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What’s up losers, welcome back to Cow Chop’s five days of Halloween Now today is Sunday so of course that means BTS, now what could be so scary about BTS? I don’t know. I don’t want to watch this channel. I don’t watch these shows there’s much — There’s much more demon people on YouTube…

By William Hollis November 15, 2019 100

The Hungry Ghost Inside Us

(Sustainable Human presents The Hungry Ghost Inside Us) (narrated by Dr Gabor Mate) [Music] As a medical doctor, I worked with some very, very addicted people, people who use heroin cocaine alcohol crystal meth and every drug known to man. And these people suffer: they lose their health they lose their beauty they lose their…

By William Hollis November 15, 2019 47

How to Use Demon WP Insecticide |

Quickly control cockroaches, spiders, and over 20 other pests in and around your home with Demon WP. This long-lasting residual insecticide is a favorite among pest control professionals because it’s easy to apply and long-lasting. Demon WP is a versatile insecticide that can be used both indoors and outdoors to control pests. The active ingredient…

By William Hollis November 15, 2019 3