Gemparkzz turns a corner, he records
this . . . A pale figure peers at him from the darkened
doorway on the right. Here it is again if you missed it. The obvious explanation is special effects,
but the answer no one – not even Gemparkzz – wants to accept is that this could be
the twisted incarnation of his grandmother. 7. This video starts off on a zoomed-in window,
almost like they saw something and started recording for proof. The person keeps recording for a while and
nothing happens, but then, as soon as they zoom out. . . Something peeks out from behind the bars on
the right side of the window. If you look closely, you can almost see the
outline of a head and possibly some facial features as it presses against the glass. The apparition appears to be tilting its head
to the right, almost as if it’s regarding the camera with curiosity. Let me know if you see it and if it looks
vaguely human to you or not. 6. A YouTuber named Nosey is poking around an
old abandoned home that is in rough shape. The place is crumbling on all sides and covered
in debris. Some sections look like they could collapse
at any minute, so he doesn’t go too far inside. It’s the middle of the day though with plenty
of natural light, so Nosey creeps around the outskirts and even dares to check out a few
rooms for a better look. He’s having a look through one of the more
secure-looking rooms on the bottom floor when apparently something notices his presence
and starts rushing his way. Nosey wisely retreats out the nearest exit
and cuts his adventuring short for the day. The upstairs was not safe for him to explore,
so it’s doubtful that someone would live up there (though still possible, I suppose). Either way, the footsteps were clearly human
and not from an animal, and Nosey was clearly all by himself throughout this video. Therefore, the only other explanation I can
come up with, besides a homeless person, is an actual ghost. Whatever it was, Nosey says that he will go
back to the house and solve the mystery once and for all, so be sure to check on his channel
to see if he ever does. I hope he stays safe and I wish him the best
of luck. 5. A YouTuber named alien6467 and a friend are
heading down a long stretch of country road in Southwood, New York when an abandoned white
house on the side of the road catches their attention. Something feels odd about this house, so they
decide to get out and start exploring. The first thing the two of them notice is
a room with “hashtag vengeance” scrawled across the wall in big green letters. Under this word are dozens of bags that unexplainably
contain only a single coin. After a bit of searching, they find a loose
floor panel nearby and start pulling out more Ziploc bags containing single coins. The strange feeling gets even stronger after
this discovery and they decide to leave. When filming the house for one last time,
they see that they are no longer alone, nor were they ever to begin with . . . A mysterious black silhouette watches them
from above without sound, but I guess it could just be a prank. I mean, they were just inside of that room,
so maybe alien6467 went up there again and pretended to be a ghost to the final shot. Then again, it could even have been somebody
who was squatting in the house. The coins might have been a calling card,
each one representing a previous victim. 4. A man is videotaping an abandoned home from
above when he catches what could be something paranormal as it dashes away. A misty black cloud snakes along the wall
and trails off into the abandoned house, veering out of sight. The cameraman zooms in for a better look but
finds nothing. I think this appears to be CGI, but the way
the cameraman behaves makes me think it could be real. He stays focused on the spot for a little
bit, then draws back and studies the entire area for more activity. He doesn’t immediately stop recording like
most videos. 3. A group of friends are roaming around an old
English house that’s rumored to be quite haunted. Unlike most of the other videos on this list,
they are able to get upstairs and quickly start opening every door they can find. Then they come across one door in particular
that they swear they’ve already opened before. I studied this video for a while and I can
say that this door was definitely open before. When they open the door here at 11 minutes
27 seconds, you can see a circuit box with a yellow sticker in the bottom corner of the
room. You can briefly see this same circuit box
here at 8 minutes 14 seconds. This means that the door was definitely open
just three minutes earlier. They aren’t sure what to make of this discovery
and decide to run away. Maybe they were faking surprise, or maybe
one of the friends closed the door as a prank, but something tells me that this was probably
paranormal. Let me know if you agree. 2. A YouTuber named IN7 and a large group of
friends decide to investigate an abandoned home for possible paranormal activity. They don’t find anything that strange on
the first floor aside from some mattresses, so they decide to go up a flight of rickety
steps that looks far from safe. Some laughter stops them in their tracks. They start to run, but then find confidence
in numbers decide to keep going anyway. When they get to the top floor they find more
mattresses. One of the mattresses has a human looking
figure on it with black sheets pulled above the head. Suddenly some other kids rejoin the group
to warn of more people. They hear laughter again and bolt down the
steps, out of the house. The laughter sounds distant yet somehow all
around them. If it’s not editing, then it’s definitely
paranormal. The group will neve r know if the person laying
on the mattress was just sleeping or not alive. They could have stumbled upon some sort of
ritual sacrifice for all we know. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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we upload every Thursday and Sunday. 1. Two friends are wandering across a field to
check out an old abandoned house that they are both excited about. I’m not sure, but I think they found this
house at night and wanted to come back during the day. Anyway, they find that the house in mostly
intact aside from a collapsing roof and decaying debris everywhere. They are just having a casual conversation
when suddenly their camera chances upon something totally out of the ordinary . . . A completely black figure glides across the
doorway from above. What’s especially strange is that every
square inch of this figure is pitch black even though they are in a room lit by sunlight. It is turned to the side with its head down,
but absolutely no facial features are visible. The two friends both turn and run away from
the shadowy inhabitant at full speed. I guess they could have a third person with
them and just be playing a prank, but their reaction seems a little too genuine for me
to think that this is fake. Similarly, if it was just a homeless person
upstairs, then they probably would have shouted something like “get out” instead of silently
walking across the doorway. Many people think that this a shadow person,
and I think that it’s a definite possibility.