5 Most CREEPY Disappearances!

September 3, 2019 0 By William Hollis

[Intro] Number 5. This event took place on
christmas of nineteen forty-five, a man named George Sodder and his wife
Jenny had 10 children together. They all lived in a home in West
Virginia, the oldest boy who had just came back from the army was awakened by the
smell of burning fire at around one o’clock in the morning. All
five of the ten children were stranded upstairs and unfortunately their lives were ended.
Well… at least that’s what the fire chief had
reported. Through to burn debris, no bones or bodies of the five
children were ever recovered. Now hear this, the bizarre part about this
situation is that the Sodder family remembered being
visited by two strangers. one who posed as an insurance salesman
was making threats about their children dying from their house burning down. This threat was made after George has said some offensive
comments towards mussolini, who was prime minister at the time. Strangely enough the same salesmen served as a coroner’s jury and deemed that the fire that caused the
house to burn down was accidental. However, several others came forward
stating that they’ve seen a man outside at the Sodder’s home carrying a rubber object which was
actually a napalm-bomb found by George. All of these did not add
up, first, there weren’t any bodies found after the
incident. Second, the man who came to the door making
threats prior to the burning incident and finally witnesses spotted people
around the Sodder’s home prior to the incident. Could the kids really
have died from the incident? Maybe, but a waitress at a roadside diner
and a woman at Charleston hotel claimed that the’ve seen four of the five
similarly missing kids with a dark skinned toned man, who would not let the
kids talk to anyone. These tips were reported, but it had no lead to it. It’s been reported that prior to the fire, a man had been seen in his car parked on
the side of the highway constantly watching the children. Also, the missing children were seen in a
car that drove past the house during the fire. Were the children’s
remains too hard to find in the burn debris or were they kidnapped by Italian fascists?
Nobody will ever know. Number four. In 1978, in aircraft pilot who goes by the name
of Frederick Valentich was on his way to King Island in Australia. When he reported sighting a
UFO. He described that the object was about a thousand feet above him. these were his specific words: “that
strange aircraft is hovering on top of me again it is hovering and it’s not an aircraft”,
his words were recorded in a radio transmission and will be posted in the Description
box down below. His aircraft suddenly started to malfunction
and his plane mysteriously disappeared from radar and was never seen again. Analysts looked
back on the recording and they realized that the final 17
seconds of the flight recording, contained metallic noises which they weren’t
able to explain or debunk. What makes this case interesting and
spooky, is that the Royal Australian Air Force spokesman mentioned that the exact
same week there were about 10 reports of UFO sightings. Number 3. It was a hot day on
september twentieth nineteen eighty-eight in Belen, New Mexico. When the young
nineteen-year-old Tara Calico decided to do her daily bike ride on
highway 47. That day she did not return from it.
On june fifteenth nineteen eighty-nine a woman had found a Polaroid in a
parking spot close to a convenience store in Port Saint Joe, Florida. In the
Polaroid photo, was a teenage girl and a young boy who
were both gagged in what looks like a van. The boy in the photo, may have been Michael Hanley who also mysteriously disappeared. However, his case was dismissed when his
remains were found near the mountain close to the spot where he disappeared.
Two more Poloroid photos of Tara were obtained but weren’t
released to the public. Number two. On January 2000, Zebb Quinn who was 18 years old at the time was supposed to
be meeting up his friend Robert Jason Owens. This meet up was interrupted by an
urgent message he had received. Zebb read the message and fled immediately
to the closest payphone available to him. The look on Zebb’s face was unexplainably terrifying. He rushed in his car and rear-ended
his friends Jason’s truck before he could drive away. That was the last time that Zebb was seen. Days have gone by when finally, Zebb called in sick to
work. His manager had doubts that it was him on the phone so he decided to retrace the call. The
call was traced back to his friend Jason who he said Zebb asked him to call in
for him. When authorities were notified about this Zebb’s friend Owen had received
treatment for a head injury and broken ribs, the morning after Zebb had disappeared. This grew a lot of suspicion. He had
claimed that the injuries were caused by motor collision and had refused to cooperate with police.
Later throughout the investigation, it was discovered that Zebb had a romantic
relationship with a woman named Misty Taylor. Who was dating a physically abusive
boyfriend at the time. Records indicated that the message Zebb had received the first
time was sent by his Aunt who she claims wasn’t home at the
time because she was hanging out with Taylor and her family. The really messed
up part about this is that two weeks after Zebb had disappeared, his car was
found in a parking lot across the street from the hospital where Zebb’s family worked at. Information were written on the back of
his window in lipstick. In the trunk of his car, a jacket, a hotel
room key and a three month old puppy was found.
Basically someone had tried to send a message. Up to today, Zebb has still not been found.
But for the most part, police presume that he may be dead. Number one. Dorothy Cooper Forstein was a
woman from philadelphia who seemed to be happily married, well liked
around her community, and a loving mother of three. She had been
married to an officer the state named Jules Forstein. Together they had three young children,
Marcy, Myrna and a third one who was born from Jules’
previous wife who died at around 1940 and a newborn baby Edward. In 1944, the two had been happily married for
about two years. One afternoon that day Mrs. Forstein dropped off her
children at a neighbor’s house so she could run some errands. It was
nearly dark when she returned home. As soon as she entered her home, someone
attacked her. She was beaten helplessly into unconsciousness. As she fell to the ground, she had
knocked over the phone while the operator was still on the other line. He had heard some strange noises and the
police were alerted. when the police arrived they found
Dorothy laying on the ground with a broken nose and jaw her shoulder was fractured and she also
suffered from a concussion. This investigation puzzled investigators,
as there wasn’t anything stolen from the house and her husband who was a prime suspect in
the case explained that his wife had no known enemies around the community and that she was practically loved by everyone.
But he couldn’t think of anyone who had such rage against his wife to attack her. But it was apparent that someone had
something against his wife but no one knew who. Even though Dorothy’s physical
injuries were healed her mental state was not. She was never emotionally healthy again.
She was fearful, paranoid and constantly on her feet.
Five years later, the life of the Forstein family was gradually returning back
to the way it was before the incident. The night of October 18th 1949, the
husband and father Mr. Forstein went away for the evening. The eldest child Myrna, was also away
visiting a friend. Leaving Mrs. Forstein and her two youngest
children alone that evening. Around 9 p.m. Dorothy had phoned a friend so they could both go shopping. When Mr. Forstein returned to the
house at around 11:30 p.m. His two children were hidden in a corner
of the bedroom upstairs yelling “moms gone!” he waited two days
before he could contact police. The officers searched everywhere in
Philly but not a trace of her was found It was strange because her keys and
purse were left at her house and there wasn’t any apparent forced
entry done to the door. The only witness to the scene was the
little nine-year-old who explained to police that she had seen a man entering the house she said that her
mother was lying on the floor of her bedroom face-down. She saw the man pick up her mother on
his shoulder and walk away. She said that she had asked the
mysterious man, “what are you doing?” he responded, “go back to sleep little one
your mother’s alright”. He then patted her head and left with Mrs. Forstein, 15 minutes after it happened she mentioned that her father returned
home. Police found a hard time believing her story as there wasn’t any fingerprints linking
to an unknown anywhere around the house. However, Marcy had
stuck to her story the entire time and a psychiatrist who examined her
story was convinced that she was telling the truth. Since that day Mrs Forstein was
never seen again.