5 Creepiest & Most Haunted Places in the Middle East

September 26, 2019 0 By William Hollis

the history of the Middle East dates back to ancient times and many major religions have their origins there including Judaism Christianity and Islam and with so much history and cultural background it’s no surprise that it’s littered with tales of jinns ghosts and other supernatural beings so here we look at five locations in the Middle East with particularly mysterious and creepy backgrounds hit those lights sit back and enjoy Bala Oman Bala is an ancient town about a half hour outside of nizwa in Oman it’s known around Arabia as the birthplace of jinn and black magic and it predates Islam stories about Paula’s past involved people being turned into cows or goats and people vanishing when they leaned against certain posts in the area it all started over 1,400 years ago when a man was stoned to death by the villages of Bala for practicing wizardry and to prevent his followers from turning his burial site into a shrine a fort was built on it but the spirit soon began to appear in the back alleyways of the village and rumors circulated that he had returned and was teaching others black magic from beyond the grave legend has it that if you died a violent death in Bala you will come back as a jinn and horn the place today the fort forms part of the ancient walled city of Bala known as the city of magic it’s among the oldest and largest forts of Oman and is such an important part of medieval Islamic history that in 1987 it was granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status in recent years it’s been restored and is now opened to the public a task that took 25 years to complete with rumors of constant disruption by an unknown force most of the reconstructed fort is relatively modern but those who have visited the original parts of it claims there is a noticeable change in temperature and an eerie aura surrounding it that many perceive as proof that magic is still practicing there another legend of Bala involves a tree thought to be a frankincense tree that if touched by an outsider would doom them to great misfortune or death as it grew the tree branches nailed up and twisted then one day as the locals tried to cut it down believing it to be evil it spontaneously burned into flames outside the fortified walls of the town is an ancient cemetery filled with unmarked graves and what remains of old Sufi mosques it said that three of the graves belong to sofy mystics who visited the town to practice their unorthodox sect of Islam which included Saint worship it said that these three strangers had tapped into the parallel world of the jinn and used their power to fly a fully intact mosque from Russ stack to the position the now crumbling ruinous today however despite all the myths and legends surrounding Bala it seems those that live near it are reluctant to talk about it and have no desire to visit the area and frown upon those that do the whole house of Jeddah the infamous haunted house of Jeddah is a derelict building located close to the seafront on the North Cornish in Saudi Arabia it has the reputation of being the most haunted house in Jeddah and is said to be riddled with paranormal activity and sinister spirits its reputation has made it a magnet to the young people of the area who are drawn to the building egging each other on to see who dares to go inside only to be driven away by the strange aura that emanates from it it’s rumored that 16 brave people who have entered the house were never seen again such as the housing authority that even local taxi drivers will not go near the place and despite several complaints by residents about the dilapidated building authorities seem reluctant to make the building safe or demolish and possibly fearing what they will unleash the more it deteriorates the more creepy and mysterious it appears not helped by the fact that it is now home to hundreds of black crows who line its crumbling roof as if guarding the mysteries inside there are a few brave people who have got close enough to spray the place with graffiti only adding to the eerie nas those who have seen the house claim that even in daylight it’s a spooky place but at night it takes on another level of creepiness a few years ago reporters from arab news decided to spend the night in the house to try and bury the myth once and for all so equipped with cameras torches and recording equipment they entered the house and settled in for the night they didn’t report anything major but claimed they heard occasional whispers and an intermittent Hammond there were no ghosts just an uneasy feeling they did however witnessed firsthand the fear at the building of oak’s the question is is the house really haunted or has it become just the subject of he si that over the years has escalated to such an extent that people believe it is if any of you have ever visited the house or live near it I’d love to hear from you Rue Jamel Harry we love spirits in Israel now this one isn’t so much haunted as done right creepy and mysterious it’s an ancient monument located in the middle of a field that was first noticed by scholars in 1968 a year after Israel captured the Goron hides from Syria the monument consists of concentric stone circles with a small Tomales in the center and from the ground it’s barely noticeable but from above it’s a clear landmark despite its intriguing nature it attracts few visitors and most people are unaware of its existence its Syrian name rue de mal Jiri translated means stone heap of the Wildcat and in Arabic rajim refers to a Tomales a mound of stones underneath which human burial space is located in Hebrew the name means wheel of spirits or wheel of ghosts the stone circle measures 160 meters in diameter and is estimated to have been created around 3,000 years BCE a comparable date to the equally mysterious stonehenge in england and it’s often referred to as the israeli stonehenge but who built it and what its purpose is is unknown although there are suggestions that it’s some kind of ancient astronomical calendar however there are far fewer unsettling theories about what it might be despite no human remains ever being found most agree that it’s a tomb and due to its size it’s been suggested it’s the grave of the biblical giant known as arghhh king of the passion but a more recent theory links the structure to an ancient method of disposing of the Dead may have served the residents of the excavated villages nearby that were part of the agrarian civilizations that existed in the Holy Land between 4500 and 3500 BCE this was backed up in 2007 by a self-proclaimed expert in supernatural energy fields visited the site and claimed it at high levels of energy and vibration which he suggested was the reason the ancient community chose the location it’s worth remembering that the people of the Holy Land buried their dead in asar Ares small boxes used to house bone but the use of our Aries requires that the flesh from the body was removed first which was usually achieved by burying corpses in temporary tombs until he had decomposed leaving just the bones however archaeologists have found no evidence at the site of this practice suggesting it could have been used for a different more grim method of disposing of flesh a method known as ex carnation or sky burial the removal of flesh from bodies using vultures and other birds the winged scavengers would perch on the circular walls then swoop down after the bodies are left within the structure and pick the carcasses clean any matter of hours the design and layout of rhegium el hiri has led some archaeologists to believe the site was an explanation facility however if that is the case it would be the first such claim that ex Carnation was practiced in the Holy Land in that era and could have been linked to a cult of the dead it was also considered an appealing faint wished only on one’s worst enemies possibly making rajim el hiri the site of such misery and anguish and one of the creepiest and most mysterious places on this last gin cave in Libya the Libyan desert is a formidable place it forms the northern and eastern part of the Sahara Desert and lies within the present-day state of Libya and is where the ancient desert city of God is located it also houses a notorious gin cave the cave has carved into the mountain and is reportedly one of the most haunted places in the world nearby residents deter visitors from going near the cave for fear they will never return living in the cave is a deer but it’s not a normal deer it’s believed to be a Djinn taking the form of the animal many have tried and failed to catch the creature there are reports of mysterious voices coming from the cave possibly the tortured souls who went in and never came out the local culture in the area still maintains the belief that a sword or knife must be worn at special occasions such as weddings and ceremonies this is in the belief that it will protect them from the Djinn as they have a fear of iron those who have tried to climb to the cave have failed finding it’s impossible to negotiate the treacherous mountain terrain but it seems outsiders are far more concerned with the mysteries of the cave than the locals for them the jinn is part of their heritage and the Djinn in the cave does not concern them and they are at pains to stop visitors disturbing it in case it gets Unleashed and takes revenge on the community the Al Qasimi palace United Arab Emirates you don’t seek the way to the palace it will find you in time is the local legend surrounding this palace however this doesn’t quite ring true as Al Qasimi palace located in Ra’s al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates is hard to miss and stands out against the barren landscape it was built over 25 years ago at the cost of 500 million Arab Emirates Dena but apart from one night it has never been lived in locals say the occupants were driven out after just one night after they were tormented by strange paranormal happenings such as furniture being turned around and faces appearing at windows the luxurious Palace has been left empty ever since those who have gone near the place have reported feeling irrational fear sounds of wailing persons bizarre sightings and children peeping out to the partially broken stained-glass windows crying out for help now this place is not open to the public and as a permanent security guard watching over the place but it said after a little persuading The Watchmen sometimes allows people in although he will never enter the place himself those who have managed to get in are met by the sort of luxury most of us won’t see in our lifetimes it’s full of amazing artwork expensive furniture and beautifully designed rooms with large dust covered chandeliers and unused household items the walls and floors are decorated with ceramic tiles painted by Moroccan artists who allegedly cast charms of black magic perhaps one of the clues that all is not as it seems is the wall covered in blood red paint with the words girl written across it or the painting of a woman whose eyes seem to follow you around the room also puzzling are the padlock doors as are hiding things behind them this is not your normal haunted house it’s not some years old derelict perched on a hill with a history of tragedy and murder this is a three-story home decorated with no-expense-spared that is being completely abandoned for many years and it makes you wonder what was so terrifying but the owners would leave this luxurious palace and its furniture and decoration to just gather dust unwrought if you or anyone you know has been in this place I would love to hear about the experience so that’s five are the most haunted places in the Middle East I we’ve enjoyed episode three of our most haunted places in the world series and I’ll see you tomorrow for another creepy video