Anton #MyFilmStory – Capturing the spirit of a mountain on 5×7″ black & white film

December 14, 2019 0 By William Hollis

my passion for photography began in 2002
my Dad has found an old Zenit camera showed me how to set up an aperture and
shutter speed I load that black-and-white film and the journey has
begun there was no internet forums YouTube but I was like it to have by my
side a teacher who cultivated and ideas of photography as an art our gallery is
called art of water we opened an Alec gallery studio with a winter large
format cameras frame shop Victorian and of course the heart of all the project
is a darkroom equipped like a piece of art for me the world of climbing and
film photography is something similar it’s another world it’s a material world
when I can touch I like whew reality for many years I was
familiar with a huge limb HOF Cardon Meister L 5 by 7 inches but now this
camera migrated or our studio for shooting portraits and mostly I travel
the falchion camera Walker Titanic cell also 5 by 7 inches camera this camera is
much light and more comfortable for difficult trips and with a volker camera
I traveled to mount and Bruce twice highest Russian and European mount five
thousand six hundred forty two metres above sea level the idea seemed rather
insane because many people climb so high peaks without any camera even small
digital cameras or smartphones because the conditions very difficult and in my
assault backpack about 10 kilograms of photo equipment like large format camera
for film holders light meter tripod filters group dark cloth
and it’s not interesting to me just climbing the summit they have an
additional goal which is very supportive for me in a difficult times I have to
carry my camera and make a shot if it were not here I could hardly find an
answer to the question why I climb the mountains and it’s more important for me
not to recapture a beauty of nature grandiose landscapes it’s more important
to show the spirit of mountains people’s experience the fear of giant rocks and
force of nature for me it’s only one way to transfer my feeling from the
mountains to the visitors of the gallery if I developed the film’s by myself by
my own hands then I print in the darkroom the pictures by myself what I
felt on that moment the atmosphere and the spirit of the adventure now I’m
preparing for a new much more difficult trip to Pakistan in the valley of the
first explorers and I’m sure along with grandiose landscapes I will
shoot a documentary story about the climbers about their inner changes and
their ability to survive in a difficult moment how they will behave in those
moments and their ability to fight inflexible rocks of Karakoram Pakistan nice McCaskill today so our journey starts today from Skardu
honey village thank you
personally I see buddy here is my ledge form of camera and a tripod my Leica
camera and the full tank of fuel all the humours here I mark it with a
sticker and one more box with the cameras I prepare everything plus 20
other dams hello Imran how are you need to and Han
village is your native village honey honey honey honey and you work as a
guide as a direct and do you like this job yeah because I’m educated man so and
you meet a lot of people from to me it was American England Germany Japanese
Korean everywhere ever countries the weather is very good now to reload a
few folders because I cannot shoot it anyway sounds like never lunch now I’ve already
made about 100 sheets of my favorite we forget before 5 by 7 inches feels
courageous below there’s a 100 okay that poison was him divorcing
what’s it worth at magic wonder what’s it called
that’s it why nice you called et cetera tonight our associate vegetable high students idiot Virginia there are
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