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The Scary Untold Truth Of Paranormal Activity

The super low budget found footage blockbuster Paranormal Activity used its rickety style as a badge of honor, positively terrifying audiences around the world with the simple question: What’s happening in my house while I’m asleep? Let’s find the answer…within the untold truth of Paranormal Activity. Squeaky Floor Director Oren Peli came up with the…

By William Hollis August 7, 2019 100


Hello. Do you believe in paranormal ? In vengeful spirits ? In ghosts ? (laughter) I’ve been hesitating on naming this video “Try to not be afraid”. And I remembered that my audience is composed of little chickens who would have avoided clicking, fearing some kind of heart attack. My friends, today we are going…

By William Hollis August 7, 2019 100

3 Times Science Debunked the Paranormal

[♪♩INTRO] From spooky ghosts to UFOs to mysterious, floating lights, there are all kinds of weird stories out there that seem impossible to explain unless there’s something paranormal going on. But even the creepiest campfire stories can be debunked with the right questions and some careful observation. So here are three times scientists looked into…

By William Hollis August 7, 2019 100