Aladdin – Ep 163 – Full Episode – 1st April, 2019

January 21, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Today I will see that black thief
dying right before my eyes. Also I will see the face
behind that mask. Did Genu raise
his hand against me? It is good that you slapped me. I mean, you slapped me hard.
But it is fine. This is allowed
between brothers. And, Genu, you can beat me
as much as you want. But let us go home, Brother.
Mom is waiting for you. Come home. ‘This is my command.’ ‘You should finish
your previous master.’ I cannot do this. What am I doing? I cannot kill my
previous master. No. I will not fulfil this command. Brother. I will be reduced to ashes
if that lightening hits me. Genu, my brother,
so much of anger is not good. A normal human cannot withstand him for long. Genu, my brother what are you doing? When you used to play
with the firewood mom used to scold you. When she comes to know that
you are playing with lightening she will be very upset. Who is he? Why am I feeling that I have seen
this level of courage and power before? For mom’s sake, Genu, stop. Mom.. He has become a trouble for me. Genie is my slave
and not his. A jinn is bounded by his lamp
and not by emotions. The jinn of the lamp kill him! Kill him! Genu has become very violent. Oh, my God! He did not show me
his face when he was alive and he is still keeping
it covered when he is dying. This reminds me of a line. ‘My life seems to be over.’ ‘I had shattered dreams before’ ‘but now I have shattered
earth below me.’ Genu.. Turn back. This face.. I think I have seen him before. I know him.. But who is he, after all? ‘You should steal
something for me’ ‘and meet me behind
the black mountain.’ ‘What am I supposed to steal?’ ‘A lamp.’ ‘He is the one.’ ‘That black clothed boy
and his jinn’ ‘ruined all our hard work.’ ‘Your Highness, meet Aladdin.’ ‘You must have heard my name.’ I am sure my hatred
fell short in this case. This boy was right
under my nose and I could not recognise him. The one whom
I considered nothing turned out to be
a threat for me. So Aladdin is the masked thief. What may have happened here? I hope Ruksaar is fine. I’m sorry. I’ve not seen you
in this locality before. You.. Ma’am, I live close
to the market. But..
– How did all this happen? I-I hope you’re fine. I mean, did the evil Genie
who’s set to destroy Baghdad do all this? It’s not any Genie who did this. Why is Ruksaar so angry? What’s wrong with her? I wonder where did Aladdin and the Genie of the Lamp
go missing. I have to find Aladdin and find out what’s exactly going on. Oh, my goodness!
What’s this madness! What am I doing? Genie, if you kill me you will never be able
to get rid your sin. Control yourself, Genie. This guy was fooling me and I never recognised him. My intelligent master is he the one
you were looking for? This one? I know him since long. Had you ordered me this boy would be at your feet
long ago. Master, I even know his house. I can show you his family, too. If you wish I can even take you
to his house. Master though you keep
your friends away you should always keep
your enemies closer. Anyway the drama between
these so called brothers is not going to end very soon. A ring on the finger and a wicked in the ring. That’s Aladdin’s house. Wonderful!
There seems to be a feast here. But who’s going to finish this? Your sons have absconded,
Ruksaar. No, Sister-in-law. My sons will surely return. Once they return Genie will insist
to make ‘Sheer Khurma’. And that’s.. That’s Aladdin’s mother. She considers the Genie
of the Lamp as her son. Genie as her son.. Master, I can’t believe such fools exist in this world. I have seen this lady before. You could have given
a bowl of ‘Sheer Khurma’ you’ve made by adding
the dry fruits to him, too. Anyway, all this will go waste. My sons will surely return,
Sister-in-law. Ruksaar I have a breaking news for you. Your sons won’t return. But their mother
will surely leave this house. Sister-in-law! Ruksaar, there’s no place
for spongers in this house! What are you saying, dear? I don’t have a place
in this house anymore? Hey, you shabby man! I’m talking to Ruksaar
and not you! Ruksaar, I swear your family has liars
and not the honest people! All of you are cheats
and betrayers. Every man in your family
is a cheat! Ruksaar, pack your luggage
and just leave! Or else, I’ll throw them out.
– Yes. What are you waiting for?
Pick her luggage. Sure, dear.. Brother-in-law..
Sister-in-law.. Brother-in-law! Dear, this has taken after you. God will surely take you both
someday. I will break your mouth
with the pestle! – No.. And as for you, Ruksaar,
just leave. The men in your family
are all strange. Your husband cheated
in the palace! Your son cheated
the entire Baghdad. And the third one
was anyway a useless. I swear, because of the men
of your family our family can’t tolerate
further humiliation. I’m telling you. Who’s the cheat
this woman is talking about? Why do I feel I’ve seen Aladdin’s mother before? Ms. Ruksaar, consider
this as our last request. What!
– No, I mean consider this as our
last warning. Vacant our house right today. I think you’ll finish everything
right today. Come. Leave me. Aladdin, Genie where are you both? I think he’s the evil Genie. I am already hurt and sister-in-law has hurt me
further by reminding me of the past. Whose picture is it?
And.. Who is her husband? Aladdin.. Who is his father? I wonder why but I have
a feeling that I know them. Oh, God! That jinn will kill Aladdin!
I have to do something. ‘Before you kill me,
please remember’ ‘that I am your friend.’ ‘Kill your old master!’ ‘No, Genie! Don’t do it
for my mother’s sake!’ ‘I am not your mother!’ ‘Just get out of here!’ ‘I am your friend.
– Kill your old master!’ ‘Just get out of here!
– Think about my mom..’ Genie.. I had taken an oath that I’ll see your picture until it’s proven
that you aren’t guilty. ‘I promise that hereafter,
I will see this picture’ ‘only when it’s proved
that my husband is innocent.’ My willpower has grown weak,
today. I am losing hope. Your memories cannot
give me moral support anymore. You have to come now! Omar! Aladdin is Omar’s son. My enemy whom I have exploited until now. I think this cat and mouse chase and my life is going to end,
today. Genie! Genie, my pal, I know
that you don’t want to kill me. Someone is compelling you. No matter how much
someone forces you.. No helplessness or compulsion
can be stronger than love. Everything will be all right. Genie! Just grab my hand. Genie, please grab my hand. I am your friend.