13 Videos You Shouldn’t Watch Home Alone

September 10, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Have you ever been sitting in your house and
suddenly felt like you were not alone? Well, many others have had this feeling only
to discover they were right. 13. Tamara Speece gets a phone notification that
someone is at her door. Her doorbell cam automatically turns on and
catches this suspicion person snooping around. He rings her doorbell one time and waits for
someone to answer. Fair enough. He is wearing painter’s clothes and maybe
has an appointment or something. But then when no one comes to greet him, he
takes it open himself to lift up the entire doormat and look all around. The only reason I can think of was to check
for a key under the mat to let himself in. I guess maybe he could have gotten the wrong
address, but I seriously doubt it. He keeps looking over his shoulder and acting
nervous, so I think he was most likely going to take their belongings or, worse still,
maybe even try to wait inside for Tamara to return. 12. Gourmand Sujan is inspecting his new apartment
with a camera to document any damages left from the tenants before him. He gets through all the rooms and the balcony
without problem, but after reviewing the video later, he realizes that he is far from being
home alone. A woman in white appears suspended in midair. I don’t see a rope, but I will say she is
next to the shower rod and her feet are not touching the ground. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is what
became of the last person who lived here. 11. Jack Cook’s son, Michael, has been acting
strange for days, not like himself at all. He is normally a happy child, but he is visibly
agitated during his birthday and seems to channel all of his anger into a single act
of defiance when it comes time to blow out the candles. His father can’t believe what he just witnessed
and orders his son to do it again. Sure enough, Michael somehow is controlling
the flames with his mind. The obvious answer is that somebody is blowing
out the candles off camera, but I don’t hear anything. Watch the father’s explanation and tell
me if you think his emotions are real or simply good acting skills. 10. Muna Bruzon bought this strange and creepy
doll at an antique sale after she felt its eyes watching her. Now the doll apparently continues to do so
as their connection grows stronger over time. Here you can see her pick up the doll to admire
her when the doll apparently comes to life. You can hear Muna cry out in surprise as the
doll turns towards her and flutters its eyes. I have no idea how this could have happened
since both of her hands are nowhere near the doll’s head when it turns to face her. When she puts the doll back down, it seems
to understand that she is done playing and thoughtfully turns its gaze outside the window. 9. An animal trainer is giving a long lecture
about a black panther he is teaching to be more social. The whole time he is talking he does not realize
the animal has apparently reverted to its primal instincts and is ready to pounce. When I first watched this video, I thought
that there was obviously glass to protect him. But unfortunately for him, that does not appear
to be the case. The black panther was just playing and not
serious. Its behavior is actually a sign of trust and
bonding, but still, friendly intentions or not, that wouldn’t make it any less terrifying
to turn around and come face to face with a panther ready to pounce. 8. A customer reaches for a drink when he begins
to shake and sputter out of control. It looks like it could be a seizure, but he
does not fall down right away, so some people say it’s a possession. At the 48-second mark he points to something
only he can see and begins shrieking in horror. This is when he goes down a second time and
does not come back up. 1-minute and 5-seconds into the video you
can see a ghostly figure in the reflection to his left that could be the spirit of his
aggressor. Paper towels fly to the ground on their own
shortly after in a further indication of paranormal possession. 7. Dj ASHBA has a YouTube channel full of videos
regarding his music career, but one in particular is way different. This CCTV video captures some unexplainable
activity in his private backyard. It all starts when a small white blip appears
out of nowhere and flashes all the way across the patio. I want to add that this camera does not skip
frames, and that the light actually was moving this way in real time. Approximately ten seconds later, the door
opens completely by itself. The door was not slightly open before and
it looks like a calm day with no wind. Coincidentally, the door that opens is also
the same door that the white light appeared in moments prior. Dj ASHBA checked the security camera after
coming home to see his door open, and this video leaves him with no easy answers. The best explanation I have after reviewing
the evidence is that this was in fact paranormal, especially considering his other videos are
not like this at all. What do you think? 6. If you’ve taken a swim in the ocean, these
one-celled microorganisms have probably already attached themselves to your bare skin without
you noticing. This bug-like creature, for example, is related
to lice. And even though a microscopic lice infection
does not pose a threat to humans, it’s still creepy to think about them colonizing all
over your body. Oh, and if I told you these creepy eight-legged
mites are related to spiders, it probably wouldn’t help assuage your fears. Of course, these creatures cannot survive
for long out of water, which means after you toweled off, you were covered in tons of dried,
shriveled up ones. 5. Something strange has been happening in this
standalone garage ever since it was converted into a den and game room. Strange orbs hover in midair large enough
to set off the motion detector, meaning it can’t be dust. Sometimes when they leave, songs will play
that could be interpreted as attempts to communicate. Like here, for example, when the ghost supposedly
plays a song called “Stay”. Perhaps strangest of all is this disembodied
voice saying the word “silence” shortly before the motion detector goes off above
the door. I can’t tell if this is a paranormal voice
or just the security alarm going into silence mode. 4. Tyler Rowe works in a grocery store with a
freezer that he and all of his coworkers are sure is haunted. First it starts with these strange noises,
almost like someone is trying to kick their way out. The kicking noises grow more intense until
finally, at 9:02am, this always happens without fail. This time Tyler is determined to get to the
bottom of it. He bravely marches in and documents that absolutely
nobody is inside the freezer. Watch this part and let me know if you see
anyone because I didn’t. I can’t help but suspect that a past employee
somehow got locked in the freezer one morning and did not make it. Now they are trapped in spirit, kicking the
door much like they did in their final hours on earth. If someone can give me a mechanical explanation
of why the door would burst open by itself at 9 in the morning every day, I would believe
otherwise. 3. This is real footage of a zombie outbreak
preparation drill leaked from the Department of Strategic Operations headed by Homeland
Security. Once this video went public in 2012, Homeland
Security quickly disavowed the exercise as a comedy skit meant to break up an otherwise
serious day of various preparation procedures. The news story was largely forgotten, but
those who remember it still question this official explanation and think it could have
been a coverup story. To them, this video is nothing more than proof
that the government is concerned about a viral outbreak in the very near future. I do think this explanation does not make
much sense. When has the government ever started joking
around about emergency preparation? I honestly don’t know why the government
would waste taxpayer’s money on a mock zombie drill unless one was needed, so I wouldn’t
be surprised if this was a serious training exercise, and they were denying it was real
to keep the public from panicking. 2. A YouTuber named BBQThunder7 watches in awe
as huge hunks of hail fall from the sky, landing with the force of solid rock. When it finally starts to calm down, he summons
his courage and steps outside for a closer look. Hail is still falling periodically at this
point and could get him at any moment. Some of them landed with such impact that
now they are buried deep into the ground. And if you have any doubt as to how much danger
he was in, these are the holes in his roof from the bad weather. If it can do this to a roof, imagine what
it could do to his head. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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I upload every Thursday and Saturday. 1. This radio DJ is live on the air when all
of the lights go out. Some of his equipment is still on though,
so this is not a normal blackout. He is all alone and doesn’t know what to
do, so he calls someone for help, probably a management at home or technical support. That’s when a cloaked figure passes by the
window and makes him put down the phone.He creeps to the window and looks down the
hall. Whoever it was is already gone. The next call he makes, I’m sure, is to
the cops. According to him, this radio station has very
high-tech security that requires thumbprint authorization to get in. Nobody should have been walking around after
hours, especially not somebody dressed in ancient robes with their head down.