15 Behind the Scenes Facts about Star Wars The Force Awakens

January 12, 2020 0 By William Hollis

[Upbeat music playing] If you’re a Star
Wars fan then stick around because you’re about to discover 15 fun facts about Star
Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. [Film clapper sound, upbeat music continues] Poe was originally
supposed to die early on in the film, but Oscar Isaac had already died early on in four other movies, so he wasn’t very excited about having to do it again, especially in a Star Wars movie. J.J. Abrams knew he wanted Isaac to play Poe, so to get him to accept the role the director used an older version of the script where Poe comes back during
the story’s third act. Kylo Ren’s family almost wasn’t a secret. The Jedi Lor San Tekka was going to mention who Kylo Ren’s parents were during the film’s opening, but J.J. Abrams thought the reveal came too soon, so it was pushed further back in the story to make a bigger impact. At least five different models were used for BB-8. Amongst them was a version that was operated by a puppeteer, at least two fully remote-controlled models, and a lighter version that the actors used to pick up the droid. Rey’s “bread” wasn’t CGI. The puffy blue pastry known as “portion bread” was filmed using an inflatable bladder that was filled with air through a hidden tube, and the liquid was
drained out of the bowl with a vacuum. The Millennium Falcon never took flight. A full scale model of Han Solo’s ship was built for “The Force Awakens”, but the ship was so massive that it was easier to build sets around it than to change its location. Some references from “A New Hope” are onboard the Millennium Falcon such as: the Jedi training orb Luke that used to practice with his lightsaber; and the holochess board was created with stop-motion animation just as it was in “A New Hope” and it even resumes the same game that Chewie and R2-D2 started 40 years earlier. Peter Mayhew didn’t play Chewbacca for most of the movie. The late actor was used for a lot of the close ups and quieter moments, but Mayhew had bad knees by then, so a Finnish basketball player was used instead to film Chewbacca’s action scenes. Maz Kanata was inspired by someone
from J.J. Abram’s childhood, who was his teacher, Rose Gilbert, and during filming he even nicknamed Maz’s Castle “Rose’s Pub”. Kylo Ren couldn’t see very well. The new Sith Lord’s helmet may look cool, but it wasn’t very functional because Adam
Driver could barely see while wearing it because the actor reportedly kept tripping over roots
and rocks while filming the forest scenes. There’s a morbid backstory to Kylo Ren’s
ashtray. J.J. Abrams revealed that the interrogation table where Kylo sets his helmet are the ashes of his victims. Adam Driver was supposed to be unmasked when Kylo meets with Hux and Snoke, but Abrams decided it was more impactful to have Ben Solo reveal his face to Rey during the interrogation. The interrogation Stormtrooper has a special codename, which was FN-007 because Daniel Craig, who happened to be at Pinewood Studios preparing for the James Bond movie “Spectre”, played the Stormtrooper that Rey used to escape her cell. The snow fight wasn’t shot on location, it was an actual set. Dozens of trees and rocks were placed by hand, at least 750 boxes of fake snow were used to cover the set, and a 360 degree painting was created by hand to produce the “infinity edge” of the forest. J.J. Abrams regrets ruining a moment between Chewie and Leia. After Han Solo’s death the director really
wanted Leia and Rey to hug each other since they’re both strong in the Force and bound by their loss. But J.J. Abrams now regrets having zero interaction between Leia and Chewie given all the history they shared with Han in the original trilogy. Luke was supposed
to be a major character. I don’t know about you, but I was disappointed by Luke’s absence in the story. There were several scripts where he had a more substantial role. However, the filmmakers believed that his presence would upstage the new characters, so he was rewritten out of the story altogether. Mark Hamill admitted that he wanted to see Luke make a surprise entrance by catching his lightsaber during the snow fight. Let me know in the comments
if you think having a fight between Luke and Kylo Ren would’ve been better. Click a video on the screen to discover more facts about other G to PG-13 movies so you can keep learning
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