October 17, 2019 100 By William Hollis

Infinity of supernatural events usually reach my email that’s why today we will do a tour of some videos that tonight they will cause you nightmares From failures in reality caught by a security camera even ghosts captured in cemeteries but before starting I invite you to activate the bell with all the notifications this way you will find out when a new video is uploaded it is also important if you like this content don’t leave without leaving a good like remember that each video is being published live so you can use super chat you’ll find it next to the emojis so you can greet in the next video my name is Danny Phantom We start In this post we will not see one but two small clips where there have been especially incredible cases first it’s about UFO phenomena this is instructed by ufology one of the studies that is carried out since the late forties since then thousands of fans as experts have shared in newspapers journals TV and lately on the internet his anecdotes with the UFO phenomenon This little clip It was recorded on a farm in the US the video is quite old and was recorded by a man passing through this place what he could capture has caused in the community of ufologists quite intriguing Three unidentified objects they let themselves be seen for a moment and these left very strange symbols in their wake this symbology It has already been seen several times over the years but what do you think? Will this document be real? In the second material we will see a recording that was made many years ago especially in 1967 in california this was recorded by a super 8 camera, and in this recording one of the most fortuitous evidences of the existence of the legendary big foot was captured What do you think of these documents? let me know in the comments Lately there have been theories of failures in reality or the matrix This is an experience that shows us that there are mistakes in the real world or somewhere in our brain more than a déjà vú they are episodes that disturb the logic of reality and for which no one has a congruent explanation some say that these are portals to another dimension of errors in the code of our world or of illusory acts promoted by beings that control us The following video was captured by a security camera in this recording something happens that has not been found explanation This man seems to suddenly appear out of nowhere maybe it could be a camera glich or some edition but it doesn’t seem to be since the movement of other people it’s fluid but I want you to tell me what you think of this document in the comments In this post we will see two small clips that were recorded inside cemeteries the first one went viral a while ago and was up the macabre alley channel in this we will see how two boys entered the pantheon of pains to invoke the supposed ghost of a girl named vicky and there they would do a ritual where they tell you have to place a circle of lollipops and say the girl’s name three times what they managed to record that night would leave more than a million people amazed The second document was captured by youtuber and urban explorer ricky velázquez one very cold night he went to the main pantheon of montemorelos Nuevo León in Mexico This is usually done directly via Facebook and then published on your YouTube channel that night the passerby just through this cemetery and would tell the anecdotes of this one like the supposed tomb of the vampire After spending several minutes walking through this dreary place began to feel footsteps behind him steps that soon described that they were from an infant and the scariest thing of that night is that for a moment turning around you can see how a shadow of a girl moved in the middle of the dark graves It will be that both ricky and the boys caught the soul of an infant in these cemeteries I would like to know what you think in the comments He has exposed several cases of modern urban explorers but whenever I talk about this genre that every day is taking more boom on the internet I remind you that this is nothing new urban explorations exist for years and in this position we will see a video that was recorded in 2005 by a group of friends who entered an abandoned house in france here the boys would register something that until today has left them speechless attentive You managed to realize something in the recording because this was recorded by a tape camera and when watching this movie on a monitor the boys managed to notice that that abandoned house they visited that night I was not alone what we are seeing is known as psycho images what do you think is this face that could be captured in this videotape? let me know what you think in the comments If you liked this video I invite you to share it with your friends on your social networks especially from my facebook here are the people who shared the previous video and a special greeting to all the people who donated in the super chat as I also invite you to my instagram there you can ask me a paranormal question that you have this could come out in the next videos nothing more to say I leave you with the number 1 position my name is Danny Phantom thanks for watching It seems that cemetery investigations It has become a trend among urban explorers My friend and colleague Franco TV It is one of them candid in one of his most recent videos they would focus again on a cemetery alone at night as usual Frank began his tour in this emblematic pantheon since the afternoon to stay until night it is then that in this pantheon strange things began to happen then I will leave you the most chilling moments that lived frank that night in that dreary place attentive What was that old woman doing so late at night alone in this grave and touring this cemetery? Frank tells us that throughout the tour He couldn’t see that old woman and less with that white coat on Is it possible that it is a soul in sorrow? or just a woman who at night he usually visits his deceased I don’t know what you really think about this case I can only tell you that This world hides a myriad of stories and facts that we still don’t know That’s why I ask you to help me collect the most shocking and frightening cases on the internet If you have paranormal or scary material, do not hesitate to send it to my email [email protected] all lowercase or if you prefer you can also send it to me through a direct message on my facebook page the link will find them in the description and the first comment be part from #ThePhantomFamily I’m Danny thanks for watching