Azazel Demon of Fame, Money & Power

October 11, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Azazel Demon King of Saturn What you need to know about
Azazel by Azazel is working directly
with Lucifer at the top of Hell’s hierarchy. He’s very straightforward
and very serious. He can seduce any woman
and give her to you, change your faith and life, and lead you to success both
financially as also spiritually. Azazel rules planet Saturn,
and Saturn has the same sigil as Azazel they are
that much connected. Azazel is definitely
not a spirit to play with. While some say it’s not good
to work with him as a beginner I want to encourage
experts intermediates as also beginners
to work with Azazel. Most people misunderstand
Azazel They are thinking
he’s too extreme But he’s just taking
reasonable actions An example will explain it
When people ask for money They already could have money
The only thing that stopped them From getting money
Was themselves When people are lazy
Or something is hindering them Then Azazel simply takes
this problem out of your life Let’s make
a more drastic example Your partner is abusing you
But you love your partner All the fights
and negative energies Hinder you from achieving
The goals that you want so much If you would make a pact And ask Azazel to let you
reach your goals He will remove
all obstacles and problems That are in your way And he’s doing this
in the fastest And most effective way
Which can hurt But at the end you’re getting
What you’ve asked for If you got goals
and things you love are hindering you
from achieving them this can be a challenge
but if someone or something that is not important to you
is hindering you then it is a huge blessing
to have Azazel as he will sort this out
as fast as possible I personally really love Azazel
and trust me, he is awesome. Don’t be scared of him.
Let’s talk more about Azazel Azazel has many names. His names are Azazel,
Zazel, Shamash, Utu, Samas, Shamiyah,
Ashur, Semjaza, Samyaza, Samyazazel, Shamyaza, Shemyaza,
Shemihazah, Shamgaz Azazel is ruling planet
Saturn His Zodiac is capricorn Azazel’s tarot card
is ace of swords. His favorite colors are:
Blue, red and black Azazel’s day is Saturday
He likes lead and copper metals Azazel’s element is Air
It’s better to call Azazel during the day
as he is a day demon. His number is 20
His animals are The goat Scorpion
And eagle Offerings that he appreciates
are alcohol and candles
in his favorite colors You can call him by chanting
Eya On Ca Azazel Aken Azazel is an amazing teacher, and he is
the teacher of humanity. He taught humanity
about the fire, weapons, makeup,
science, medicine, astrology, geology, mineralogy,
jewelry, and alchemy. Make a pact with Azazel he can make your music
a great success. He can bring you
the love you seek And the money you need
He can show you the future If you want me to do the pact
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