Author: William Hollis

Why the Nazis Weren’t Socialists – ‘The Good Hitler Years’ | BETWEEN 2 WARS I 1937 Part 2 of 2

Pyramid schemes, systematic robbery, extortion, rackets, security money, sham unions, cartels, price fixing, drug dealing, and sweat shops. No, I’m not talking about the mafia, I’m talking about Nazi German economic practices of the 1930s. Not socialist, not capitalist, simply criminal. Welcome to Between-2-Wars a chronological summary of the interwar years, covering all facets of…

By William Hollis February 20, 2020 44

Simon & Izzy | Vampire Smile

But I know Simon… And he’s smart. Sweet. Caring. And we’re gonna get through this. Hey stranger. Together. You have to stop. I’m a monster. You’re a monster! You’re not. You’re a good man Simon Lewis. Such an attractive couple. How long you two been married? We’re just friends. Big mistake. He’s a catch. What…

By William Hollis February 20, 2020 5