ASMR  단 하루 인간이 되자! 유령 메이크업 상황극 [ENG SUB] / Ghost makeup RP

ASMR 단 하루 인간이 되자! 유령 메이크업 상황극 [ENG SUB] / Ghost makeup RP

November 13, 2019 100 By William Hollis

Ghost Makeup Shop Event Target: The Unliving People Let’s Do Human Style Make-up for Free! -The River Witch Welcome 🙂 How did you get here? Ahh you’ve seen the event flyers, haven’t you? I’m glad you could come. The last guest has just gone. So I had some time left, and that’s great. You must have seen the contents of today’s event, right? I’ll give you a make-up that can look like a human today. Could I have your name please?… daisy? 🙂 This event has two styles to choose from. One is a strong makeup with an intense impression, And the other one. Daily makeup that gives a cute impression What would you like to do? Cute daily makeup? Ok. notes) I can’t touch your skin because you are a ghost. So I will give you a potion. Drinking this potion will keep your skin touchable like a human until you fall asleep. Please wait a moment. Drink up. 🙂 It tastes like pumpkin juice. The medicine worked well. Now, I’ll put on a skin lotion made of bracken. massage strength okay? Tell me if you’re uncomfortable. Next, I’ll apply a foundation made of Mud Added white gravel, slightly brighter and softer than ordinary mud. Your face is small The skin is transparent, so it’s still not covered by foundations, and there’s a lot left. I will use another foundation to give you a more lively skin expression. Another foundation is prepared in this color. like this What color do you want to apply? Ahh.. These colors? This green color is made of frogs. Popular with witches. Well, this yellow is… Do you happen to know Zoe in Giant Village? It’s made of giant Joe earwax. Don’t worry about it. Through the production process, it does not smell, and the color is made of natural foundation that works well. Everything is made natural. So… You want a nice make-up This color With yellow feeling I will use Joe Earwax Foundation. and… I’ll blend the two together and blend This will give your skin a natural, vibrant look. Put it on the puff… Now it’s time to draw the eyebrows. You have no eyebrows like me Don’t worry Depending on how you draw your eyebrows, your impressions look very different. I’ll draw you pretty. I’ll draw you high up a little bit With this… I’ll finish. I’ll give you a twinkling sensation with my eye shadow. I applied it like star powder. Now it’s the highlight eye line. Slightly down your eyes like you do now. Be careful not to move because the side of the eyeline should not be skewed. Wait This part … like this .. Good Ok like this.. I will give you little points. This completes the natural eye line. The eyeline is complete. Now it’s time to do the eyelash curler. It looks like this. With this… zipzipzipzip zipzipzipzip zipzipzipzip zipzipzipzip I’ll curl your eyes like this. I’m gonna pull it up from the front like this. Finished. Now, I’ll put on lip tint. I’ll put on lip tint. There is a shape like this. So I usually play with this. I’ll apply your lips with a tint that sounds good. It’s a natural pink color to make your lips look lively. Please spread the wrinkles on your lips. Try it like me. Good Now Lastly, I’ll put on a blusher. Pink blusher made from poison mushroom powder. Living people get allergies to their skin when applied. But you’ll be fine because you’re a ghost. Let’s do this. Daisy so beautiful. Now I’ll make you a wig. There is a bright-tone wig for your skin. I’ll make it for you. The bangs 5 to 5. I won’t cover your pretty eyebrows. I’ll make both hair long. Like this… Like this… Since you are a ghost, you just need to change your body here. That will make you a perfect human. finished. At this time of year, many guests come to do human makeup. The human party was rumored to be really fun. But strangely, the guest who came once never comes again. So I prepared a new material and did an event. In our Shop, bone customers can also do makeup beautifully. If you’re satisfied with your makeup today, Please promote it a lot. Then, have fun in the human world today!