September 8, 2019 100 By William Hollis

Different paranormal manifestations they are shared daily through my email among thousands of messages I rule out those who are fake and I stay with those who have really impacted me cases that can surely deliver or take away your sleep That is why today we will take a new tour of some documents in which we will see new paranormal manifestations captured on video from an alleged alien captured on camera even a ghost in a graveyard but before I start I remind you to activate the bell with all the notifications so you will not miss any content it is also important that you like the video My name is Danny Phantom We start Surely you have already heard me say that urban explorations or field investigations are certainly interesting and these are the ones I usually see in more detail Well, surely the following document will leave you thinking today This is a recording made by the boys in the US they went into a supposedly haunted house it is certainly not abandoned in its entirety but its owners agreed to these guys will document what day by day they live Then I leave you with the document and I want you to pay close attention What is that strange translucent figure that could be captured in the camera? I would like to know what you think in the comments UFO phenomena or encounters with extraterrestrial beings they are a subject that intrigues many for many years there are people who claim to have had an extraterrestrial encounter or have seen a UFO in this position we will not see one but two videos that Luis Marcan can sent me to my email The first video happened in Guatemala and was recorded by a guy who woke up very early in the morning by a loud noise that happened in his house I recommend you turn up the volume and put on headphones and be attentive to the video recording The other recording is quite old this was his life and internet for the same person who recorded it this man tells us that one night He heard noises coming from the patio and decided to record what was happening since he thought his neighbors they were stalking their daughters but what he could record that night It was something Out of this world attentive Certainly these videos seem to be a very good production but I let you decide if this is real or not in the comments The following document was sent to me by carl schmitt in my email in this we will see a tiny clip of a meeting of some friends who were enjoying and singing in a room when suddenly the boy I was recording he got something that everyone would leave impacted Unfortunately card did not send more about this case but what we can see in slow motion is that these guys caught a being amorphous and very big What do you think of this case? let me know in the comments Undoubtedly one of the places with more index of paranormal activities are the cemeteries in these ghostly sightings usually happen and it is for this reason that many paranormal investigators dare to go to them to be able to capture something worthwhile and leave in evidence that indeed we are not alone in this world in the following document we will see a recording of paranormal investigators in a cemetery in this he would manage to capture something extremely shocking attentive These researchers make sure there was no one else in this place at the time of recording So what is that figure that can be seen going to the bottom? I would like to know what you think in the comments If you liked this video I invite you to share it with your friends on your social networks especially from my facebook here are the people who shared the previous video I also invite you to my Instagram there you can ask me a paranormal question that you have this could come out in the next videos nothing more to say I leave you with the number one position My name is Danny Phantom thanks for watching This video was sent to me by Marie Ramirez from Argentina to my email in this we will see a recording of some boys who went into a cave It is said that this cave it was a place where supposedly witches made their coven the person who recorded the fact could only capture a small video of the entrance of this cave the boy was not quite well since in the recording that we will see you can see the nervousness and fear of this very attentive to the recording What is that dark figure that is standing at the bottom of this cave? the boys who were inside it didn’t notice anything at that moment we can notice it since none of them got scared, much less mentioned anything about it maybe this recording would affirm the rumor that this cave It was a place where witches met I don’t know what you think about it I can only tell you that .. I can only tell you that .. That’s why I ask you to help me collect the most shocking and interesting cases on the internet If you own or know paranormal material, do not hesitate to send it to my email [email protected] all lowercase or if you prefer you can also send it to me through my facebook page the links will be found in the first comment and in the description be part of #ThePhantomFamily I’m Danny thanks for watching