December 10, 2019 3 By William Hollis

Paranormal Phenomena Starting today, for several weeks youtube channel, discover the TV world invites you to watch a new series of articles Marathon Discovering Paranormal Phenomena through which we will investigate with you the most bizarre and unthinking beliefs events and events that have haunted our history Paranormal Phenomena has existed since man’s appearance have accompanied him from time immemorial throughout the Antiquity and the Middle Ages up to the highly technologically advanced and the fact that not even today, in the post-industrial and hi-tech era the number of those who believe in inexplicable has not diminished but it is getting bigger urges us to treat paranormal as a real phenomenon at least from a sociological and cultural point of view preamble The lands of the unknown The paranormal term is a vast umbrella for all the variety of inconceivable phenomena unusual, unacceptable and inexplicable from a scientific point of view Opinions of strange events have changed many times over time but the stories about the phenomena themselves remained surprisingly consistent And the validation and acceptance of the paranormal is still the subject of harsh controversy between his supporters and skeptics It is certainly known that much of the phenomena initially cataloged paranormal rights are simple myths and popular legends which have spawned many occult seeds spread in universal folklore the same folklore that produced fairies, kites, dragons or flying. Other so-called “phenomena” turned out to be simple scammers who have profited and still take advantage of the naivety and the lack of knowledge of many creduli individuals Instead, for some of the strange happenings, no explanation was found … Nothing strange to this point, because paradoxically, the irrational in its most frightening forms has a fascinating power impossible to match Even more so than a few hundred years ago, not only the people cataloged with paranormal “powers”, but also those with physical handicaps, banal spots on the body, or simply individuals of another religion, ended up on the bridges. Nowadays, the paranormal phenomenon is unfairly pushed into a corner of knowledge by arid rationalism of the so-called “official” science, confronted with the galloping technology itself In fact, throughout history, the paranormal was extracted and manifested as a form of occultism, a secret science who is trying to study and decrypt to initiate the signs that come from a hidden world inner, beyond the ephemeral and corporal. The manifestation of the occult and its obviousness, the paranormal was harshly ostracized and cast under the curtain of the obscure because for hundreds of years he dared to challenge the vision of the world imposed by all the forms of dictatorship that this Earth has known from the religious one to the political one However, for most of the history, people have tried to guess their future they guided their lives after signs, they consulted with obscure forces and found explanations for all the events in their lives from the most insignificant to the vital ones rather in a land situated beyond, in a world of magic and esotericism, rather than in the one here A lot of such beliefs, from zodiac to various traditions and superstitions survive unaltered even today, and probably will do it forever as the inexplicable – whether we are talking about beliefs, divine and later life whether about witchcraft or destiny – is intimately part of human nature and it’s hard to believe that homo sapiens, at least as we know it, might once live without them As many researchers and thinkers have shown us Sigismund Freud Mircea Eliade or Umberto Eco magical occurrences and irrational beliefs manifests itself equally in the modern and post-modern society even the most skeptical individuals only most do it under a masked form compared to the original antique a form consistent with the times we live As usual, in this marathon brand we will keep an objective tone, exposing the facts and letting you draw the conclusions. About a hundred and a half years ago, one of the most passionate scientists of paranormal phenomena Charles Hoy Fort drew in his journals no less than 40,000 unexplained events and events Numerous skeptics – from dilettantes to respectable scientists they rushed to take it away and send the so-called evidence Others, however, objectively analyzed them, and so the science of parapsychology and the perinormal a less-known term applied to paranormal phenomena studied and accepted by scientific communities The most famous example is the very electromagnetic fields (EMF) denied by science until 1939 when Semyon Kirilian managed to photograph on a special frame the aura of the human body. Another branch of the perinormal includes the medical disturbances that at first inflamed the world of medicine, with simple phenomena originating from the labyrinth of genetics. A typical example is the “pregnant man” in Nagpur, India When the team of surgeons surrendered what they considered to be a giant tumor, which gave the man the hilarious appearance of the man who was pregnant, found a human being instead of the unfortunate abdomen ! What was initially thought to be a paranormal case turned out to be the only case reported by “Fetus in Fetus” The man’s twin brother developed into his abdomen. For 36 years! In the same register, but at the opposite end we have ” metanoia” which defines the physical phenomena of mysticism Inexplicable miracles committed by the prophets, the hermits, the shamans, and the saints of all religions. To get a little familiar with what we’re going to offer you this month I made up a short dictionary of the most spectacular paranormal phenomena below. Materialization Definition Matter created from nothing that appears from nowhere. Authentic Middle Ages of the Last Century claimed that they could “materialize” physical forms of ectoplasm the luminous formation emanating from its own body aura Forms that then catch the contour can be measured and even weighed Some have proven to be rough but for the others there were no explanations. Marte Béraud, a Frenchman of Algerian origin was investigated in Algeria by Charles Richet, winner of the Nobel Prize in Psychology, and then in Paris under strict laboratory conditions, in the company of Baron Schremer-Notzing, great theosophical and passionate parapsychology. Striking researchers witnessed the gradual appearance of matter in Marta’s hands. Undoubtedly, the most famous medium materializer of our day remains the Brazilian Carlos Mirabelli, capable of producing thought-forms of deceased people which can even be touched before dematerialisation. Socant is that it succeeds in this phenomenon during the day without any ritual in physics laboratories, under the harsh conditions posed by German-examining researchers, and even tied to a chair Some of these experiments were featured in documentary films from various prestigious televisions including CNN, TV 5 or even National Geographic Clairvoyance Definition Obtaining information (often from great distances) through the mind. The most common case of clairvoyance is that of Emmanuel Swedenborg. On July 19, 1759 located in the city of Gothenburg, he described in detail the evolution of a disastrous fire which devastated Stockholm located more than 400 kilometers away. At six o’clock in the afternoon told the others that the fire had begun, at eight o’clock the fire extended to close to his own home. Two days later, a Stockholm messenger confirmed every detail described by Swedenborg Closer to our times, another well-known clairvoyant was Gerald Croiset care a colaborat cu politia olandeza in cazurile multor persoane disparute between the 1950s and 1960s. Precognition Definition A clear vision that implies the perception of events that will happen in the future. Nostradamus’ predictions of the French Revolution are well-known Less known are the predictions of American William Cox In 1950 he predicted with frightening precision ten train accidents gave exact clues about station names, even the names of the survivors. In 1898 mediumul Morgan Robertson publica nuvela in which he describes a metallic monster of waters called Titan, the largest built by humans. It was described as having nineteen compartments and that it will be destroyed by an iceberg at its first crossing of the Atlantic. What happened 14 years later Divining Definition Detection of mineral resources, tunnels or underground water courses through paranormal methods. The American Marines had benefited from the services of some radios for detecting the tunnels used by Vietcong troops during the Vietnam War. In 1970, a radiosist was officially employed by the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture The multinational pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-LaRoche Engages a radiosist and Feng Shui expert each time they open a representative office in a new country Asked why, company spokeswoman Peter Treadwell has been saying since 1980 that it is normal to use any profitable method, whether recognized or not by the scientific community, and the radiosites deserved each cent. Psychokinesis Definition Projection of psychic energy to move objects or to influence matter. Laboratory testing of what is called “micro-PK”, meaning people’s ability to influence events even at the subatomic or quantum level – has been statistically analyzed the chance that this happens with the help of the unique power of the mind has been declared of 100,000 million, millions, millions, millions, millions to one! However, the case of Israeli Uri Geller is notorious. A famous experiment at the Naval Surface Center in Maryland where Uri succeeded in changing the shape of a nirinol bar. A performance that requires a temperature of 483 degrees Celsius. Uri Geller just used his mind. POLTERGEIST Definition “Violent Phantom” in German, the term refers to the movement of objects by unknown forces and often associated with a particular place (abandoned houses, castles, locations where tragedies and violent acts have taken place). The investigations of the passionate have often found that teenagers use their unconscious a certain kind of mental concentration in these events so at present, parapsychologists believe that the phenomenon is an externalized psycho-kinetic form, in stransa legatura cu tulburarile emotionale ale adolescentilor. French Press reported in 1989 about a house in Paris assaulted every night by a storm of stones The police pushed the area with video cameras however, nothing could be found or recorded. In 1967, the office of a lawyer in Rosenheim, Germany became famous for its effects of poltergeist the bulbs were breaking by themselves, the walls were crackling, the doors were trembling, all under the powerless and horrified looks of hundreds of witnesses. Investigators (including policemen, academics and midwives) filmed glasses jumping from the table, paintings that slid alone from walls and objects moving alone. A young 19-year-old student seems to have produced the totally unconscious teat: when she was removed from the office, strange manifestations ceased definitively. Levitation Definition The ability to defy gravity and to float or even fly without any outside support. The religious history of mankind abounds in accounts of people who, in a religious fervor or in divine ecstasy, floated above the earth. Closer to our day, researcher and traveler Alexandra David Neel has studied and certified the Lun Gon Pa case, Tibet messengers specially trained in a specific form of Tibetan Yoga and used to transmit messages between long-distance lamasars along the huge Tibetan plateau. De asemenea, alt cercetator, Harry Kellar, was stunned when he witnessed the torture of a Zulu quack which, in 1870, floated 1 meter above the ground. In 1882, Kellar challenged the famous John Enlington media to similar performance. Enlington managed to levitate “only” 30 centimeters in the air. Incombustibility Definition Physical immunity to fire or burns. Going on fire is one of the most important rites of initiation to traditional populations, being discovered on almost the entire surface of the globe from India to Japan and from Amazonia to Africa It was practiced until 1940-1950 and the calluses in Romania and is currently also found in some isolated communities of Thracian origin in Bulgaria and Greece. Colonel Michael Gudgeon was invited in 1899 to a firefighting ceremony in New Zealand. The Maori spender has designed its “hand” or spiritual force on Gudgeon and his friends, they all went over the burning coal coat without losing the slightest burn. Mind force must not be ignored, under hypnosis a person can burn seriously even if he puts a piece of ice in his palm if he has previously been told that he has a hot charcoal in his hand. Reciprocation is also perfectly valid.