BRUTAL DOOM 2016 Arsenal –  All Weapons Showcase & Explanation

BRUTAL DOOM 2016 Arsenal – All Weapons Showcase & Explanation

February 24, 2020 30 By William Hollis

Brutal Doom 2016 Arsenal is a modication for Brutal Doom v21 GOLD, that includes DOOM 2016 weapons together with their upgrades to the standard demon roster Please be aware that amount of maximum ammo to pick up in this modification is much lower than in standard DOOM, so this might be a distinguishable increase in difficulty Oh, we have so many weapons available to pick up in here, including those from the DOOM 2016 DLCs such as Hellshot or Reaper, quite interesting weapons to use so far I skipped all types of grenades (unfortunately) and the melee with fireaxe, because they are basically the same as in was vanilla Brutal Doom I urge you to use the fatalities in this modification, because of the really small backpacks to replenish the ammunition, lots of the weapons eat it fast There are lots of weapons in this mod, but the Plasma Rifle and Lightning Gun seem to be the most overpowered so far, even without the upgrades Although they consume the ammo fast, their damage output with fast projectiles and pinpoint accuracy without recoil, both of these weapons are top choice Add such upgrades like a Heat Wave or passive increase of damage for Lightning Gun, you can pretty much destroy whole rooms of enemies without worry For most of the time, you will most likely use both Shotguns, Heavy Assault Rifle and Rocket Launcher because of their versatility, Super Shotgun’s damage output is really impressive in this mod Heavy Assault Rifle has a quite mandatory upgrade during the playthrough, tactical scope is by far one of the most needed upgrades Demonic Reaper that uses shotgun shells is another weapon with great potential, after both upgrades you can challenge even the heaviest weapons Gauss Cannon can be a tricky weapon to use, it deals both splash and linear damage, try to always aim at the head to take out the heavier demons faster If you really appreciate my content and videos, please leave a like and subscribe to it (REMEMBER ABOUT BELL!)