A HAUNTING 😈 Haunted Cabinet ᴸᴺᴬᵗᵛ

September 3, 2019 0 By William Hollis

in America there is real evil it lurks
in the darkest shadows and in our most ordinary talents between the worlds we
see and the things we fear there are doors
when they are open nightmares become reality I did second-guess coming for an
interview because there’s so many people that don’t believe in the spirit world
but after everything we’ve been through people need to be more aware I know what
happened to me and my boyfriend was real I lived it
I now know true evil it exists it was just another normal day in the
life of sandy Elkins and James Hilton the couple had now been dating three
years and although sandy didn’t live with James she stayed over a few nights
a week Sandy’s just a lot of fun to be around
we hit it off from bad we like the same things we just love each other hey looks
like you made great progress so I did some sand in and I’m gonna put another
stain on there and then redo that I think I look good I worked at John’s per
pizza parlor and James worked upstairs in the barber shop and that’s how we met
and we dated for a lot of years that’s awesome I appreciate that
hey I got a surprise for you oh dude but that spring would be anything but
ordinary oh is that it well you think we love antiques running antiques we do
that every chance we get where you Scott look for antiques well it’s bigger than
I expected but so beautiful but great fine
the cabinet was handmade it looks like old barn wood double front doors small
shelves on the outside of it and then showing on the inside like just a normal
kid would have one inside I can’t believe Stephanie didn’t want it
I know James’s daughter had worked with the lady and she gave her the cabinet so
she asked James if he would like to have the cabinet and he said sure and we
don’t know where it actually came from a few hours later the cabinet is home
okay to the right a little bit more Oh perfect perfect well it looks like it is
good cleaning I’ll go get the furniture polish we put the cabinet in his bedroom we talked about putting it in the living
room first and then we figured I’d be better in the bedroom beside the bed
that way I could store clothes in it the door could open on its own you know
I’m just an old cabinet something’s out of kilter or you know maybe humidity and
the doors might be warped a little bit or something later that day
sandy finishes moving James’s belongings into the cabinet Hey when I would go James house I tried to
make it homey James were you doing something in here what are you talking about well supposin
like this and then ago oh darn look it cracked I didn’t touch it at all
she’d walk back here if he missed later and everything’s that she put up it was
often the floor I said have not even been in there nah it’s kind of laughed
it off sure you know thought he had but he just didn’t want to admit it it’s
weird for the night one afternoon Sandi finds herself alone in the house I started feeling like somebody was
watching me I was very nervous about being alone there it’s fine Santee keeps her uneasy feelings to
herself but not for long something in the house
has been unleashed it was just like a loud knock a thump up
end of the bay it and it just terrified me I knew something was there unbeknownst to James Hilton and his
girlfriend sandy the antique cabinet he recently acquired he’s haunted what’s wrong look like a man I had
looked up and I saw a shadow figure but I yelled it just disappeared
she said there was like she could feel something under the bed like pushing up
she said don’t ever wake me in here again by myself
she was upset I thinks it’s going on in this house I think this house is haunted
you’re just overreacting everything’s fine James wouldn’t admit to anything
actually being wrong you probably had a bad dream
everything’s fine telling you something is going on I’ll prove it to you this we’re gonna
use this we’re gonna set it up and we’ll see what happens I’m trying to figure
out what was going on in the house so I set up a video camera I knew it had to
do with the cabinet because nothing had happened before then for days the couple
leaves the camera running while they are at work hoping for proof and one evening
they come home to a shocking surprise what in the world James did you do this
oh my god no why would I do this we could see the cabinet doors were open
his clothes were thrown out everything was out in the floor just completely all
over the bedroom the bedspread and everything was was pulled back the camera we gotta check the video the couple Scrolls through hours of
videotape then they spot it look right there see
at 10:08 a.m. they see the cabinet doors open on their own and some clothes being
thrown out then at 10:00 11:00 a.m. they see the curtain being pulled back and a
few seconds later the bedspread sliding off it’s like a hand that pulled the
curtain back and the bed was torn up that was really unnerving because
there’s really something there that was the moment that I realized James house
was haunted there is something going on ever since you brought this thing home
weird things have been happening but even after watching the video James has
a hard time believing honey come on what are you saying I couldn’t explain what
was happening in my house but I wouldn’t admit that it was paranormal you don’t
believe me it’s right there in the proof right there well we’re not getting rid
of it you’re overreacting I was trying to tell us and you don’t think you know
I think it’s chimera right you know no big deal not to worry about it
well I’m not staying here tonight I don’t feel safe here James did not
want to admit that the house was haunted there was a big strain on our
relationship because he he just couldn’t see that something was really wrong over
the next few days sandy avoids spending time at the house I heard something I didn’t feel right about any of it
nothing was in there ever since James Hilton brought an
antique cabinet into his home the house has come alive with paranormal activity although James and his girlfriend Cindy
have both sensed the presence al baqarah Maya just sees him to move and it was
like a figure of a man standing there I looked up it was gone
little do they know there are two entities inhabiting the cabinet the
spirit and something much darker and more evil one evening
sandy drops by to check in on him what’s doing you know what I’m so excited my
coworker friend told me about this antique mall there just opened up and
I’d be fun to go this weekend what’d you think I thought it was very strange the way
James was acting James James it’s as if he’s become obsessed with the
cabinets Sandeen said my attitude changed was kind of I wasn’t you know
it’s like in her days oh sure wherever you I really didn’t know what to think I
didn’t know what to do to help him over the next few days James grows even more
detached James he changed during all of this he was he was just hateful he
didn’t want to be around anybody I just felt like he was I was just losing him
he was definitely not the man that I knew one afternoon
sandy receives a series of text messages there from James then things just kind
of got weird and I would get text from him what is time you couldn’t tell what
the words were and then it started getting a lot worse
I’ve got the message that would say cry cry and then it said he’s mine come on answer now we’re trying to call him back get me
answer James it’s me pick up I’m really worried
about you come on yeah I’m really worried I was freaked out very so I was very
paying it Jane Jane where are you hey are you upstairs Dave James I’ve been trying to call you what
are all these text messages about are you okay
answer me what are you talking about it was like it was like I was having a
dream and then when you wake up you can remember bits and pieces of it and it’s
like is this actually happening I wasn’t thinking right at all wasn’t
like me thinking hates I’m worried about you what’s going on talk to me
not yourself his house his cabinet something that’s
going on here I could feel it I did think he was becoming evil I think you
had already taken over him it was taking his spirit I’m just being my real self just leave
me alone I don’t need you
you hear me okay sandy Elkins is convinced that her
boyfriend James’s antique cabinet is haunted and that whatever entity lives
inside the cabinet is attempting to possess him just leave me alone I don’t
need you I don’t dare you James’s eyes turn completely black when
you’re so close to someone and you see that something is actually taking over
their mind and their body it’s very terrifying I felt like you were no yours
you never strapped there and you couldn’t really figure out a way to get
out it’s like being in a dream you can’t wake up I think that was just about the
breaking point terrified for James Sandi knows she must do something she
conducts research and comes across a prayer used to calm spirits be strong in the Lord and the strength
of his might put up all your armor to God so that you can be strong and stand
up to the devil I felt like if I had that prayer and just kept saying it over
and over I felt like it may work and I just tried everything I could Lord fill this house with your light and
your love amen see the is that you are you okay are you
okay I’m fine I would not be sandy isn’t disbelief the
prayer appears to have broken the entity’s hold over James he kind of
snapped out of it he woke up and knew that something was going on it was like
it lost some of the power it had over him I actually felt like I was back you
know that I’d actually what but for how long
hey don’t cry I was really confused they’re not time I still feel confused a
lot about it your eyes were jet black something in this house is trying to
take you over we need help I’m so sorry to put you through this
whatever you want to do James agreed to let someone come in and kind of check
things out see what was going on I was becoming very desperate as soon as sandy
contacts them paranormal technology investigations of Jonesboro Tennessee
agrees to take on the case I didn’t know who else to turn to I had never
experienced anything like this so they were kind of like our only hope what is
it I don’t know but whatever it is it isn’t good let’s get set up Rob Phillips and
co-founder Kathy Shepherd are both paranormal investigators and sensitives
sandy came to us asking for help with an investigation she knew that something
was going on with this cabinet she knew something was going on James
sandy was very terrified for James you could tell that she was very anxious to
get something done with this she wanted to get this took care of immediately
and what’s more sandy has sent the team the video of the haunted cabinet when we
watched the footage of their video we knew they were telling the truth and we
knew what we were watching was real seeing the black shadow and the things
coming out of the cabinet we knew there was something it wasn’t just hearsay we
were seeing it on the on the camera it was real we were concerned that there’s
something there that was taking James over and we needed to act on it right
away we’ll start with a walkthrough and an
EVP session we’ll start in the bedroom since that’s where you said you’ve
noticed the most activity do you have any questions no I think we’re just
ready to put this all behind us during the investigation I’m conducting the EVP
session and Cathy’s recording in night vision with the camera
it’s 8:32 p.m. we’re about to start the walkthrough with James and Sandy’s home
EVP stands for electronic voice phenomenon we’re trying to contact
anyone who is in the house during the EVP session one of the questions that we
were asking we were trying to con doubt the nature of the entity we wanted to
know if it was human or demonic and you tell me your name we wanted to know what
it wanted with James when we walked into the room you knew
there was something there and as the rooms just heavy it didn’t feel like light in the other
rooms there’s a difference there you get there’s like a even if like a
temperature difference in both rooms and the closer you get to the cabinet the
stronger they feel them to come it would be darker heavier and it was like the
time you got put me back to the cabinet it was like you had a thousand pounds of
weight on you do you belong to the cabinet was it yours when you were alive what do
you want with James did you hear that we had got an EVP that said he is mine and
then we knew that this entity was talking about and targeting James
suddenly Rob is hit by a vision of both entities haunting the cabinet get away from me do one is the ghost of the old man james’s
and he may have sensed in the house while the other is the more threatening
and evil entity it’s a demon paranormal investigator Rob Phillips has
just seen the two entities haunting James Hilton’s home one is a human
spirit while the other is pure evil I don’t have the best news for you what
what is it it’s that cabinet isn’t it yes I believe
there’s a a demon attached to the cabinet
oh my god hearing that it was a demon it was a very scary experience you feel
totally helpless you you can’t see what’s going on you don’t know what to
expect next you just you’re lost to it the cabinet was created as a holding
place for a demonic spirit it’s similar to a dybbuk box what do you
mean from Jewish mythology a dybbuk refers to
a malicious entity that possesses the living
a dybbuk box is built to contain it it’s basically a vessel is used to capture
and hold a evil spirit a demon to prevent it from doing harm to others I had a vision I saw the cabinet it was
created made by hand to hold the demon captive keep him prisoner to prevent him
from hurting anyone else I saw this man making this cabin him and
then he was performing some type of a ritual and he banished the demon into
the cabinet conjuring to strain the demon by thy name we believe this is what you saw James
you know I’m what you felt in the bed the spirit of the man who made the
cabinet he was trying to warn you both I believe the human spirit is a good
spirit it’s the man trying to warn James and Sandy that there’s something evil
there something very demonic there how do we get rid of it we need to get rid
of the cabinet I can’t burn it or destroy it we need to remove it from the
home keep it someplace safe but first the team must perform a blessing on
James cleanse the home and forced the demon back into the cabinet James the
demon is focused on you it’s oppressing you it’s trying to
possess you we don’t force this demon back into the cabinet
it will it will try and take your soul if this cabinet hadn’t been dealt with
would probably ended up taking James’s life was real terrifying when I probably
realized what was going on this is serious what you got here
you just think I’ve mentioned longer to do it all he killed you that’s how bad
it got I took it serious thing yes it was boy
Greg get this thing out here then no weapon that is fashioned against you
shall succeed and you shall confute every tongue that rises against you in
judgment this is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their
vindication from me declares the Lord amen but the blessing on James is only
temporary as long as the demon remains in his presence James is at risk
we’ll start the cleansing now if you can all please take your places during the
cleansing Robb has the Bible and he does the prayers and while he’s doing prayers
we start and we’ll do the sage and the holy water
you’re up against the spiritual world and you got to have faith and you got to
believe for these things to work most importantly when we start we cannot stop
after remain strong and confident through the name and the blood of the
Lord Jesus Christ I bind any dark energy negative spirit
any demonic forces we were buek you through the name and the blood of the
Lord Jesus Christ you no longer control anyone you are no longer welcome in this
home I could feel the energy being sucked
from my body I feel it just pulling away that’s the demon trying to stop me he is
trying to confuse me he’s tryin to disorient me and is trying to do
whatever it can to stop me when we were doing the cleansing it was watching and
I felt like he was going from room to room with us it was real intense coffee was doing it
was real intense we were few Satan we binds you we cast you behind us we pitch
you under our feet we cast you back into the pit of hell in Jesus name you’re
actually the enemy at that point because it knows you were trying to force it
from where it wants to be it doesn’t want to leave but we’re trying to make
it leave the Lord Jesus Christ
power of God I banish you Lord Jesus Christ we rebuke you paranormal investigators are performing
a ritual to banish a dangerous entity back into a haunted cabinet with the power of God i banished you
with the power of god i banished you but the demon won’t go he’s read the
cabinet door flipped out and the demon it was trying to fight back it was
determined it was gonna stay but there is no stopping now
keep brave stay focused for buek you Jesus Christ during this process you
have to keep going whatever this demon is trying to do
whatever it froze that you absolutely cannot stop you have to fight through it with the power of God I banish you is it gone
yes it is you’re safe now it was like flipping a
light switch movie with dark and gloomy he flipped loud on it’s just bright and
vibrant after they did the blessing I could actually talk to James without
feeling like he was pushing away from me it did feel like a cloud lifted you
could actually feel like I’m home you know I’m back in I’m you know back
home Rob Phillips removes the cabinet from the home and James and Sandy
returned to life as usual in December of 2015 the couple announces they are
engaged to be married yeah we’re beyond happy
brought two kids so she’s got a big heart you know she’s been to a lot with
me oh that’s beautiful it is
the experience has definitely changed me and James it has brought us closer since
we have gone through this I did feel like I got my boyfriend back I feel like
we got our life back here’s to new beginnings
beginnings if you don’t believe in it you know that
your choice I didn’t believe in it either but once you live through it you
know you’re gonna kind of wake up real quick
I do now I do believe in the paranormal out but the story is far from over for
Rob Phillips while the cabinet remains in his possession he still has
unfinished business I actually have the cabinet now the demons contained inside
of it I keep in storage I keep it there for protection I want to make sure that
it stays locked Ward’s locked up at and to never get into the hands of anyone
else the demon is not the only entity locked up in the cabinet the spirit of
the cabinet maker is also contained inside I would love to be able to free
the u.s. beer that’s trapped in there I’d love to try to cross him over but
I’ve got to do it without staying this thing out I can’t let that demon get
back out you