15 Curiosidades de Spirit: El Corcel Indomable | Cosas que quizás no sabías

September 21, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Hello-hello, hearing people! Welcome to this video where we will meet
15 Curiosities of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron This is a Dreamworks Animation movie. It was released on May 24, 2002. One of its directors was Kelly Asbury. Who also was part of the address
of Shrek 2 and The Smurfs in the Lost Village The film had a budget of 80 million
of dollars, but failed to raise what was expected. Generating approximately 122 million. In the movie you never get to mention. But the name of Spirit’s mother is “Hope.” We know this because of the book that was taken
the same year of the tape. Which tells the story of hope
before his son was born. And therefore, we know Spirit’s father,
which had the name Strider. The animation team received a course
intensive on equine anatomy. To learn about movements and behavior
of these animals. In addition Dreamworks bought a Mustang horse
Kiger who served as a model for spirit. One of the great complications for this
movie, is that they wanted to give it a realistic touch. In the sense that we do not see the animals
speaking. And the director wanted things to be
more natural Making the animals express themselves by
middle of the animation. To better express the emotions of horses. The animators took the artistic license
to bring your eyes slightly forward. Add them defined eyebrows and accentuate
the white of his sclera. The makers of the film visited several
areas of the west the United States. To see the places they could use
as inspiration for the tape. Usually in Disney movies,
when you have to express the sound of an animal. The actor Frank Welker is hired. Since as you know, he is an expert in that. But this time Dreamworks wanted to do
something different. And it was sent to those in charge of assembling
sound, that they visited several stables. To record all kinds of sound expressions. In such a way, that what we hear in the
tape, they are real horses. The incredible soundtrack was made by the
composer Hans Zimmer. Winner of several awards for his work in
these films. On the other hand, the interpreter of the songs,
in the original version, it was Bryan Adams. In Latin America it was sung by Erik Rubin. And in Spain by the singer Raúl. Although animals here do not speak on screen If there is a first-person narration for the Spirit character. In the original language, it is made by Matt Damon. In Latin America, it is made by Arturo Mercado Jr. And in Spain by Roger Pera. Both have lent their voices to different actors. Among them, Matt Damon. The story was written by John Fusco. This screenwriter is known for his work
in the western genres. Producer Mireille Soria said that John
It was ideal for this project, not just because he has written other movies about the old
West. But also because he owns several horses
and knows the Lakota tribe well. So he understood how he was going to handle the
history. One of the most iconic scenes in the movie
It’s Spirit’s great leap. Originally, for this part, they were going
to place a pair of imaginary wings To give the illusion that I was flying. But being considered unnecessary, the idea
It was discarded. He had himself thinking that Rain, the mare and the
Spirit’s love interest, died. But for the little ones, this would have been
very sad. So it ended up giving a happy ending. And as additional data, Rain also counts
with two books dedicated to his family history. Despite not having raised so much, in the
2003, the film was nominated for Oscar as “Best animated film”. Along with … “The ice age”. “The treasure Planet”. “Lilo & stitch”. And the winner was “Spirited Away”. In 2017, an animated series premiered
child based on the movie. Where the adventures of a young girl tell us
called Lucky Prescott who meets Spirit Jr. The son of Spirit and Rain. And although as expected, the series was
Much criticized by fans of the movie. By not respecting the essence of freedom that
had the original material And for being too politically correct. But, even so, he has managed to entertain a
lots of children with their adventures. In the same way that we grew up seeing
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