5 PARANORMAL Powers Investigated by Science

August 11, 2019 0 By William Hollis

STREET LIGHT INTERFERENCE Have you ever noticed outside streetlights involuntarily and spontaneously flickering out as you approach them? Paranormal researcher Hilary Evans believes the experience is more than just chance and marks an unidentified human ability. Evans named the phenomenon “street light interference” (SLI) and has documented cases “SLIders” with the mysterious force… …claiming to have verified accounts of SLIders extinguishing entire rows of sodium vapor lamps by merely walking under them. Evans proposed the SLI effect is “not consistent with our current knowledge of how people interact with the physical world.” Believers in the theory hypothesize SLIders may emit static electricity or another form of energy linked to psychic powers.. TELEKINESIS In 1981, Chinese National Defense researchers identified a group of children deemed as having “special abilities”… …examining them in a paper, “Some Experiments on the Transfer of Objects Performed by Unsual Abilities of the Human Body.” Observing scientists claimed that the gifted children could cause the “teleportation of small objects” from one location to another… …and the signal variations of a small radio that was teleported suggested that the teleported objects entered an altered state. A follow up study in 1990 is said to have captured the phenomenon on videotape and with highspeed photography… …revealing that some objects “melded” with material they passed through while others spontaneously appeared and disappeared. The results were so compelling, that the US Air Force included the Chinese results in a special report on “Teleportation Physics”… …recommending further study of telekinesis in light of more recent breakthroughs in quantum physics and quantum teleportation. GANZFELD TELEPATHY In the 1970s, paranormal psychologists created the Ganzfeld (“entire field”) experiment to test the existence of telepathy. Charles Honorton, a leading researcher in the field, believed it could induce a psiconductive state for mental transmissions. In the experiments, ping-pong balls were placed over the “receivers” eyes in a red lit room with white noise headphones. The state of sensory deprivation allowed for test subjects to receive images of target objects that were visualized by “sanders.” Between 1974 and 1982, 42 Ganzfeld tests were performed, reportedly producing some evidence of “psi” and telepathic powers. The phenomenon has never been explained, and despite criticism of Honorton’s methodology, modern experiments produced similar results… REMOTE VIEWING Established in 1978 and operating until 1995, the Stargate Project was a US Army intel unit investigating remote viewing… …a psychic ability described as having the power to “see” events, sites, documents, and target objects from a great distance. Earlier CIA experiments in a program named SCANATE suggested some remote viewers could target coordinates with over 65% accuracy… …and it was believed that gifted individuals found by the Stanford Research Institute could be trained for “psychic warfare.” At the Stargate Project’s peak, at least 22 military and civilian remote viewers were active in a secret Fort Meade compound… …with some participants claiming to have viewing sessions on the Moon and Mars and experiencing precognition of events. The most succesful remote viewers attracted CIA attention after their descriptions of Soviet bases matched spy photos… …and the program was turned over to the agency in 1995 before it was cancelled and declassified with the end of the Cold War. Even after the “official” closure of the program, however, it was reported that the CIA retained 3 of the psychics on staff… …while a follow-up study in 1996 by the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab confirmed some earlier Stanford results… PYROKINESIS In 2011 and 2012, several reports emerged from Southeast Asia about young girls having the power to summon fire at will. Termed “pyrokinesis,” parapsychologists describe it as the excitement of atoms in an object until they burst into flames. In the 2011 case, a 3-year-old Filipino girl was observed sending objects up in flames whenever she said the word “fire.” Local police recorded her on thermal cameras and noted a spike in her body temperature but could not find a source of ingition. In the 2012 case, an 11-year-old Vietnamese girl reported “feeling electricity” in her body before objects around her caught fire. Placed under hospital observation, scans found a red streak on the right side of her brain, but cloud not explain the phenomenon.