Chance de 3ª temporada/reboot de Rosario to Vampire (Season 3) | IntoxiResponde #20.3

January 15, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Hi guys, my name is Marco, this is another IntoxiAnswer And in this video i will talk about the chances of a season 3 or reboot of Rosario to Vampire Rosario to Vampire tells the story of a student who went in a monster school by mistake Where he end up falling in love with a vampire And a IceGirl and a Succubus fall in love with him The anime is really old, had 2 seasons in 2008, and some people still await for a season 3 In terms of BD and DVD sells Rosario sold about 5k in season 1, what is good enough to justify a S2 It sold about 4.000 units per volume in the season 2 If it had a season 3 it would have sold about 3k, whats is not really good I think that was the reason they only made 2 seasons If the publisher want a season 3 he will need to pay for a good part of a season 3, because the producers would not When it comes to source material sells, Rosario went from 35k per volume to 70k per volume after the anime After some time it dropped to 60k per volume This much is only median/low for this publisher (JUMP owner) So with this numbers its unlikely they will try to make another season Because if the season 2 didn’t make the sells go up, the third season would have the same result Rosario publisher is the same from JUMP magazine. They don’t have a problem with new season If the anime sell well in DVD/BD and get a good boost in the source material When it comes to adversities, the major of Rosario is that the manga ended in 2014 And after 1 year of the end of the source material, the chances of a new season go down a lot The anime adapted about 5 volumes of the manga So they had a lot of source material to adapt But that would be complicated, the season 1 followed the manga, more or less They changed some stuff, for the worse most of the time, but it still followed the manga story The season 2 was all original, a bunch of fillers with a original end, it has nothing to do with the manga They had enough material to make a season 2 following the manga, so i don’t know why they did that Since season 2 was original it makes it difficult to go back to the manga story, season 3 would need to be original too In general, most of the people didn’t liked the changes The anime is focused in comedy/ecchi, and the manga While have a similar start, begin to focus in a lot of battles and drama with time The manga art was really better than the anime too. In the beggining no, the anime art was better, but after some chapters the author improved a lot (eg. same characters in chap 1 and after 58 chapters) This is the reason most people don’t want a season 3, but a reboot of the series following the manga Concluding, with the median sells in BD/DVD and the manga have ended years ago The chances of Rosario to Vampire have a season 3 or Reboot are really low, is almost impossible This is it, if you liked the video don’t forget to subscribe to not lose the next ones, give it a like And see you next time