September 13, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Paranormal activities they are usually recorded day by day in our world day by day throught social media we can see that those evidences that show us that this world hides endless mysteries That’s why today we have to take a new tour for some documents in which we will see new paranormal manifestations captured in cameras from ghosts in tik tok up to a high-risk invocation on instagram but before starting I invite you to activate the bell with all notifications so you will not miss any content that goes up I also ask you to give a good like if you like this content My name is Danny Phantom We start Lately there have been mobile applications where people tend to have fun and create funny content either dancing or doing a mini sketch that’s tik tok a network in which you can make a fool of yourself or become famous, be it the tastes of people who see you but in this position We will see several documents sent to Adrian Barrios by email in these documents we will see several strange eventualities captured in tik tok the first case happened to billy golf she as every day she decided to perform a dance and upload it to your account but in this little clip an unexpected visitor would appear What is that dark shadow that can be seen at the bottom of this door? without a doubt it is one of the most chilling experiences captured by this girl What do you think? another very similar case happened to Jasmineramm she usually shares with her followers almost everything she does in her day to day and in one of her stories I would catch something extremely strange A girl tells us that that day she was totally alone in her house so it is not explained that could be that creepy face that he could catch behind her, also a girl while using one of the snap chat filters could catch something strange happening behind her What do you think of these cases? are real ? or are cases very well elaborated? let me know in the comments There is a theory that if you eat mentos and drink cocacola these will make a reaction within you in the next video uploaded by some friends who one night got worse trying to have this challenge among them let’s see who endured this reaction longer but they never imagined that a casual video like the one they were doing would become evidence paranormal the back door opened and we see an ironing board fall this can be a poltergeist phenomenon Or maybe it could be a montage? what do you think? In this channel exposed many cases related to security cameras since it is without a doubt they can get things that we can’t see 24 hours in this video we will see a recording of a security camera who managed to capture a fact Really strange What is that light that is seen walking through the whole room of this house? Could it be an orb? or maybe Could it be an insect? what do you think? The following video is sent to me by Marcos Mendez in my email and this was registered at a gas station in puebla mexico the video is quite old so it is very unlikely make it a montage Watch the video What is that strange figure that is seen going to the bottom? perhaps these men have caught something paranormal? Or do you think it’s a montage? let me know in the comments If you liked this video I invite you to share it with your friends on your social networks especially from my facebook here are the people who shared the previous video and a special greeting for having contributed in the super chat in the last video to … I also invite you to my Instagram there you can ask me a paranormal question that you have this could come out in the next videos nothing more to say I leave you with the number 1 position My name is Danny Phantom thanks for watching Something strange happened to me last Monday while I was going home at night but after having had that strange encounter with that woman’s appearance weirder things started happening at home upon waking up the next day I noticed that I had very deep scratches on my back after this I checked all the stories in my instagram and I could tell like that night that woman was stalking me long before many of you appeared they gave me a lot of evidence and they told me that this woman could it was about sanity and that there was a ritual in which I could summon the and have a contact with her so I did it perform the ritual at 12 at night in a loaded mirror making sure I was totally alone and this is what happened Attentive Apparently a spectrum manifested behind me or at least It is what we could all see through the mirror because when running to where it was there was no one Cut as you activate the instagram hands-free function thinking that maybe that woman could have come down the basement stairs of the building I went to these stairs and when I came down I didn’t find anything, it was because I went into the parking lot and I began to hear and see things very foreign attentive As much as I ran and searched for more than 30 minutes in that basement I couldn’t find that woman but many of you they sent me many evidences that still cause me today nightmares I recently performed a live ritual that unfortunately I can’t upload it, so I extend the invitation to my instagram where you will find the outstanding stories of everything that is happening the link will be found in the first comment I also remind you that you can use the super chat on the channel live so you can be greeted in the next videos to be living these things I realize that This world hides endless facts and stories that we still don’t know That’s why I ask you to help me collect the most shocking and surprising cases on the internet If you know or own paranormal material and don’t be afraid to send it to my email [email protected] all lowercase or if you prefer you can also send it to me through my facebook page the link will find them in the description and the first comment be part of #ThePhantomFamily I’m danny thanks for watching