ANCIENT RAM INN Haunted Finders ANCIENT DEMONS Documentary

September 26, 2019 0 By William Hollis

we have investigated many dark locations
across Britain but this place tops them all the events that took place here
seven years ago affected me physically and mentally and this investigation is
seven years in the making so every single person watching this right now
and all the spirits here in this location we are back at the Ancient Ram
Inn and Gloucestershire it’s time to face the demons we have entered some of
the darkest most haunted locations around the world places where many
others are too scared to enter there’s an overwhelming sense of fear all over
me right now What the hell is that? somebody on the stairs armed with
nothing more than our cameras and equipment we documented our experiences
onto video this is what we captured and it completely blew our minds you just heard that one didn’t you? yeah i heard that one You just flippin heard that one didn’t you? was that you? that was not me David that was not me we need just get out of here now we need
to get out we are the haunted finders right so first time I’ve been back at
the bishops room for seven years it’s where it all happened with my mum
david’s going to explain a bit about that day because I don’t like talking
about it so let’s go in there now sorry about that. I hate this room I flippin hate this place this is where it all
happened I was sat here in this chair my mum was over here on this bed here and it
was just horrible I’ll let david explain exactly like
what actually happened but it all happened here all happened in this room
it all happened after something came walking down the corridor that we’ve
just walk down and banged three times on that door John jumped up who was we was
at the time he open the door we thought it was a John the owner there was nobody
there nobody upstairs John was downstairs and after that
things just went like crazy absolutely crazy and it feels very weird very
strange being back in this room so I’m getting out feeling again when I had to
walk out earlier I’m down here on my own in the bar area at the Ancient Ram Inn we’ve
been here for 20 minutes, 20 minutes what was that? you can hear them walking about stairs
but something was just thrown here we’re having things free already you would
have seen the GoPro footage already things are kicking off I don’t feel very well
I feel strange I’ve been nervous for three days I’ve been nervous driving through the
village when I saw the building I just felt ill here now I feel like Somethings
watching me I feel like something’s gonna happen I
feel like I’m waiting for something to happen something knows it knows that
we’re back and it doesn’t like that we’re back I’m in a cold sweat I’m not
hot I’m freezing but I’m sweating I’ve got palputations in my chest I feel like
I’m being targeted by something the others are upstairs doing a
tour at the moment and I think I need to leave the building i think i need to get out I need to get out a minute Oh god I cant breathe I cant breathe guys I need to get out of this building
there’s something evil in this building it’s been seven
years since I’ve been back and it knows I’m back it knows I’m here just look at the
place just look at it literally hell house the house of hell
this place is pure evil I am so terrified right now not just
that it’s walking just through the threshold of this door behind me just
walking through there walking into the atmosphere again after seven years its
just hit me after what happened seven years
ago we literally upped and left and have I haven’t entered this building since
then and it just feels its just that same same feeling same feeling of
something there right behind you there’s something affecting me mentally right
now I need to clear my head and I need to try and just stay strong for this investigation oh my god I need a break
are you kev? i feel a bit i dunno a bit unease feel like something, something dont like us being here im telling you now. Something does not like us being here. so we’re in the bishops room David
where obviously everything happened last time seven years ago can you just explain
like a bit about it and what actually happened it was about seven years ago
this is the actual bed my wife sat on the bed but previous to that she was
downstairs and she provoked she said if there’s anything here bring
it on and then when we got up here my son John was sitting next to her and she
just had this feeling to go bu bu bu in her head at first bu bu and she started
laughing because she couldn’t control it and she was going
buh-buh-buh-buh-buh buhbuh and then it was getting more intense and then she
flipped back on the bed scared the life out of me
and then the buh buh buh turned into growls like grrrrrrr it was horrible and then Tom
you came and got rid of it yes yeah yeah I don’t think it was human
and ever since then I’ve been a bit wary about coming back here and especially in
this room thats basically what happened and I think it
was a partial possession going into a proper one you know How are you feeling in the place Kev? I feel
strange first time I felt strange at a place as soon as you come to it. Yeah yes definitely something here you was obviously
downstairs when we had that thing thrown as well yeah that toy was definitely solid on
the Shelf then next minute it was on the floor yeah somethings here what we’re gonna do now is why
it’s still not dark its very dark actually in the bishops
room where we are now gonna run a couple of EVPs this is
obviously where it all happened and we’ll see if anything wants to come and
talk we’ll see if anything’s here with us we all feel like something’s watching
us and something’s following us I don’t feel myself I feel quite ill I’m
constantly sweaty and I can gain palpitations I think even Kev you feel
funny you’ve had strange feelings yeah
so we’re gonna see what happens we’ll run EVP and we’re here in the bishops
room I remember that person well that thing was banging on that door yeah remember it yeah
three bangs that’s just before it all happened as well it was trying trying to
get in want it i think we invited it in when we
opened the door we shoulda just left the door want it it wouldn’t of come in would it
and take over mum yeah I’m gonna call out if there’s anybody here or anything here
that can hear my voice I’ve had strange feelings on the run up
to this investigation I know that you know we were coming I know you’ve been
waiting so come on do something throw something make a noise growl use
your voice come on do something now can you make a loud bang in the area where
you are in this building show us that you are here we already know
you’re around us we’ve heard you your thrown things we’ve seen you you’ve been
affecting us do something what was that knocking then did you hear
the knock there was two knocks was that from this
door did you just hear that did you just flippin here that any of you
when I was opening that door. I thought it was somebody outside. No as i opened No as I opened the door something
went grrrrrrrr towards me Thought that was outside. No it was not outside that was as I opened the door to see who was there because them two taps sounded like they came from that
door. Now you’ve let it in. Oh God did you hear it Kev heard something like grrrr it was like a here Carole. No
banged twice on the ceiling there was two knocks on the door as well which
ceiling was it like this no are you all alright down there. Were fine yeah
Oh God some somebody definitely or
something went grrrrr in my face we need to look back on that footage that
wasn’t very nice yeah yeah that was it sounded like them two knocks were like chh chh on that door
that’s why I opened it and then as I went through shut the door again. need to be on guard who’s out here? shut the door on them you in the room now you in here with us if your stuck in the room make a noise
and we will let you out again if you’re in this room with us right now that was me as hit
my head on that thing come over to me and make these lights go up one minute ive knocked
this thing up here show us that you here now if that was
you that did that growly hiss do it again here EMF Spikes, woah woah is that you that’s someone
that’s followed me back into the room that is you followed me back into this
room stop the lights now stopped it set them back off again if that was you that
followed me in wow oh my god told you didnt i theres something outside that door are you
stop please are you good? light the lights up if your good are you evil light the lights up are you a little boy? do you not want to know do you
not want us to know who you are? David theres something moving around down the corridor. AHHHHH somethings just grabbed my arm what something just grabbed went like that f*****g hell Tom. I heard someone moving Kev down the corridor just before that I heard a click I heard like a.. Oh god what the hell’s going off my arm my arm my arm it grabbed you? Got an EMF spike where’s it grabbed you on your
wrist? here theres no marks it was like this like its hand went round you? like that. it wasn’t that’s the hand the thing was in as well the EMF It wasn’t aggressive but it just gave me a shock I heard somebody
walking down that corridor just before just before I heard a couple of creaks yeah just before that happened somebody was walking down that corridor can you come back let me do it
let me sit down maybe it was walking i’m not going to give up with this Ive got EMF spikes now sat down see
it come on then you touch me again I keep getting the feeling someone’s outside that door
watching us here are you with me now just I said that it starts going off
are you with me now I told you didn’t I? stop please just stop the
lights for a minute Gord thank you did you put your hand
around my wrist was it you are you here with me now. I feel like, I’m sweating like mad there’s something watching us there’s something watching
us what why does it keep going and coming back? I dont know but before the EMF spike
starting before you got something grab you. Listen its like.. there was something out there it’s like some things scared to come in this room, it wont come past here yeah is it something good that’s scared and maybe it grabbed you to try and pull you out because
there’s someting evil in here with us and he’s trying to get us away this is where
it all happened last time didn’t feel like is it some is it another spirit
like trying to help and trying to get you out the room before something bad
happens maybe it didnt feel like a big hand right. Is it James? woah, here can you hold it on red if it was James are you scared to come in the room light
the lights up for a yes please are you scared of something that’s in
this room? how do you feel in here now Kev? still uneasy just-just-just what was that? what? did you hear
that that was a childs hehe like a laugh
did you hear that childs laugh? I did yeah yeah I was just about to say something and then there’s
a child’s laugh. we need that teddy bear up here. Listen.. that was behind me and Kev it was like a hehe right behind us that was right behind us Kev near this fireplace whats up? I’ve got goosebumps hairs are standing up. all the hairs are standing up huh
was that you that just came near us? that was a child laughs right here behind us Im getting really creeped out in here we need to, we need to put the teddy bear in here and go out for a bit.
where’s teddy bear the teddy bears downstairs yeah teddy bear you want us
to leave the teddy bear for you to play with yeah was that you laughing make it go red please yeah take it to red if that was you we heard. was you giggling? It could of been something pretending to be a kid because you’re the one that’s mentioned the kid nothing else has
mentioned the kid so it could be something bad pretending to be a kid to
draw you in because you think there’s a kid here yeah. you know I mean it’s getting
my emotions going I think theres something messing here
there very tricky that children’s giggle has creeped me out because it was right behind me and
Kev right behind us are you using a child. whats that? come back and do a spirit box in here
we’ll come back here later when it’s dark and do a spirit box I think let’s
go downstairs get the teddy bear you can set that up we’ll come back up here when its dark let’s go thank you anyway it’s time to leave that room we’ll have to
come back up there when it’s dark theres something in there I think that’s pretending
to be a child and I don’t like that at all please don’t be the thing that was
here before so we obviously just come down from the bishops room what did you
say was happening Carole? well I was looking at the monitors while you’re
upstairs and I heard you say come on do something and as soon as you said that
camera two which is overlooking John’s couch this one here is it switched off
and then went back on again and it’s been malfunctioning ever since switching on
and off and crackling whether there is anything wrong with a camera I’m not
sure but it just seemed really odd that you should do that when you actually
shouting yes you heard something as-well didn’t you? I heard two thuds and I did shout upstairs and say did somebody banged
on the door or on the ceiling and you said no no not at all but it was like
heavy thud yeah the only thing we’ve David banged on was the Wardrobe and said to copy us but he did that and then you said it didnt sound like that. No it didnt sound like that it sounded like really
heavy stomps like a like a like a deep. yes definitely. Heavy, heavy stomps yeah so, mmm interesting. kicking off already its kicking off already not even dark yet hahaha what’s up with you David? you seem a bit strange. Its like theres something following me about after that grabbed my arm yeah i feel like there somebody with you? following me doing everything I.. I havent really felt anything bad down here whilst ive been on my own. Its just as soon as I heard Tom say is anything erm come on make something happen that’s when the camera
switched off it’s weird really weird and ever since then it’s been switching on and off all the time has anybody walked through that.. has anybody gone gone past those curtains? no but when you were
standing in here I don’t quite know what you’re saying I couldn’t hear you but
you’re all like grouped there there was an orb that quite a few orbs that came up
and went across I thought it might be dust im not sure. that area there were you just said the orb came from that was where we heard the childs laugh as well. you didnt see anyone go past the camera? no ill tell you what though i did see a massive slow-moving orb really big one
and it was at 20:36 so you might be able to play that back and check it out it’s
really big orb and it slowly moved across which to me I don’t think that
was an insect or dust right. so might be worth checking that one out. yea Kev Kev thought he saw in the bishops room somebody that
would have had to have been at least seven foot plus walk past those curtains. which curtains do you.. would have been these curtains here where we were just in here yeah yeah these ones right where Toms finger was it like walked there was a dark black figure walk past dead slow
there’s been lots of orbs in this one ermm really bright lights and there’s no
movement and there nobody’s been in there so whether or not they’re insects
can’t imagine it being dust because it’s not being disturbed nobody’s gone
in there quite a few bright slow-moving orbs in that one which Tom might be able
to see when he plays it all back that’s been pretty quiet but yeah that
was really weird when you shouted out and and then it switched
off went back on again and it’s been malfunctioning ever since but now you
down here it’s stopped its fine its stopped you see I’ve just kept an eye on it and it hasnt gone off once no I know
but it has been doing yeah honestly yeah well you might be able to tell when you
when you play all back but that’s never happened before
that’s quite interesting. we will take haha not taking any chances right so David and kev are heading downstairs
I’ve come into the bishops room just me and Carole and erm we’re gonna try face
whatever’s in here I don’t like it in here at all this is where it all happened
and we had to leave don’t like it i get a horrible feeling everytime im in here. I just feel like somethings all around me and watching it does feel very
heavy in here. mmm the atmosphere yeah yeah right the emf meters on the bed where it all kicked off last time. yeah thats right where she was sitting as well was it really
yeah ok. lets see if we can get some action this end of the room then i will sit on this little chair here then. the last time we were here David David David. there downstairs Tom? I thought David was at the side of me then really oh my god I thought David was at side of me do you know when
sometimes right do you know sometimes when David’s at side of you he does this like ermm i know he does. you know that breathe hmmm right something just did that right to the right hand side of me I thought David had come in oh my god oh my god that scared me I’m just about to try
and call it out whatever it was oh god that was right next to me whatever it was that breathed in Tom’s ear will you come towards me and do it to me please i know your here I know you’ve been
waiting for us to come back the last time we was here you know what you did
you tried to possess my mom we upped and left very quickly for some reason ive always felt like
something’s been drawing me back so come on I know your around me I just heard you
we’ve heard you in here earlier pretending to be a child I don’t believe
that was a child so come and do something come and do
something around us. come and show yourself to us please Tom’s waited a long time to come back here nows your chance to show us that your here. tell us who you
are please im gonna do a quick recording see if I can pick up any voices tell me
who you are tell me who did that last time I was here is there something evil in this room are you over here this is where you did what you did. did you just
laugh Carole? did you just laugh Carole? No you didn’t just laugh no definitely not no are you sure positive yeah
I just heard somebody go hahaha like a whisper laugh and I didnt like that at all just where I said
this is where you did it and I was pointing where it happened and then I heard a hahaha it sounded like it came from behind me though no honestly I didn’t I’ve just
stood here completely quiet oh my god this is where you did what you did. did you just laugh carole? I dont hear anything on there it sounded like it came from behind me Iike in between me and you like a haha thats twice thats happened to you while we’ve been in here and you’ve
heard something in your ear it obviously wants to draw attention to yourself
I’m getting those I’m getting those things Oh God it’s obviously you that it wants
to draw attention to because i think its I’m the one I’m the one that got rid of
it though yeah exactly that’s what im thinking getting really bad palpitations and I’m
getting goose bumps all up my back I feel like it’s looking over my shoulder oh haha oh my god I could feel something you remember me don’t you oh ive got goosebumps now I have you remember me I know you remember me come on show yourself to us – oh my god theres something ohhhh theres something right on my back who is it
who’s bothering Tom who is it whos on Tom’s back I got rid of you last time
didn’t I you didn’t like that I can tell you didnt
like that have you been waiting come on stop sneaking around – show yourself
please come on its gone really heavy in here it’s gone very cold as well there’s something waiting to happen something moving around us yeah there is come on where are you going what is it you want from us are you hiding is that what
you’re doing if you want to tell us anything nows your chance we know you’re in here. thats me moving around on the floorboards what are you gonna what are you gonna do now. what was that? I dont know did you hear that? sounded like a laugh yeah a laugh I told you thats the third time. yeah it was from behind me. haha in that corner yeah something keeps laughing keeps laughing oh come on you can do more than that surely I’m hoping that was caught on the camera
as well I hope so but i definitely heard something that’s three laughs I’ve heard now come on then is that all you can do walk
around hiding laughing is that it? what was that? I dont know did you hear that? i did
that was a long laugh that was a long laugh want it? from that corner again that was a long like a hahahaha want it? it was it’s not just me hearing it is it? no no I did hear
that I did yeah yeah well flipping hell what is it your laughing at exactly? can you please show yourself to us. Its just cowardly just laughing at us that’s all you can do
come on we’re here we’re calling you out that’s exactly what my mom did yeah were calling you out just before you did what you did so come on if your here and your hiding laughing you think its funny come and do it again let’s see if you can
because i bet you cant I know your hear I know your watching I’m
not scared of you come on show yourself the last time we was here you banged on that
door oh right can you do that again then please theres something just seems to be watching
us waiting for something to happen erm which I don’t like because that’s what we had last
time I just dont like this room at all and I keep getting these horrible pains
and palpitations in my chest all over just quickly rolling on the camera because ive just opened the door and ive just had a really strange feeling like somethings
gonna happen and I’m just rolling on the camera just in case something does. Have you got the torch. yea oh God i dont like this i dont like it I’ve got a really really bad feeling have you Tom? David. yeah can you and kev just
come to the top of the stairs a minute come to the top of the stairs a minute yes quickly please please theres erm its a bit much up here at the moment ohh I don’t like this can you feel
something Tom yeah got a really bad feeling just tell me what you near the door
towards the bishops room. You here yet? were here now. whats up? why? dont know ive just got a really bad feeling
outside this door I didn’t want I didnt want to come out the room its not been nice in there. flippin hell. just had a really bad feeling. we got quite a bit in there. just a bad feeling you get any voices or anything? weve had, something kept laughing. weve had laughs from the corner where the bed is
and Toms had something blowing in his ear and twice yeah and he felt like it was
something in between us didn’t you? yeah it was its just it wasn’t nice in there at all
there’s something waiting to do summat we said yeah we think it’s
going to pick on the most vulnerable and whos that? I think it might be you dave every
time I mentioned your name picking on you yeah the K2 spiked it kept spiking to red every
time I mentioned your name every time I wasnt talking about you it wouldnt go
off it’s just that’s every time I mentioned picking on someone I think is
gonna pick on David it would go off whats it going to do then? I dont know I didn’t dare come out that room I opened the door and then there was just this really strong feeling not to
walk like something was saying say to me don’t don’t walk out the room
that’s why I shouted you I just felt like something was saying don’t come out
whatever you do don’t come out of the room so I just didn’t come out I didn’t
dare come out. what something in here? I thought that it was waiting for the most vulnerable because its building its energy whatever it is and its just i said to Tom I think I’ve noticed that Dave isn’t quite himself
tonight because did you come up on your own? Im a bit weary yeah it was I it was after we were in
here yeah I think that’s probably what it is the most vulnerable person
might be you tonight Dave mm-hmm its subdued by it it was after he was in here it was after he was in here me and Carole were just saying when I was up here earlier with David David’s
been acting very strange was actually really strange up here and obviously
Carole was just saying that it’s as if something’s building up and they’re
gonna pick on the most vulnerable one I’ve got a feeling that could be David
because he has been acting strange. he has hes not his normal self tonight is he? no and I’ve just actually mentioned that
when I wasn’t filming and the k2 went up when I mentioned David’s name yeah I
don’t know I just I just think think something could happen and I think it could be
could go for David yeah look look look look when I just said could go for David
Wow it’s doing it again look yeah you’re gonna go for David aren’t ya
I knew it it’s probably best you don’t tell David that haha how you feeling now? I feel a bit weird bit anxious too I feel like I’m not here you know what I mean that sort of feeling what do you mean not here? I
don’t really think it’s a good idea for you to be on your own in this room
no I’m not going to I don’t think you should be on your own anywhere in this
building tonight because I think the results we were getting from this it
makes it pretty clear that whatever it is so it’s got it in for you. so its in here. In here yeah yeah mmm we’re upstairs now in the room that’s
known as the witch’s room a lot of times people used to come in here and just
mess about with a Ouija boards opening doorways people think that there’s some
kind of demonic entity that was brought in through a portal caused by one of
those erm sort of Ouija board Seances that people used to do so we’re gonna
call out do some spirit box in here see if we can gain some communication and
then carry on investigating throughout the building 1.4 point 5 come on then we’re not we’re not here to hurt
you honestly we will help you if you help us yeah six seven come on then honestly
eight thats it keep taking it up to one can you do
that two more honestly we’re not here to hurt you one
bit we appreciate what you’re doing is that fine taking it back down again then
come back to us please thank you and again take it to eight you can
take it back up please take it back up please come back you take it back up thank you are you happy here? take it up to eight say yes six seven that’s it keep it going keep
going up use my energy are you standing next to us yes
are you that little child take it to eight if you are. can you do it? seven
and take it to eight are you a child thank you can you take it to nine one more higher
go on just for me thank you can you make it to ten
thank you eleven take it to eleven go on take it to eleven one more use my energy
come on I’m not here to hurt you girl or boy now are you going now dropping down thank you anyway you can come back any time tonight while we’re here we will not harm you are there any children buried in the
grounds anywhere? one one did you say one? is that child at peace? just name yourself right so we’re about
to end our investigation here at the ancient RAM Inn it’s been a crazy night
from start to finish footsteps strange laughing crazy EMF
spikes we’ve heard loads of weird noises a lot of things we’ve experienced
tonight has really really creeped us out and it’s definitely a location that we
will never forget