Alice Cooper Ghost Story at a Haunted House!

August 14, 2019 0 By William Hollis

– Alice Cooper is a king of mayhem onstage and he’s used to scaring people, but is there something that
may have once scared him? (haunting music) (picture scratching) Welcome to Friday Night Ghost Frights from Haunted Road Media. I’m author and Ghostorian Mike Ricksecker. Explore with us. (picture buzzes) Alice Cooper is a master of shock rock and is known for his elaborate, macabre, and entertaining performances onstage. As we continue our
Haunted Rock Star Series, we’ll find out what sort
of paranormal activity may have given Alice Cooper nightmares. (hard rock music) In 1982, Alice Cooper was
just getting out of rehab for alcoholism, and he
wanted to ease himself back into the music scene slowly. So, he agreed to a deal to write songs for the Italian horror
movie “Monster Dog.” He also wanted to work with
Joe Perry from Aerosmith who was also just getting out of rehab. It seemed like the “Monster Dog” deal was a great opportunity for both of them to gently ease themselves
back into their music careers. Alice’s manager, Shep Gordon, suggested they work on
their music for the film in a large abandoned house he
owned in Copiague, New York. Alice and Joe both showed
up with their assistants to this large, ominous
house on Long Island that’s right down the
road from Amityville. It was described as the ultimate location to film a horror movie in
a fairly secluded location which also included its own lake. As soon as they got there they chose the rooms that
they were going to stay in and decided to take a few
moments to freshen up and unpack. When Alice entered his room
he opened his suitcase, but then went into the bathroom. When he returned from the bathroom, his suitcase had been closed. At first he thought that maybe
his assistant had closed it, but then he realized that
the bathroom sink was on. He didn’t remember leaving the water on, but he went into the bathroom anyway to go ahead and turn it off. When he returned, the
suitcase was opened up again and a few shirts had
been laid out on the bed. Alice went to his assistant’s room to ask if he had been
trying to help him unpack, but his assistant told him
that he hadn’t been in his room and said he’d been in his
own room the whole time. Alice tried to blow it off and thought that maybe
he was just a little off ’cause he really was just
getting out of the hospital. Or, perhaps, he thought that maybe he was just a little anxious because he was just getting
back into writing again and wanted to make sure that
he did well for the movie. But really, he knew at heart that he had been the
only one in that bedroom. So, Alice and Joe set to
work on writing music. They worked throughout the day,
but when they took a break, they noticed the same type
of activity happening again. Objects kept being
moved around constantly. It felt like somebody was playing pranks. Alice called it a playful poltergeist, like kids were playing
around being mischievous, until later. (ominous music) When they were all sitting down at dinner, noises started emanating
out of the basement. They first credited this
noise to the boiler, typical pipe noises, but the sounds persisted and grew louder. It sounded like large pieces of furniture were being moved around. Joe and the assistants admitted to Alice that they also experienced things being moved around on them all day long. Equipment and other things disappearing from one side of the room and reappearing elsewhere. While they discussed this, things under them kept
moving around incessantly. Finally, Alice asked if anyone cared that something was going on downstairs. They all admitted it was pretty hard not to hear the escalating noise. It was extremely loud. They all decided to go
downstairs and have a look. (foreboding music) The basement was unusually
cold, even for a basement. Alice felt like it was inhabited by something else other than human, like they were intruding
into someone else’s space. At some point while
downstairs with a flashlight looking for whatever could
have been making the noises, Alice felt pressure on his back as if somebody was pushing against him. He even felt fingers pressing into him. Alice called out, “Joe, very funny,” thinking Joe Perry was behind him and trying to give him a scare. Joe from the other side
of the room said, “What?” That was Alice’s moment of panic. He told Joe, “There’s a
hand on my back right now.” At that, they all ran out of
the room and back upstairs, deciding right then and there they were done with the
creepy haunted house. They packed up their belongings
and left immediately. When driving away from the house, Alice looked out over the lake and he kept getting a picture
of an old man standing there looking across the water. The next day, Alice
called his manager, Shep, and asked him about the house,
telling him it’s haunted. Shep admitted that, yes, the
house actually was haunted, and that his mother once
held a dinner party there and the dining room table
moved a foot to the right while everyone was sitting at it. He also told Alice that it was the house in which “The Amityville
Horror” was written, although novelist Jay Anson
is said to have written most of “The Amityville
Horror” in New York City. Alice’s reaction in disbelief was, “And you’re telling me this now?” Alice also learned that the
family who built the house, the first to have actually lived there, suffered a great tragedy. Sadly, one of the children drowned in the lake on the property. Some believe that it’s this child’s spirit that is the mischievous prankster. It’s not known exactly
who the old man may be, but others have seen him gazing
out over the lake as well. Could he have possibly
been the child’s father looking out at the spot
where the child had perished? To rock star Alice Cooper, he felt like he was trespassing
into the home of the spirits at this creepy haunted house. And if you wanna learn more
about haunted rock stars, please check out our other videos and our playlist of Haunted
Rock Star Ghost Stories off to the side. I’m Mike Ricksecker. Till the next Friday night. (haunting music)