Aladdin – Ep 155 – Full Episode – 20th March, 2019

November 17, 2019 0 By William Hollis

We are here. Please come, Princess. I know people visit
gardens full of flowers. But you have brought me
to the valley of Cacti. H-How wonderful..
But.. But why? Because, Princess.. We have to look for
spikes like this over here.
– But over here.. all the thorns look
pretty much the same. How will we know which one
we need? Does she even use her eyes? I wish my friend, the snob
was here. I have an idea. You stay here while I go ahead
and get the thorns we need. All right?
– No! I am not staying here alone. I will come with you. Please try not to
get hurt again. We cannot afford to lose time. All right? There they are!
We found the spikes! Why is the plant’s shadow falling in the
opposite direction? I do not have time to think. I must gather 1000
such spikes anyhow. Good heavens! Thank God I managed to escape
safe and sound. But Aladdin must be saved too. Because if he is not safe who will take me back
to the castle? Oh! I got pricked.. Or maybe not. I am all right. I am surrounded by cacti. if I try to escape,
I am sure to prick myself with a poisonous thorn. I can tolerate any form of pain but not poisonous thorns. Snob! Thank you. You fend off the cacti while I gather the spikes.
– Okay. Snob! Ms. Ruksaar.. Wait a moment. Genie, I will..
– It is all right. There was a time when
I would feed you. When did you grow up? Thanks to all the ‘Biryani’. Thank God for sending you to us. Or our family would never
have been complete. May I say something,
Ms. Ruksaar? Like Aladdin, you should
add in some insults while expressing love. Or else, I begin to tear up. Honestly! Love is a lot like onions. They both good, but they also
make you cry. Does that hurt too much,
Ms. Ruksaar? After a long time,
we are happy again. That genie had spread
so much gloom. These Genies, I tell you.
Ominous lot. They cannot stand happiness. Every time God sends a moment
of joy a genie destroys it. Snob.. – Yes? The letter..
– I read it albeit a bit late. I wrote it for you.
– I understood. albeit a bit late.
– And the princess read it and came along with me. I understood..
– Albeit a bit late. Snob, had you not come on time..
– Help! The princes is in trouble. ‘Ruksaar, come down!’ ‘Oh, do come down!’ I think there’s something wrong. Ruksaar, come down! No.. Stay right here.
I shall go and check. ‘Ruksaar!
– Come down!’ Come down, Ruksaar!
– Hurry up! Princess.. – Snake!
– Princess, where are you? Help! Princess..
Where are you? Aladdin! Thank God you are here. Are.. Are you all right? First, tell me
where the snake is. The snake.. Over there,
in the bushes. Over there! What could the snake
possibly do from that far
that you are so scared? I was in such grave danger and you abandoned me
and came here. Thank God.. Oh, no! The snob! I left her standing alone
back there. Princess.. Please come with me.
– No.. I am not going anywhere. First you must go
and kill that snake over there. Oh! Hey, Aladdin! Aladdin, wait! At least, make the snake
go away. It is no use arguing
with her.. – Hey! I mean, it is no use arguing. Sister-in-law, you tell me
whatever you have to. all the mirrors were shattered.
Now what? I swear upon gold coins,
Ruksaar.. You have conveniently shattered all the mirrors all over
the city of Baghdad. But we still could not find
the genie. Why? Yes, we could not!
– We could not find it. We did not find anything.
– Not a thing! Snob.. Where is she? What do you think you are doing? Princess, please forgive me. We princesses put flowers
in our hair. Not dust and grime. But.. Where would one find
flowers in this desert? I think, if I stay here
any longer I will shrivel up in the heat. I do not know what to do. How can anyone bear
this blazing sun? I.. I should never have
come here with you. There she goes again. Because of her stupidity I could not even thank
my friend properly. And now I shall have to put up with her complaining
all the way home. Thank God,
at least the job is done. I have the spikes uncle
had asked for. I should start for home now. I must capture
the genie of the ring. And thank my friend, the snob
as well. Had she not been here,
I would be dead. She saved my life. Like every time,
she came to be by my side this time too. Now what are you waiting for? Let us go. And look at this spoilt brat. Losing her temper
at the drop of a hat! This is who I have been
obsessing over. And then there is the snob. Honest and brave.. Why are you talking to yourself? Let us go! You may say whatever you want. It makes no difference. The truth is that,
under your supervision we could not capture the genie and also shattered
all the mirrors in town. Of course, he is right. All the mirrors were
shattered to bits. And do you all know? I do not even have a mirror to see my pretty face in. So, you want a mirror? I have one for you. This burnt ‘Roti’ will show a good reflection of you. You may pass it on
to your father afterwards. Here, Father. Stop it!
Enough, Sheikh Genie. Mind your language. How dare you make fun
of my handsome boy? You tell me.. Where were you at that time? You were the first one to flee. And that brother of yours.. He did not even turn up! Neither was he there
at that time nor is he here now. Aladdin, the escapist. Please do not blow this
out of proportion. And I had only told you all that the genie could be
seen in a mirror. Was the genie seen in the mirror
or not. Yes, it was. Now tell me.. Neither was he there
at that time How will we catch a genie
unless we see it? Yes.. She is right.. Oh, well.. I do not deny that fact that
a genie was seen. But how did seeing it help,
Ruksaar? You could not capture it anyway. Now tell me,
unless we capture the genie how will we banish it? That is right..
True.. Anyhow.. First tell me,
how many of you are on Ruksaar’s side
and how many on mine? We are with you.. We are with you.. We are with you.. So, it is decided. Those on this side
will be Naazneen’s jewels. And these.. They will be
Ruksaar’s.. Ruksaar’s urchins. Thanks to Ms. Ruksaar, at least
now we know how the genie looks. We are with Ms. Ruksaar. Yes, we are. We are with her. We are with you.. Genies are shape shifters. They could assume any form,
any identity. Yes.. That is what I always say. Genies have no identity
of their own. They can assume any form. Who knows, he might be standing
right here among us, at this very moment.
– No! Going by your capabilities you should be living in a shoe,
not a ring! You had set out to find
the genie of the lamp and now you come and tell me.. That all you did was
break mirrors? You are a sad joke
in the name of a genie. A miserable one, indeed. You do not understand, Master. This was a tactic. All those mirrors were shattered by the genie of the magic lamp. The genie of the magic lamp
used in powers in full public view? So, was this a tactic to force him out in the open? Yes, Master. That was the idea. I agree, I could not capture him But if he keeps using his powers
before everyone I will surely find him one day. ‘We will capture the genie..’ When are you going to
capture the genie? That these tactics will help
capture the genie is a misgiving you fools
may harbour. But the smart people
in my team believe that only I can capture
and control the genie. Let me see who captures
the genie now. And yes, if you happen to see that busybody son of yours do ask him to stand my
his mother sometimes. Let us go, team.
– Let us go.. Everyone has gone against me. They all hate me. Even Ms. Ruksaar. She even got hurt because of me. I am responsible for all this. What do I do now? Do not worry, Genie. I know we do not have much time. But as time goes by,
you will get better. You are making good progress
with your magic. But, sir.. Ms. Ruksaar got hurt because of my magic. I do not know how
I am going to face Aladdin. Aladdin will not question you. because he will understand
your compulsions. You did what you did
in self defence. You wanted to protect yourself. And he would want you
to be safe as well. As far as
Ms. Ruksaar is concerned a Neem ointment
and some turmeric milk should help her heal. I knew someone who would
use these remedies to heal every kind of wound
and injury. Ms. Ruksaar says the same thing. An ointment made of Neem leaves and turmeric milk.. Sir.. I am ready. Oh, yes.. So, genie.. Do you see the entrance to the cave
and those rocks? – Yes. I want you use your magic to levitate the rocks
and block the entrance to cave using them.
– Okay, sir! No.. I did it back then but I cannot do it now. It will happen. I surely will. Remember.. How the genie of the ring
inflicted an injury on a loved one of yours. The genie of the ring wants you
to be separated form Aladdin and his mother
forever. Aladdin!
– Genie! He is the reason
the people of Baghdad flinch even at the mention
of a genie. Remember the anger you felt! Make it the driving force
behind your magic. Now try. Now I shall perform magic. May everyone watch me in awe as I make the rocks fly
to and fro. ‘The genie of the ring wants you
to be separated’ ‘form Aladdin and his mother
forever.’ You did it!
– Sir.. I did it! Had Aladdin been here,
he would be so happy! Wait a moment. Sir.. What are you doing? Why are you lighting
the torches? The smoke will choke you. Let us go out. Yes, let us go. But the entrance to the cave
is blocked. Now use your magic
to unblock the entrance. Otherwise, you will be safe
but I.. I will choke to death.
– Oh! Do not say that, sir. I will let nothing of the sort
happen. I shall perform magic. The rocks to my magic
will be enslaved. Open the entrance to the cave! Sir..
Are you all right? I’m.. Choking! The cave.. I will unblock the entrance.. Sir.. I will not let you choke.