18 Ghost Sightings Caught on Snapchat

October 8, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Sometimes the strangest things can happen
to us during the most ordinary of times. Every person on this list is convinced that
they have captured something paranormal using the Snapchat app. Glitch or not, their thoughts and experiences
have been recorded live for our analysis. 18. The person who uploaded this video, AceThugJr,
is apparently able to clearly communicate with a ghost through a Snapchat filter. They use this clever licking communication
strategy to eventually narrow down the nationality of the ghost as Mexican. Then they try to figure out its name. The ghost says that it can predict the future. They have a quick conversation about various
things like the Super Bowl and then end the video. The ghost somehow answers with perfectly timed
licks and never interrupts a single question. 17. A YouTuber named Sharon Harris has this strange
and ghostly face follow her all around her home quite often. If you look at her other videos, you’ll
see that Sharon looks absolutely nothing like the face shown in this video. I guess she could be using her little brother
for this video or something like that. Even then, I’m not sure how it would be
done. Otherwise, this is definitely a paranormal
presence following her from room to room. 16. This recent video was taken somewhere in France. A woman sees a second filter appear next to
her and initially thinks it’s a glitch. Then something strange happens that makes
her think otherwise. I don’t speak French, but it’s pretty
clear that she told whatever was next to her to stick out its tongue, which is does immediately
after. Still, a translation would be appreciated
just to make sure I am correct, and also to make sure that we get all of the important
details from this video. After all, she could be talking about other
paranormal encounters for all I know. 15. A woman is absentmindedly recording her ceiling
when her Snapchat app frames the face of a possible spirit before her very eyes. What makes me think that this could be more
than a glitch is how the spirit seemingly responds to what she says . . . It sticks its tongue out at the exact moment
she challenges it to do so. I guess it could be a coincidence, but the
timing is impeccable. 14. A YouTuber named Hangie Zamora is bored at
work when she notices her Snapchat filter is acting strangely. You might think this is a glitch, but I still
haven’t told you what Hangie does for a living. She works as a receptionist at a retirement
home, and two inhabitants just so happen to have passed away two weeks ago. Stranger still, they both were close to her
and liked to hang around the receptionist desk to talk. By using Snapchat, Hangie has discovered that
they still may be close by after all. 13. Many people think that this child sees a ghost
while Snapchatting. First an invisible figure is framed to his
left . . . Then a short while later the child looks to
his left curiously. I wonder what caught his attention like that. Some people say that children are extra sensitive
to paranormal activity, so let me know if you think that the child really was looking
at a spirit. 12. A girl is walking around her home when suddenly
an invisible friend soon joins her. However, unlike most girls with an invisible
friend, this one appears to be real. This possible spirit seems to be half as tall
as the girl recording, so maybe it is much younger than she is. Either way, the girl recording doesn’t seem
bothered by this possibly paranormal encounter, almost as if she has had this happen many
times before. If this ghost was a child, then that would
explain the slight hesitation before responding. Instead of sticking its tongue out right away,
the spirit seems to take roughly the same amount of time that it would take for a small
toddler to understand the instructions. 11. What’s strange about this video is that
Snapchat detects a face three separate times in rapid succession. It’s almost as if the ghost was walking
from left to right and then got smaller as it faded away. 10. A teenager named Grainne [“Graw-nya” (video
pronunciation link here)] Dowdall [“Dow-dall”] and her friends believe that she has captured
a paranormal entity using Snapchat. Grainne was just taking a regular selfie when
her friends soon pointed out the ghoulish figure lurking outside of her window. Look closely and you can see the left side
of its face shining in the pale light, clearly looking straight at her. The right side of its face is shrouded in
darkness. The figure looks hunched over and huge. 9. A YouTuber named Lisa Bares is using Snapchat
while visiting a friend’s apartment. After a while she notices Snapchat always
thinks that there is a face in front of her friend’s painting. It continues to detect a presence in this
general vicinity, even when Lisa records from different angles. This painting is of a landscape and has no
real reason to set off the facial recognition software. Even more strange, the painting has been giving
her friend a weird feeling for a while. Lisa even thinks she can make out a pair of
eyes during this part of the video. Let me know if you see what she is talking
about, or tell me if the eyes are simply a part of the filter. 8. Ashley Turner is a YouTuber who has been noticing
lots of paranormal activity around her house lately. Usually it happens too quickly for her to
record, but one night Ashley managed to Snapchat this event . . . A string is the only thing that I could think
of besides the paranormal. Let me know what you think it is. 7. Victoria Greeves and Kayley Atkinson are two
friends in their early 20s enjoying themselves at the Slug and Lettuce pub in Newcastle,
England. The bar is nearly empty and even though there
isn’t a whole lot of action around them, the two friends decided to take a picture
anyway using Snapchat. Behind them, what appears to be a spirit from
the Victorian Age throws her head back in laughter. Something about the supposed spirit looks
devious and menacing, as if it is gleefully laughing at someone else’s misfortune. Both friends insist that they did not see
anyone who looked like this woman in the pub with them at the time. 6. This video starts out ordinarily enough with
what could very well be a series of basic glitches. But this final glitch contains something extra
strange. Directly under the band of flowers is what
appears to be the shape of a gaunt face and two white eyes. The eyes appear in such fine detail that you
can even sort of make out the colorless pupils. The ghostly face seems to briefly consider
the person recording for a moment and then grows smaller as it backs out of the room. 5. Here’s another picture of a blacked out
and demonic-looking face. A woman named Ruth tried to swap her face
out with a Care Bear figure, but Snapchat gave her this monstrous picture instead. There is something extremely sinister about
the way her face is blacked out yet smiling. Again, this looks like some sort of grim forewarning. 4. A YouTuber named S Ruth and her friend are
out hunting ghosts using Snapchat. This is what they see in the hallway at precisely
3 a.m. in the morning. But seeing a ghost isn’t enough of a paranormal
experience for them. They want to touch one, too . . . The spirit seems to giggle and turn away in
response to being tickled under the chin. It quickly disappears and they spend some
time trying to get it to come back, but it appears to be done with them. S Ruth also notices one last thing, something
that almost always seems to happen during any true paranormal encounter. . . Ghosts are notorious for draining electronic
devices of power upon contact, so there is a good chance that this video is real. 3. A person named Keri Wright recently posted
this picture on her Facebook looking for an explanation. Somehow her Snapchat swapped her face with
something in the background and got this startling picture. What’s especially concerning is how Keri’s
eyes are blacked out. It almost looks like the face of a demon or
a grim warning that something ominous will be in her future. 2. Klaudia and Nikki live together in a house
with a third person who they don’t know very well. When this person’s room begins to smell
putrid [“pew-trid”] and rotten, Klaudia and Nikki decide to investigate. They eventually find a key, but the door is
unlocked instead, almost as if someone was waiting for them. They turn on Snapchat to document what they
find and step inside. The inside of the room is in shambles and
reeks so bad that they expect to find a body. Instead, one of them finds something else
that makes them panic. A strange tarot card is sitting faceup on
a chair as if it was waiting to be discovered. On the tarot card is an illustration of a
woman watering a tree with one arm while pouring water into a river with her other arm. It’s a starry night. Klaudia and Nikki were never able to find
the source of the smell, but foul odors are known to be a sign of a haunting, so they
may have been Snapchatting while under the watchful eye of something paranormal. If you know anything about tarot cards, then
please let me know what the one they found means, and also tell me if finding one in
an abandoned room would be a good or bad sign. Maybe together we can unravel this mystery. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
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your channel will be added in the description. 1. A YouTuber named Nicole Alexander is hanging
out with two of her friends when they start Snapchatting to waste time. Soon they realize that Snapchat is picking
up faces all over the house and they start to feel like they are no longer alone. They decide to use the app to further investigate. At times they are able to track the ghost’s
movements as it appears to walk around their house
and go up the stairs. At one point Nicole gets an idea to go downstairs
into the basement, and that’s where things really start to get out of hand. Look at what the ghost does upon the mention
of heading into the basement. They are just too way many coincidences in
this video for me personally, so I think it could definitely be real.