Author: William Hollis

Sniper Ghost Warrior: Movie

Alright, The target’s moving Got ’em Hold scope… On target Fire when ready. Target down. Roger that Move out Follow my lead Roger that, [Inaudible speech] There’s one target paroling on the front, Looks like they’re not aware of our position. Two guys inside, they’re distracted Here’s the plan: you move up up-close, I’ll cover…

By William Hollis January 3, 2020 100

The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre – Paradox Prodigy – Episode 1- The Man in The Mirror

My name is Sadie Forth I am a solo independent paranormal investigator with many experiences of ghostly sightings and activity both at home and in the field of paranormal investigation I have been intrigued with finding evidence to support ghost sightings and paranormal activity since witnessing this phenomenon first hand, many times over in each…

By William Hollis January 3, 2020 3