A Night in UK’s Most Haunted Pub | Ghost Dimension | S03 E03 | Free Documentary Paranormal

November 9, 2019 0 By William Hollis

(suspenseful music)
– Hello, and welcome. According to the
Guinness Book of Records, this is one of the most
haunted places in the UK. This is Pluckley
Village in Kent, and this is Ghost Dimension:
Celebrity Special. – [Announcer] Coming
up on Ghost Dimension. (eerie music)
– I just want to make contact. – Can I ask you some questions? – It’s happened
again at the door. The door likes to tap. – Because there’s definitely
movement over there. (screams) – [Narrators] Ghost Dimension. (suspenseful music) – [Narrator] The night before the Ghost Dimension:
Celebrity Special in Pluckley, the team had the opportunity to investigate the Black Horse to find out what
the most haunted pub in the most haunted village
in the UK had in store for us. – So Paul, Pluckley
Village in Kent. What do you think tonight’s
gonna bring to us? – Considering it’s
supposed to be the most haunted
village in the UK, according to the
Guinness Book of Records, I’m expecting a lot of activity. You would when
you’ve got somewhere that’s got that
kind of reputation. – For me, I’m
absolutely terrified. I feel that I’ve come
into this building, and I’ve come into this
room, and it’s frightening. You feel the atmosphere change
as soon as you come upstairs and you leave that bar
area, it goes nasty. – There’s an eerie feeling. Do you feel it in this room? – I try not to get
influenced because, obviously, I know
about the history. I know what’s here,
so I’ll try to come in and look at it in a neutral way. I know what you’re saying. It’s got the history,
it’s got the stories, and all the rest of it. This room, I don’t feel
anything personally, but there is the
upstairs, the attic area. That, to me, feels a little
bit creepier, but it’s sparse. There’s a mirror. I don’t like mirrors. There’s a mirror. Doesn’t do me any favours,
but there’s a mirror there. – This village is the most
haunted village in the UK. With it being the
most haunted village, it should bring out some
of the spirits tonight. Especially with some of the
equipment that we’ll use, we should be
potentially dragging out anything and everything
that’s around here because, if it is haunted,
this whole village, then sure enough, maybe today,
we should capture something. – What do you think our guests
are gonna make of tonight? – To be honest, I think
they’re gonna poo their pants. – I think they’re
gonna be excited, very excited, and
scared perhaps. – I think they’ll
be really scared. I think they’re gonna be
running out of this building as fast as they can at
the end of the night, never going back. – Well, let’s face it,
if we’ve got a feeling as we come into this
building, then hey, who knows what
they’re gonna feel when they come in?
– Especially when the lights go off.
– Exactly. – Takes on a completely
different feel. – It does indeed.
– It does, yeah. And the thing is,
these people probably haven’t done this before, so they’re out of
their comfort zone. They’re not gonna
know what to expect, as we don’t, really. We’re better prepared for it. It’s gonna be a completely
different experience for them. – Let’s hope the ghosts appear. Ghost Dimension tonight? – Let’s hope so in
Pluckley Village. – [Narrator] As
chivalry is not dead, the girls went off
to investigate first. Becs and Jane had no
idea what lay ahead, but ventured forth with
excitement and caution. Here’s what happened to them. – Hi, all. I am doing a lone vigil
in the granddad’s room, so I’m just gonna
walk around now to it. Let’s open the door. It’s very dark. (gasps) Oh, oh, dear me. Instantly, I’ve come in, and there’s a bang. Shut the door. I’ll shut the door too, but
I’m not gonna shut it fully so we’ve got it a bit open. Anyway, I have a
K2 metre, a torch, and over here, on the floor, sorry, that’s my
torch, is a Rampart. I’m gonna just put
my torch over there ’cause it is extremely,
extremely dark. My K2’s on, so I’m going to
hold that and get started. – If there’s anybody here, can you make-
(metre beeps) Whoa. Can you see that flashing there? That’s a Rampart
I have just reset. Hello? Can you step away from
that Rampart on the floor so I can ask you some questions? Can you come away
from it please? Step away. Right, before I ask
any questions — Oh, it stopped now. If there’s anybody
here with me… (metre beeps) Oh, can you hear that? – In here is the granddad. I think his wife killed him, and his wife’s
buried in this pub ’cause it used to
be a farmhouse. Therefore, the man, who
is obviously her husband, comes back, and
he was a granddad. I’m gonna sit down, hold this, and I’m gonna call out. The granddad’s been spotted. Somebody used to live in
here, it was a bedroom, and the granddad, I’m gonna
leave that on the couch, actually, for a minute, the granddad’s been spotted over where the Rampart is over there, so I’m just gonna
spin you around so you can see what I’m
seeing at the minute. Hopefully, we’ll get some
action when I start calling out. See, there’s the Rampart. Right. Granddad, I don’t
know your name, so I’m going to refer
to you as Granddad. There was a lady
who used to live in, well, sleep…
(wall clicks) Okay. I just heard that. What was that noise? What I was about to say was, there was a lady who
used to sleep in here, and her bed… Something’s happening. Hello? Hello? Sorry about the poor camerawork. Every time I keep speaking, there’s something
rattling, and… (wind blows) Did you hear that? I’m gonna get up. I’m gonna hold this K2 as well. Okay, there used to be a bed, and she used to sleep there, and he used to be standing here, just at the bottom of the
bed, looking over her, and also, he used to
be standing there, where the K2 is, just
standing in the corner. He had long, dark hair. A lot of people who have seen
him thought he was a female. (wall creaks) Granddad, are you in here? Apparently, he likes
women, doesn’t like men. Granddad, can you
affect my K2 metre? – Can I ask you some questions? (metre beeps) Thank you. (metre beeps) Whoa. Now, I’ve just reset that,
and I’ve just actually mo- Thank you. Are you a male? Are you a male spirit that’s
in this room with me now? If you’re a male spirit, can you set that Rampart
off on the floor for me? Are you a female spirit? If you’re a female spirit,
can you set it off? It’s gone so cold here. If there’s anybody in the room, if there’s any children
or anybody in the room… can you set one of the devices
on the floor off for me? – What was that? What was that? Okay, let’s spin this
’round and speak to you. I swear… Oh my god. The door… The door’s open. Are you opening that door? Oh, I kid you not,
the door’s open more. Hello? Can you open the door? Are you there? You there? Hello? Somebody’s behind me. Somebody’s behind me. Somebody’s standing
there behind me. Oh my god, somebody’s now there. Hello, are you here? I don’t come to harm you. I just want to make contact. I just want to show everybody that you’re here,
and you’re friendly. I hope you’re friendly. Can you affect this machine? If you come close
to this machine, the lights at the
top will light up. If you go over to this
machine on the floor, it will make a noise,
and it’ll light up. If you come over to me, I’ll scream, and I’ll run. – Hello? (metre beeps) Thank you. Are you a male spirit? Are you the male spirit
that likes females? If you are, please
set off the alarm. Are you a female spirit… that’s in this room
with me right now? (metre beeps) Oh. Did you hear that?
(metre beeps) Whoa, thank you,
thank you so much. If you’re a female spirit… Did you work in this place? Did you work in this pub? Was this a farmhouse
before it was a pub? (metre beeps) Yes, thank you. Was it your farmhouse? Did you own it? – Okay, so are you
here with me right now? If I point this camera
behind me, will you appear? If I move this
camera to the door, will you open it? I can hear whispering. Does that mean there’s
two people in this room? Who are you chatting with? Chatting with your
granddaughter perhaps? Or the wife that
supposedly killed you? I don’t feel good. I feel like somebody’s
watching me. I feel like that door’s opened. I don’t know if I
caught it on camera, but I definitely think
that door opened. When I started my lone vigil, there was definitely
somebody behind me, on that Ram, over
there, made the noise. I do feel like there’s
somebody in this room. What I’m gonna do is,
gonna do a little test. Gonna sit down. I’m gonna appear
more vulnerable, and see if anything happens. Can you now appear to me? Can you open the door,
or affect the Rampart, or the K2 metre? The Rampart, again,
is on the floor, and the K2 metre is in my hand. If you come close to me,
the K2 meter’s gonna go off. We could potentially communicate through one of the devices. Maybe I could understand
who you are a bit better, get to know your name,
how you actually died, and why you keep coming
back to this building. Is it because your wife’s buried in this building, in the wall? You wouldn’t have heard that. You would not have heard
that, I don’t think, but over there, I heard a woman, a woman, saying, “Yes.” Do you like me speaking to you? My name’s Becs, and I’m a
paranormal investigator. I’m here to seek out the truth. Do you hear that, was a whistle? There was a whistle? Hi. That sounds very feminine. It doesn’t sound like a male. Are you his wife? – Are you a child that
wants to play games? Guys, this room
is sort of scary. Just look at the beam
work on this room. It’s really, really old world. Just gonna show you this room. (metre beeps) Whoa, thank you. Just gonna flip this around now and show you the Rampart. Whoa. Can you do that again for me? I’ve just got the Rampart
in view of the camera. Can you set that device
off again for me? To show me that you’re here? Don’t know whether
you can see that. There’s two big
sticks on the floor, and there’s some sort of vase. (metre beeps) Whoa, thank you. Thank you very much. You’re doing ever so well. There’s another one on the other side of the room.
(metre beeps) Thank you. Can you set that one off for me? (metre beeps)
I have just got the most chilling feel
right down my back. – Okay, so that was
really interesting. The more I spoke to the
man called Granddad… the more things happened, a whistle, and a, “Yes.” That’s very bizarre,
because I don’t know if it’s in my head
that I feel okay. I don’t feel scared at all. I don’t feel scared. I did when I first came in. Perhaps that was a
different spirit. Perhaps that was Granddad, but now, I feel
chilled, really chilled. Who is it in this building
with me right now? Who are you? Anne? Did I hear somebody say Anne? Anne? Anne? Is that your name? Yes. Can you light up this
device in my hand? Hmm. See, this has happened
to me once before. However, I was
surrounded by crew, and I was hearing answers
and voices in my head, and I kept saying to
them, “Do you hear it?” They would say, “No.” Then something used my body
as a vessel to communicate, and it was scared. I’m really hoping that’s
not gonna happen again because I am on my own. There is no one around, and I really, really
wouldn’t want to be in that vulnerable
situation on my own. I swear to god, let
me go and have a look, that door keeps opening. I swear to god. What I will do is, I’ll open
it, and you can see out. Hello? Is there anybody out here? – The wind is howling outside. Whoa. Did you — (metre beeps) Whoa, thank you. Thank you. I’ll just show you guys,
the Rampart is going off. Thank you. Can you step away? Can you turn that
on again for me? (metre beeps) Thank you. Can you make all
the lights light up? If you make all the
lights light up, I will leave you in peace,
and I’ll bid you good night. Please, please. (metre beeps) All the lights,
thank you, thank you. That is absolutely amazing. Thank you very, very much. Thank you. – I have a backache. I wonder if that’s maybe
an ailment he used to have. I do that a lot when
I got into locations, I can sometimes pick up
on things via my body like backaches, sore
chests, coughing, do that an awful lot. Did you die with a backache? Did she stab you in the back? Was it a long condition you had? You suffered with this back? Is that what you’re
making me feel because you’re standing
behind me a lot? Or is it for a different reason? Is it because you’re
trying to use my body as a vessel to communicate? You heard that, didn’t you? Please tell me you heard that. That was knock, knock. (knocks on wood) Over there. Hello? Do you like this corner? Can you make the Rampart go off? Or can you stand in this corner? All four corners of the room. Come on, I’m not scared. Somebody’s tickling my arm. Are you tickling my arm? Somebody’s behind me. Somebody’s behind me,
is that you, Granddad? I must say, since there’s
a different presence come into this room, my
backache’s gone, by the way, I feel a bit unnerved. I do feel a little
bit of unnerving. I don’t know what that is. Somebody’s definitely behind me. Come on, you do
better than this. You show yourself to people, and people have seen
you through the window. Where’s the window? There’s the window. People have seen you. Appear to me right now. No K2 activity. No K2 activity, no
Rampart activity, apart from when we first
came into the room, the Rampart made a funny noise. Noises over there, like somebody
standing over there, but what I don’t get,
what I do not get is, and I’ll have to ask Paul this, if there is a spirit over there, why is it not affecting
the equipment? Because that’s what I don’t get. Because there’s definitely
movement over there. (screams) Fuck off. Oh, Jesus Christ. And there was just an orb. An orb went down
and the door opened. Please, I really hope, right, you know what, I’m just
gonna take my torch as well because I’m a little
bit frightened. I sing when I get scared, not very good, but I do sing. Is there anybody there? – [Narrator] With the
spirits nicely warmed up, it was the turn of the boys to see what else could be
captured at the Black Horse. Sean and Paul bravely
stepped into the unknown and got more than
they bargained for. – Okay, I’ve come into the room which is apparently supposed
to be haunted by the Granddad, and I’ve got the
Parascope with me, and it’s already lit
up, which is weird. Now, I’m in the
middle of the room. It’s green and
flashing a bit red. I’m just gonna turn it
off, and turn it back on. Bang, it’s still lit up. I don’t know why that is. Now it’s flashing,
you see that then? It’s flashing. I’m gonna hold this
here, and it’s stopped. It’s flashing, it stopped. I’ve got a Ram on the floor. It’s stopped flashing now. Gonna bring this up, oh. Well, that’s weird. What could that be? Is it the light? Maybe it’s the light. Okay, no, still flashing away. Got a Ram on the floor there, so if anything goes near
the Ram, it’ll go off. This now has settled. I think it’s something
to do, there, it’s gotta be electric. Maybe it’s not, maybe it is, but if we bring
it down, it stops. I’ll call out and ask for
any spirits to interact, thank you, in this room with me. I’ve took my jacket off
’cause it’s a bit hot. Oh, okay, you like my
jacket off, do you? Thank you. Is anyone here with me
that’s lighting this metre? Okay, thank you. Can you turn it off in
five, four, three, two, one. No. Can you — Oh, yeah, yeah, it went off
then for a brief second. I didn’t witness it
fully, but it went off. Can you come towards that
Rampart on the floor for me, make it move, touch it,
do something for me? (metre beeps) – Well, not even started, and there goes the Ram. Step away from that please. I would like to talk to you, so I need you to move
away from it for me. Thank you. Now we’re about to start. Up in the attic in the room
we have called the mirror room because of the mirror there where people’s faces are
supposed to have changed when they’ve been
doing paranormal
investigations up here. I got two Ramparts out,
one in front of the mirror, and one in the corner
that’s already gone off. We have the Ovilus,
old faithful. I’ll switch that on. (device speaks) Is there anybody up
here with me please? My name’s Paul. You can hear the wind outside. Very, very, very windy tonight. I’m just gonna
show you this door. We’re not using — (metre beeps) Okay. Just ignore that for a second and just show you this room. Oh, oh, oh. Okay, three different
things there. Something felt like it
brushed the top of my head. Then I thought I saw
movement in there, and then something touched
the top of my head again. – This Parascope’s gone mad. I’m gonna put the
Parascope next to the Ram. Okay, let’s see
if that goes off. Oh, okay. Thank you. Can you now walk towards that device on the
floor, the light? If you walk towards it
like you’ve been doing, it will light up. There was a tap over there, a tap over the door there. Are you in this room
and you don’t like men? Are you in this room with me? There’s supposed to be a man
who does not like men in here, and… I believe he really
doesn’t like men, and does stuff to the men
when they’re in this room, so hopefully, we can
get him to interact. Jesus, what’s that then? It’s like the door was tapping. Is that you? Do it again, louder. Again. Tap that door. If that was you,
do it for me again. There was tapping at the door. Open the door. If you don’t like
men, do something. Tell me you don’t like men. Use your voice. – It’s very warm up here. Try just stepping back a second. I’m not sure then if I didn’t
see something over there. Just for a second, I
thought I saw a light. I’ll just show you these stairs. They’re rather steep. Nobody could possibly sneak
up here without you hearing. (metre beeps) Brilliant, thank you. Thank you very much. Can you step away from that so I can ask you some questions? Are you a male? Can you light that
up if you’re a male? – Make a noise, big noise. Supposed to be the most haunted
pub in the world, in the UK. Come and join me. Okay, someone’s touching my leg. Look, right here, someone
was grabbing hold of my leg. I physically felt the
hand pushing against me. Are you here? Is that you? Do something more for
me, something bigger. I’m not afraid of you. That was thud,
thud on this roof. That was weird. Thank you for your
acknowledgment. If that was you, spirit man, whoever you are, do it again. Is that light flickering? No. That was super, super weird. It’s happened again at the door. The door likes to tap. The door is tapping. Use your voice. Use your voice and
communicate with me. Tell me your name. Now it’s happened
at the back now. I heard a gentle tap. If that was you, tap twice. (device speaks) (metre beeps) – Worm. (metre beeps) Thank you very much,
you’re doing really well. That’s fantastic. Thank you, Harriet, well done. What does worm mean? Is that an indication
to something to do
with the farming? Is that what you’re
trying to tell me? Give me something else. (device speaks) – Records or records. Would we find more
information about you in the local records? (device speaks) Just said my name. Just said, “Paul.” That’s correct, that’s my name. Very good. It’s really good to
meet you, Harriet. Could you make something
move in here for me? Could you make a noise? – A gentle rustling, I don’t
know if we’ll pick that up. Come on, do it. See? Bang, the lights go
off, the tapping starts. Tap again. If you dropped the temperature
in this room, tap again. Hello? Communicate with me. (man whistles) What was that? That was a whistle. That was a whistle at the back. Really feel like someone’s
touching my head as well. That was a whistle
from back here. Thank you, thank
you so, so much. Do it again, and pull that door. Push it open. Oh. There was a gentle noise. Now do something big for me. I command you. This is weird. (metre beeps) Oh, oh, oh, okay, okay,
thank you, thank you. If that was you, please
do it one more time. One more time, if that was you. Just as I was about
to say that was weird, the Ram went off, man. That’s weird. That’s some weird, weird
stuff going on here at the Black Horse. Light that machine up again. Go towards it and light it up. Come on, please, I command you, give me a sign. – Please show yourself to me. Could you knock on this door? (knocks on door) Could you knock
back on that door? Can you make a noise
anywhere for me please? (metre beeps) Okay, yep, that’s a noise. Thank you, Harriet. Can you step away
from it again please? Move away from
it, let it go off. Thank you. Not bad, not bad. Harriet, there’s another
one of these devices in front of the mirror. Could you do the same to that? Can you set that one
off for me please? Can you make that make a noise? Just want to know that
you’re here with me. (device speaks) Care. Care. Do you care about somebody? Oh. Just got that prickly
feeling all over me, especially the top of my head. That was weird. Just, yeah, just
hair standing on end. I know what little I’ve
got is standing on end, but just got that sensation. – If it’s at my command,
it doesn’t happen. It doesn’t happen when
I’m at home either. I command, and nothing happens. I thought you didn’t like men. Or are you a female? Have we got the spirit wrong? Are you not a man-hater? Are you a female-hater? What is it? Do you like men? Is that what it is? Where are we? Oh, oh, oh. You heard that. That was running on
this floor beside me. Somebody ran on the
floor next to me. I seriously heard that. I’m turning the
lights on because I need to know what that was. If that was you, please run
across that floor again. Let’s hear you do
it one more time. Come on, one more time. I heard you run. It went, “Tap, tap, tap.” I felt the floor
move next to me. That’s how weird that was. I felt the floor move. You know, that’s
paranormal stuff that’s happening right here. I’ll turn the lights off again. Okay, do something
more for me now. Do something bigger,
something juicier. Scare me. I dare you. – Is that what you died from? (device speaks) Jim. Jim. (metre beeps) Oh, that was good. Harriet, is Jim the person
that you were betrothed to? Was that your boyfriend,
or lover, or husband? Did he have a hernia? What was that? (metre beeps) I just thought I heard somebody coming up those stairs then. The Ram’s going off. I was asking about
Jim and a hernia. I’m just wondering
if that was yes. I could’ve sworn…
(metre beeps) Thank you. Could’ve sworn I heard — What was that? (metre beeps) (device speaks) Okay, projection. Are you gonna project
yourself somehow? I just thought I felt
something touch me. – Are you a ghost from
another dimension? A ghost dimension? Or are you a spirit being
from another dimension? Maybe you’re just an ethereal
body from a dimension. Is that what it is? You’re not a ghost, you’re
not a physical spirit, you’re an ethereal body? Can you see me? Hello? The hell was that? That was something
back here then. Are you walking towards
my device on the floor? If you are, thank
you so, so much. I heard that. I really did hear, there
was a noise going back here like somebody was going
over to the Parascope. Losing my thought. Parascope into the Ram. There was tap, tap
as well, tap, tap. Thank you for the confirmation. Really do appreciate it. I’m talking about it,
they’re responding. The spirits are responding here. Are you able to
physically show your body here on this camera for me? Show yourself physically
on this camera. Wow. What can I say? That, for me, is subtle but
fantastic paranormal evidence, the evidence that you want. But you know what, it
happened on command, and that Rampart went off, the taps on the floor,
fantastic, fantastic. Somebody’s touching
my feet again. Somebody’s actually
touching me again. You know what, when that
happens, you feel it. When somebody touches
you, you feel it. Thank you so, so much. I really appreciate
everything that you’ve done. (intense music)