Charlie Doherty in the most haunted Village | Ghost Dimension | S03 E02 | Paranormal Documentary

November 7, 2019 0 By William Hollis

– Hello and welcome. According to the
Guinness Book of Records this is one of the most
haunted places in the UK. This is Pluckley village in Kent and this is Ghost Dimension
Celebrity Special. – [Man] Coming up
on Ghost Dimension. – I don’t know. (screams) – Somebody is touching my leg. Just like there. Did you see that big flash? – Yeah.
– What where? – [Bex] That was a big flash. – Where? (screams) – Something on my back. (screaming) (eerie whispering) (tense music) – Dating back to
around the 1470s and originally a farmhouse
for the Dering family, the pub is in the
heart of the village and maintains many of
its original features. You can almost feel
the history here. (tense music) Being in existence
as long as it has of course it’s going to
have a ghost or three. – A small child has
been seen and felt by staff and customers
spanning decades, as well as a mischievous
phantom that likes to steal people’s belongings
away, for days, weeks and on one occasion even years, with them finally turning up in more or less the same
location as where they vanished. (tense music) There is also reports
of a poltergeist that likes to move
throughout the building. It has moved items
in the bar area and thrown glasses and
even thrown items around in the upstairs rooms. This has been heard by staff. Upon investigation no one
was found to be in the area and only the aftermath of
his activity left behind. (baby crying) – There is also a
story of a highwayman who during a fight with a lawman was run through by a sword
and pinned to a tree. His anguished final
cries before he died can still be heard echoing
through the forest at night. – I do believe we’re in for a frighteningly
good night tonight and hopefully it will be
one for the record books. – [Sean] Joining us on
tonight’s investigation is Charlie Doherty,
reality TV star. Will she survive the
night at the Black Horse? – So Charlie welcome
to Ghost Dimension. – I’m scared already.
– I was about to say are you scared. – A little bit yeah.
– A little bit mm. Have you had any
paranormal experiences? – I’d like to say yeah ’cause
I’m actually quite interested in this sort of stuff
and believe it or not I’ve actually been
in this pub before but I’ve never
actually seen anything but then I’ve never
ventured upstairs so this is where the
action is meant to happen. – So the spirits may
have been watching you. – Maybe, maybe now I’m back
– Yeah you’re back. – They might show
themselves now. I’m hoping, I’m hoping but
in a way I don’t want them to show me, I’m like ugh. You know it’s like you
wanna see but you don’t. – Yeah, yeah yeah. You’re on the fence. – I’m on the fence,
sitting on the fence. – This is believed to
be one of the most, well it is the most
haunted pub in the UK and the most haunted
village in the UK this is the Black
Horse in Pluckley. Have you ever been on a
paranormal investigation before? – Yeah I did in Wales
a couple of years ago but it was like a
big big group of us. It wasn’t as intense as this
and I didn’t see anything. I was a bit gutted really
’cause they were like yeah yeah you’ll definitely see something, everyone always sees something
or at least hears something but I was like no, nothing. – So do you want
to see something? – I do but it’s like
– Or do you like? – It’s like that feeling like you wanna sort
of see something ’cause you don’t
wanna go away and say well I didn’t see anything.
– Yeah. – But at the same time if I
did see something I’d be like oh my God.
– You’d run! – Yeah. As long as they don’t chase me
back home it’ll be all right. As long as it stays here
in this pub that’s fine. – Maybe you’ll see
something tonight. – Yeah. – Maybe you’ll feel
something tonight you don’t know.
– Yeah. – But do you believe
in the paranormal? – Yeah I do massively.
– You definitely believe in it. – Yeah a hundred percent.
– Oh that’s really good. – Like I can feel stuff,
you know what I mean. Like I go into certain
places and I feel oh this has got a
funny feel to it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I’ve just never
actually seen anything. – What’s your expectations
for tonight’s investigation? – Well I’m hoping that
we will get something. I wanna get some right results but I just don’t want
anything like too scary you know like that
thing out of Insidious you know that devil
man or something. I don’t want anything like
that, something cute maybe. – Yeah like a kid or something. – Well maybe not even that– (laughing) I don’t know maybe a dog. A ghost dog would be cool. – A ghost dog, okay.
– Okay. Calling on all ghost dogs. – We’ve got a few
experiments tonight that we’re gonna be
trying and this over here. These two crystals have
a really big significance in one of the experiments
that we’re gonna be doing and this crystal and this
crystal are never parted and they’re not
parted for a reason and Paul on the
team, on the show, will explain to you what
that’s about in a bit. – Okay. – But it’s something
that’s really really weird and something that, if you
want to, we’ll let you try. – Yeah I’ll try it out.
– Yeah. – Why not?
– Brilliant. – It might freak you out. – Oh great, now
he tells me that. (laughing) – Think you should do it. – I’ll do it. – Brilliant okay so
we’ll let Paul come over and explain everything here. – Okay. – Brilliant.
– Sounds good to me. (tense music) – And now let’s hear from our
psychic medium in Oklahoma, Para, to find out what she
feels could be haunting the Pluckley village. – The Black Horse Pub
is not just haunted it’s this whole entire
village is haunted. There are a
multitude of spirits. It’s not just energy
there are actual spirits. There were so many spirits that
were willing to come forward and talk to me that
I could not keep up with the information and
while I was writing it down I think I broke down
seven spirits at least but there is at least 15 or
16 alone and not just the pub but in the whole entire area. In the pub there are
at least three spirits that stay there consistently, two of which are
opposing forces. One is a very sinister spirit, he’s very attached
to this place, he’s very jealous, he’s
very jealous of the living and he’s not afraid to tell
you that he’s in control and this is what we’re doing,
this is why we’re doing it and you don’t have a
choice kind of ghost. He is very mean, he’s very rude and I’m not surprised you
don’t hear him yelling or screaming at you and
telling you what to do. The other ghost,
his opposing force, is a spirit of a woman and she
was married in her lifetime. That’s the one thing she
wanted me to know was that she was married in her lifetime. She is very loving and
very compassionate, I don’t think she was
able to be a mother but she was a very loving
and compassionate person and she’s not afraid
to protect you from the other sinister
spirit that’s here. She’s not afraid
to have your back. She’ll place her hand on
your back to protect you. She’s not afraid
to say hello to you and she’ll talk to you in
the most sweetest voice. The third spirit that’s here
is extremely powerful spirit. But he isolates himself. He’s only in one
part of this building and I wanna say it was his
bedroom at one point in time. He’s not afraid to move things. He’s not afraid to talk to you. He’s not afraid to let
you hear his footsteps go across the floor. And he’ll show himself
to you if he chooses to. He makes that choice
to do what he wants with his own energy but he
has masses of amounts of it. I do believe this pub
may have been a house at one point in time and it
may have belonged to him. (loud creaking) – So Paul we have a
table of equipment. What is it all for,
what are they used for? – We’re gonna do an experiment with this little box over here
which is a static detector, a static field. So if there’s any
change in either side we’ll get an indication
with one of the lights. – Okay. – We’re gonna try a little
bit of glass divination. A lot of people would
prefer to use a Ouija board, I’m not a big fan
of Ouija boards. – No me neither I’m glad. I’m glad we opted out of that. – Yeah so we’re all on
the same page with that. But we’re gonna use what’s
called glass divination. For me it’s all about control.
– Right. – So we’re gonna
control the questions and we’re gonna hopefully
get some answers just by lightly touching this. But the key piece that
I’m gonna use tonight, as Sean has explained, we
have two crystals here. Now this one is to control this because what’s in here,
and I can vouch for this because I’m the one that
did it, is a trapped spirit. – Oh right. – So is it like a
poltergeist or– – No it was just a
mean mean nasty chap. – Horrible man.
– Very, very horrible. But we got some EVPs. The first question I asked
was do you know you’re dead and I got “Of course I
bleep know I’m dead.” – Oh really. – Yeah yeah. So the long and
the short of it is he had the option to move on. – Right. – But he didn’t.
– I always give them the option to move on. He didn’t take it so what
I do is I can trap things and that’s what happened here. He’s in this crystal. – So how long’s he been
trapped in that crystal for? – Probably about four years now. – Really.
– Yeah. He’s only been out
on one other occasion because these two
stay close together. While this is here
he can’t do anything, he can’t get out. – So is this
crystal like a lock? – Yes it’s like a–
– To lock him in. – So how does that lock him in? – It’s how crystals work. It’s how the energy works. – Would you know if he
escaped out of that? – Yes. We’re here to try and
contact whatever’s here but this is a little
added twist to the night. – Oh thanks for that Paul. That’s lovely. – It’s a challenge.
– It is that. – It’s a challenge and
we do like challenging. – So what’s gonna happen.
– What you gonna do with it? – Well this is going over here. – Right. – It shouldn’t be very far away. So he’s gonna sit there. – So basically you’ve
taken the lock away. – I’ve taken–
– To his door. – Yeah. – We don’t want him
escaping though do we. – So he’s free to roam. – Go to him. – Don’t worry he’s my property. – He’s your master, he’s the
one who’s put you in there. I’ve got no say in this.
– I’m gonna take him home later. – So what does this red
light do to it then? – I’m just creating a little
bit of night vision and energy. – Does it have to
be pointed at me can we not point it at you? – It’s not pointing at anybody. And the tip’s
there so, you know. So you okay with this? If at any point anything’s
happening that you don’t like just say.
– Yeah. – We won’t do anything about
it but at least we’ll know. (laughing) So all I want you to do,
just nice and lightly, just place your pointy
index finger on there and we’re just gonna
ask some questions. See we’ve already got,
that’s been off for a second now it’s come on. So we’ve already got
a charge just there. What I always say is
if you feel anything happening around you or
anything pops in your head, a thought you can’t claim to
be your own, don’t ignore it. Let us know what it is. ’cause it might be trying
to communicate with you. – I don’t wanna it to communicate.
– Did you hear that? Did you hear that?
– I didn’t notice. – Over there. Like a click. – No I didn’t hear it I’m
afraid, I was talking. – Oh God I’m freaking out. – [Paul] You all right? It’s only just started. – That never usually
happens does it. – Well you don’t know
what’s gonna happen do you. – Right shall we
ask some questions? – Yeah.
– Okay. Okay to the man that’s
trapped in the crystal, can you hear us. – I’m freaking out. (laughing) – Don’t, you’re
fine, you’re fine. – You’re back in the room. – Oh I’ve had a long
drive, I’m tired. Back in the room.
– Stiff drink later on. – You’ll be fine. Come on do something
for us please. – Even if you’re not
wanting to move the glass can you affect
somebody in the room. – Not me! – Did you feel that then? – What what? – That moved slightly.
– Did it? – Somebody’s touching my back. – What!
– Paul. – Who’s touching your back? Paul help me. Oh God I can’t cope with this. – Are you out? – Where’s the fans
when you need it? – I don’t know about that I mean I’m starting to feel cold.
– Bucket of water on the head. – I’m starting to feel cold right on the lower back.
– Oh Christ! – Can you feel something? – I don’t know (screams) – You all right. – I don’t know I think
something just touched me. It’s my microphone. (laughing) – It’s her mike. – So we’ve got a name
for him, it’s Mike. (laughing) – Mike do you wanna
come out and play? – Jesus. Good thing I got a
pacemaker isn’t it. Scared the shit out of me. Good thing I’m wearing black you’d be seeing
the sweat patches. Okay sorry.
– Okay so there’s definitely something in the
room, definitely. – Yeah all good. – Put your hand under there,
do you feel that cold spot. Just under there. – What if it’s him, I
don’t want him to touch me. (laughs) – Just put your,
just in that area. – Oh yeah it is.
– Is it cold? – It is cold, I’m not. I’m boiling.
– Oh wow. – It just feels colder there. – That is really cold.
– Why? – It’s like a draught. Well. – It’s kind of like a
spirit manifestation. That’s why it’s cold.
– Maybe he’s coming over. That’s good if
you’re out, come on. – So he’s obviously
coming out then. – Think so. – Because it’s cold. It’s not cold, not cold anymore. – [Paul] Didn’t you feel that? – Feel what, you’re
freaking me out. – Sorry. When you looked at me I thought
you’d felt the same thing. It felt like somebody was just there.
– Oh no! – I’m sorry, I thought
when you looked at me I thought it felt
exactly the same thing. – Somebody’s touching my leg. – Ah no! – Somebody is touching my leg. – Oh I can’t cope, literally. – Somebody is touching my leg. Just like there. – Right it’s really
good what you’re doing. – That’s a bit weird.
– Please don’t freak out. I want you to know
that it’s not us so I want him to
do the same to you. – No no no please no. Please I believe it,
I believe, I believe. Don’t touch my leg please. – But that’s a bit weird,
can you not touch my leg. That’s really weird. – Well he had a thing for. Even though he was quite nasty. – Did he.
– There was other bits that he used to.
– Oh no. – Hang on what?
– Really. – What did he say? – The lady that had the
problem in the house he got in bed with her
on a few occasions. – She wasn’t blonde was she? – No.
– Oh dear. – Oh maybe a brunette man.
– Yeah maybe. – Then again it’s been a while. – Yeah. – Yeah beggars can’t
be choosers I suppose. – Come on. – Okay do something else. Touch somebody else.
– Touch Anita. Or Tali. – I can tell you
really want to be here. – I thought I heard
a whistle then. – [Paul] See the other
thing is I mean– – I thought, did
anybody hear a whistle? – No. – I thought I heard a whistle. – The other thing I mean we
might be picking stuff up on this that we can’t hear so. – [Bex] True. – The amount of EVPs
we got out of this. – [Bex] Yeah. – Didn’t hear it with our ears. – Oh really. – Picked it up on
camera in the sound. – Come on, come
and do something. – Can you tell us your name? – [Woman] I thought
someone moved my trousers. – [Sean] I didn’t
move your trousers– – [Woman] Oh what? – Really? – [Woman] Are you serious? – Yeah.
– Okay. I don’t know if someone
just moved my trousers or whether it was Sean or not. – Thank you can you affect
somebody in the crew again. Can you whisper in
their ears your name. That was me by the way, my foot. (gentle knocking) – That did sound– – [Sean] Was that up or down? – Up.
– That was up. – What what what? – That, da da, like up there. – There’s nobody up there. – What is that
the roof up there? – No there’s another room.
– There’s another floor and that’s another room
that we’re going up to. – Is anyone up there? – No.
– No. Everybody’s here.
– Happy days. – Anybody that was
sitting up there they’ve got to go
through this room. – So it’s safe to say that
the activity’s picking up. – I think slowly yeah.
– Definitely. With the energy of
everybody, collective energy. – But he’s not normally,
well he wasn’t shy, when he’s had four
years to sort of– – Maybe he’s waiting. – Come on! Are you a coward? You were last time. – Oh I keep feeling
something behind me. – What? – Don’t know, I felt a draught
at my back a little bit. – We’ve closed
– Okay Paul – all the windows.
– something moved in the crystal. Something moved in the crystal. What why would
something move in there? – Well if he’s
possibly still in there it might be a bit of
energy that’s in there. When I first had him in there for the first couple of days.
– Did someone just click? – [Sean] I heard that. – [Woman] I heard
a bang and a click I thought it was something– – I thought it was
one of you guys. – [Woman] Sounded like
somebody’s mouth clicking. – Yeah that’s exactly
what it sounded like. Someone just do that? I heard that. – I heard that clear as day. Okay what were you saying Paul? – I was just saying,
first couple of days after he was in there
that went pitch black. – Really?
– Absolutely black. – Wow. Is that because he
was a dark spirit? – Just dark energy.
– Dark energy. – It’s definitely
moved hasn’t it. – It definitely moved–
– ’cause we started here. – It was here wasn’t it. I tell you it was
actually around, what? Paul you’re freaking
me out mate. – No I’m no. Something moved past then.
– Something’s definitely. – [Charlie] Was it a little dog? – Well yeah that’s
what it felt like. – [Charlie] What’s that noise? What’s that noise? – Did you hear a whimper? – I heard it under
the table before. (makes whimpering noise) – It felt like
something went past here (tense music) Well you wanted a dog,
well you’ve got a dog. – I think we should
wrap this up now. – Yeah, part two.
– And then move on to Grandad’s Room, yeah. – Got something special
for you up there. – Yeah we have.
– Oh great thank you. I’ll just change
my clothes quickly. (laughing) – Right let’s wrap it up here and then we’ll go up
to Grandad’s Room. – [Sean] Upstairs in the Black
Horse is Grandad’s bedroom. A room where staff
members refuse to stay and is believed to be
haunted by a male figure who only likes women. Would Grandad join our
investigation tonight? (tense music) (loud buzzing) – Oh I’ve seen her. – So in this room we’ve
got an experiment set up. Paul can you come over a second. Tell us what that is. – This is called a tesla coil. What this is doing right now
is energising the atmosphere. It’s creating
static electricity, charging the negative
and positive ions. We’re essentially giving
energy out for spirits to try and do something. But it’s very dangerous. – It looks it. – [Paul] ’cause that’s
pure electricity. If you touch that we’ll
be investigating you. – Okay. – What did you
make that yourself? – I’d love to say yes but
a chap called Nikolai Tesla invented this sort of stuff. – [Charlie] Oh okay. – A hundred and odd years ago. – It’s like one of those
purple things, you know, when you put your fingers on it. – No if you put
your fingers on that we’ll be investigating you. – Okay. We’ll not touch it. – [Paul] Good. (laughing) If we give that just a
couple of minutes to charge. – Does anybody
feel any difference now we’ve come into
the dark, lights off, and the tesla machine on. Does anybody feel anything? Nobody feel anything brewing? Can you feel temperature
differences, anything? – I’m just constantly hot.
– It’s that warm. – It is warm isn’t it but. – What if that thing
was to spark off, can it do that or not? – It doesn’t it’s a
controlled amount of power that’s going through it so
it’s not gonna do anything. It’s not gonna start shooting
lightning bolts or anything. – Yeah yeah that’s what
I was freaking out. – It’ll stay, no you’re safe. I wouldn’t put anybody
in harm’s way, you know, and expose you to
something like that. Perfectly safe,
perfectly controlled. – [Sean] Ready? – Yeah turn it off?
– Yeah. – [Paul] Just give
me a second to– – [Sean] You’ve got a headache? – Yeah I do. – You see I did
downstairs I had it on one side of my head.
– Yeah. I think it’s that
kind of energy. – What was it doing, what
is it like, is it energy– – Charging atmospheres. Is it charging atmosphere Paul? – Yeah we’re essentially. If you look at how the
spirits are supposed to work they are essentially
an electromagnet– – Yeah like energy.
– Yeah. (loud beeping) – What’s that noise?
– So what we’re doing right now. – See this means
there’s a spirit close. This light behind. The REM pod. When the REM pods go off
it means there’s a spirit in the room. (screams) – [Sean] Right so both
of those are going off. – Those are going off okay. – [Sean] So they’re REM
pods and they detect– – What’s that noise? – [Bex] See those behind
you the lights on the floor. – Yeah I’m gonna– – There and here. And if there’s a spirit
in the room they light up. If a spirit goes near them. So this helps a spirit
communicate better with us and come through the atmosphere. – Okay so what,
yeah, like Bex said, they’ll detect anything
that comes near them. So it wasn’t unusual
that that one went off but the one at the
door shouldn’t have. – [Bex] At the door
it was as if somebody walked through the door. – Okay. So in here then we’re
gonna do, we’ll call out and we’ll ask for
something to happen but we’re gonna volunteer you to– – Oh thanks. – Channel potentially a
spirit energy into this room. – Did anybody bring
the crystal up? You did brilliant, okay. – [Paul] It’s
already been getting warmed up to somebody.
– Charged. Okay. – [Sean] Okay so are you ready? – Yeah, I guess.
– We’ve also got the Alice Box switched on over there as well. – [Sean] Oh right yeah
so this box over here. – [Charlie] What’s that then? – This is an Alice Box and
if any spirit is in this room and it wants to
communicate with us it’ll pop up a word
on there potentially. – [Charlie] Really? – Yeah, or a sentence
as well sometimes. – [Charlie] Really? – [Sean] Yeah. – It’s quite accurate
actually as well isn’t it. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – It’s one of the most accurate
pieces of kit we’ve got. – [Bex] Yeah it is, yeah. – Because it really does
relate to what’s happening doesn’t it.
– Yeah. – Okay.
– Right okay shall we start– – [Sean] Let’s start it so yeah if you stand in the
middle of the circle. – [Paul] Can I take
that back off you? – You can. – Don’t give it to me Paul. – Oh no.
– I tell you for why. I tell you for why. Trust me. – I don’t want him to
release himself into me. – He won’t, doesn’t work
like that, promise you. Kind of.
– Look he says kind of. – Okay just before we start.
– Yeah. – [Sean] Let’s go
whizz that camera. (loud beeping) – What was the–
– Exit. – Oh okay. – What was that? – [Sean] Exit. – Shall we put that up so
we can see it a bit more. – [Sean] Yeah can we put
that on the floor Paul? (talking over each other) – Someone saying
get out basically. – [Bex] Yeah basically. – Can I not hold this crystal? – There’s a–
– There’s– – [Charlie] I don’t mind
standing in the room but can she hold it. – I want you to–
– I’m freaking out. I don’t wanna do it. – That was as soon as–
– You need to try– – Stop being a wuss.
– Yeah! (loud beeping) – [Bex] Oh what was the thing? – Every.
– Every. – Shall everybody exit? – Oh my God. – Everyone exit the room, why? – Include.
– Include. – Include. – [Woman] I’ve got chills
I’m not gonna lie right now. – Have you?
– Yeah and my back’s really– (talking over each other) – What does that mean? Hold this a minute
while we’re seeing this ’cause I’m freaking out (talking over each other) – My back is on
just ice, it’s ice. – I’m not gonna lie
I’m like, my legs. I’ve got constant shivers. – [Paul] Are you getting mad? – What was the next one Paul? – [Paul] Wild. – Jan? – [Paul] Is that your name? – Or is it January? Is anybody born in January here? – Yes.
– Yes. – [Woman] All us three. – Okay right okay. – [Paul] Okay I want you
to hold that crystal. – Oh please don’t
make me hold it. – Go on I tell you what.
– we hold it together I don’t wanna hold it.
– I’ll make you a deal. I’ll make you a deal. Give it two minutes and
if you don’t like it and nothing’s happening.
– I don’t like it! – That wasn’t two minutes. – Tali can you just
hold it with me. Can we both hold it? – Why don’t you put
it in your pocket? – [Sean] Put it in
your pocket yeah. – [Bex] And then you’re not
holding are you technically. – Well stick your
finger on the top of it. That’s where the door
is and doors close – Can’t we both
hold it together? – [Woman] You need to do it. I’ve done it for ages. (loud beeping) – [Sean] Ooh. Jesus.
– Okay the machine’s gone off. – It’s a REM.
– That means somebody else is in the room. – You’ve got to.
– I don’t wanna hold it. – I tell you what. Let me try it this way then. Don’t move from
where you are now. I’m just gonna put
it at your feet okay. Now I’ll just tell you the
one occasion that he came out. – Oh don’t say it was
in between our legs. (laughing) – Not that I saw. The one occasion
that he did come out we had somebody who was a
complete and utter sceptic hold it, didn’t
believe any of it and she had it in her hand
for a good few minutes and then she changed. She just became somebody else. Became very aggressive. Swearing, deep
voice, wasn’t hers. – Okay yeah well I do
believe so go to the sceptic. – All I want to try
and do is see again because it was mainly,
as I said before, women and children
he was picking on. I just want to see if he’s
still the aggressive person that he was last time. So we’re gonna try something
called a human pendulum so all I want you to do,
have you done this before. – No no. – All I want you to do is
just stand with your hands by your side and just– – Century.
– Century you’re not that old. Just relax and see if you
feel anything happening around you Gail. Or sometimes these– – What I heard that bang.
– Yeah. – I heard that bang.
– Is it above? – Just in that–
– That was in the corner. – It was.
– ’cause my arm’s freezing. – [Paul] Yeah this is the roof so there’s nothing else above. – [Bex] No. – Okay, let’s go. – If you feel anything. Sometimes what they tend
to use is your energy just to move you
forwards or backwards. – I can feel something now just ’cause I’m
thinking about it. – That’s good that
you’re debunking but let’s give it a try.
– I don’t want to. – Go on give it a try.
– Come on be brave. You can do it.
– You can do this, come on. Nothing will harm you and
you won’t take anything home. – Promise? – Promise promise. – Could one of you stand
at the front of her here. – [Bex] Yeah just– – So in case you really fall. – What?! I’ll start peeing my
pants in a minute. – [Sean] Just stand
at the back of her. – [Bex] What’s up Paul? – [Woman] I’m hearing
a mix of stuff. – I thought I heard
footsteps or something. – Yeah I heard footsteps.
– Really? – [Woman] I’ve just
heard footsteps yeah. – [Woman] I thought
I heard footsteps but then I’m also, I can hear
like cars outside as well. (tense music) – [Sean] As the Grandad
spirit only likes females all the males left the
room, leaving the females to the investigation. – [Bex] Okay so
the men have gone. I can’t see where I am, right. – [Woman] I can’t
see where I am. – [Bex] I know it’s
hard isn’t it now. – It is hard.
– The crystal’s on the floor I keep trying not
to like touch it. – [Bex] Okay so
there’s just the women. Give us something,
give us a big bang. Is this how you wanted it? Backwards for yes,
forwards for no. No! That was no.
– That’s no. What did you ask again? Is that how you wanted it? – [Bex] Yeah. – You got no. – So how–
– Ask again. – [Bex] How did you want this? No. – That’s no.
– Maybe he just wants one person. – [Bex] Or is it a different
spirit we’re talking to? Are you a different spirit? Yes. – [Woman] Did you
hear that growl? – [Bex] I did hear the growl. – What? – [Bex] Yeah I did. – [Woman] I just heard a
growl right behind you. – Behind me?
– Yeah it was. – Oh for fuck’s sake!
– It was. – [Woman] Maybe it
just wants one person. – [Bex] Maybe it
just wants one person yeah that’s very. Do you just want one
person in this room? Yes. (loud beeping) What’s it say? No? The machine said
no and I missed it. – Knock.
– Knock. – [Woman] Oh. – [Bex] Yes please
give us a knock. (loud beeping) Quickly. Quarantine. Scrape. Okay. So who do you want in
this room on your own? – Charlie. – Tali. – Or me. (loud beeping) – [Woman] Oh that– – [Bex] REM pod, REM pod. Okay the REM pod’s going off meaning there’s another
spirit come into the room. So when the men went
out and it said 12 does that mean there’s gonna
be 12 spirits in the room or there’s gonna be six
spirits in the room. (loud beeping) – [Woman] That’s
just reset itself. – [Bex] That never usually
does that, what does this say. Dinner.
– Dinner. – Not dinner time is it? – Bit late for that. – [Bex] Come on
give us a big bang. A big bang and the
men will come back in. (loud beeping) – Pride.
– Pride. – We’ve got pride? – [Woman] Bex just
have a look at this, look at the, it’s like
a big black shadow behind Charlie look. – [Bex] Oh my God
yes something’s– – [Woman] Don’t worry
that’s just a frame. – [Bex] That is a
big black shadow behind you Charlie.
– There is a big black shadow behind you on the camera. – [Bex] That’s where he stands
though Charlie, behind you. – Oh no! – [Bex] Well that’s
where he’s been seen and then there used to be
a bed here in the middle. – Do you want me to go behind? – [Bex] And he was at
the foot of the bed. Yeah if you go in the
middle Charlie you might. – Come on then, you’re
back in the middle. – [Bex] Did you
see that big flash? – [Woman] Yeah. – What, where?
– That was a big flash. – Where? – [Bex] Just on
the rafters there. Right at the back. – [Sean] As Charlie entered
the middle of the circle a clear flash could
be seen on camera. Was this Grandad and
perhaps he was happy Charlie was entering his domain. – [Woman] Can you
touch one of the ladies in the middle of the room? – [Bex] Can you make Charlie
go backwards or forwards for yes or no? Let’s start with the yes. – [Tali] Close your eyes. – Ooh I went backwards.
– Backwards right. – I don’t like it.
– Right okay okay. – Weird isn’t it. (loud beeping) – [Bex] What does that say? – Desk.
– Desk. Did you die at your desk? (loud beeping) – [Woman] Aye. – [Bex] Aye. Okay he’s telling
us a story isn’t he. – Are you Irish? – I was gonna say
are you Scottish? – Oh is that Scottish is it? (laughing) Oh yeah it is innit. Aye. – [Bex] Okay so shall
we ask another question? (loud beeping) – Field.
– Field. – [Bex] Field? You were found in a field? – Oh found in a field, yeah. Died in a wheat field,
found in a wheat field. – [Bex] Okay there
was just a big orb that went between you guys. (gentle knocking) – Jesus!
– That was the boys was it? – Yeah.
– Just me. – [Bex] It’s Paul. – [Woman] We’re getting
some action in here boys. – [Paul] Thought you might. – Are you? – [Bex] Yeah we are. – [Paul] What, what action? – [Bex] We think we’ve
found out when he died. He died in December
found in January. – Something about a
wheat field we think. – [Bex] Yeah a wheat field. There was a big black
shadow behind Charlie that’s why she’s
in the middle now. (laughing) – Eh, well done! – I didn’t have a choice.
– And a growl. – [Bex] Yes and a growl. As soon as you guys
went there was a growl. – There was a big black cat
that came up the stairs. – [Bex] Really? – And it was big.
– Think that’s Tom? – [Bex] Yeah maybe that’s Tom. – Yeah okay so. (loud beeping) – [Bex] Okay just before we– – Is that the– – [Bex] It keeps
resetting yeah it does. Keeps going. – [Sean] That’s weird. – [Bex] Somebody
just stroked my arm. – [Sean] So we’re gonna– – [Bex] Where are you? – Over here, can you see me. Hello! Right so we’re gonna now
head over to the final room, the Witches Room.
– Did the door just open? – In a secret area
of this building. – [Tali] Do you
want the crystal? – Yeah we’ll take the crystal up and it’s really really weird
and there’s witch stuff up there already. – [Charlie] Oh I love
all that sort of stuff that’s my sort of– – Shall I pick it up now or? – Yeah we’ll take
it with us in a sec. So we’re gonna head up there now and complete the final
part of the investigation. (tense music) Now it’s time for our
final investigation in a secret room known for
seances and witchcraft. Charlie will attempt
scrying in a smudged mirror. Will we have a happy ending here or does something more
sinister await us? Right so we’ve come
up to this witch room which is a secret room
in the Black Horse. Now up here people have
done investigations, they’ve done witchcraft
experiments in here and a lot of activity
has been reported here and not many people
come up here. And some of the staff
members that come here will not enter this room. What we’ve got is
an experiment set up which will be a
scrying experiment. – Did you hear it? – What was that? – [Paul] Something, just open
that door and have a look. It sounded like
somebody was in there. – No one here. Do you know something– – I keep flicking my
hand, I keep doing that and somebody keeps
touching my hand there. – Now we’ve got some
activity already and we’ve not started, so we’re gonna try
this experiment first,
see if it works. It may not work. So this experiment
Charlie is called scrying and there’s like a
smudge on the mirror. – Yeah. – So if anything comes
through it really has to use all of your energy to show
itself in physical form on the mirror so you can’t
just see your face naturally and the features change, which
could be trick of the mind. What was that then? – [Paul] I think that was me. I apologise.
– Okay. It needs to physically change
your image that strongly so you can see. Now if you do see
something change, maybe one of your
facial features, maybe your eyebrows get bigger or your face gets wider, we might not be able
to see it straight away so you need to tell
us if it happens. – So will it just be
me that will see it or will you guys see it as well.
– Maybe. It depends on how
it happens to you. We might be able to see a
physical change in your face. – What like my hair
changing colour? – You come out with grey hair. – Oh God, probably. – Now in the room as well
we’ve got some devices. We’ve got REM pods. So if they do go off then
we could be in a situation where we’ve got somebody
entering the room. – Yeah. – From a non-physical
form, for a spirit energy. So we’re gonna give this a go. We’re gonna play a piece of– – Did you hear,
did you hear that? – [Woman] I thought
it was someone like a phone or something. – [Paul] Oh it might have
been mine I don’t have, just crystal’s there as well. – [Sean] Yeah. – Oh he’s there with us is he? – The crystal–
– Your new best friend. – Yeah. – [Sean] What we’re
gonna do as well, while this happens.
– Oh the fucking camera. I thought what the
hell is that behind me. Saw something on my shoulder. – We’re gonna play you, it’ll only last for
a minute this music, but we’ll see if
anything happens. – Yeah.
– It’s like. – It’s like a trigger.
– Oh okay yeah. – So we’ll load this on to– – So what is it am I meant
to see like a witch or– – [Sean] Well you
might see a witch yeah. Your face may change. It could change into
like a man’s face. – Oh lovely.
– We just don’t know. Here we go. (chanting music) If there’s any spirit in this
room, please come forward and show yourself onto
Charlie’s face in this mirror. Use all of our
collective energy. Physically push an
image and project it onto Charlie’s face. Make it change. Show us who you are. Do you feel any different? – No I don’t know if it’s
like my mind playing tricks but it’s like, I don’t
know I feel like– – [Sean] Tell us what you feel. – I don’t feel anything,
it’s like I can see something but I don’t know if it’s just
me, do you know what I mean, it’s like– – [Sean] What is it
you think you see? – [Charlie] I don’t know like
my features sort of changing. – [Sean] You look to me – [Bex] They do look different. – [Charlie] Like my nose is,
I don’t wanna sound funny but long and big.
– Yeah. – [Charlie] Is it usually? – No.
– No. – [Sean] And you look younger. – [Bex] Whoa you
do look, oh my God. – [Sean] Yeah. I’d say. Early 20s. – Oh thanks! But my eyes look weird like– – [Bex] Yeah they do. – Like small. But piercing, if
that makes sense. – [Sean] Yeah. We’re seeing that through
the smudges aren’t we. – [Charlie] Yeah. – Wow. I have never seen it work
so well like that before. – If that’s you can you do
something more to her face and change it. – [Bex] Play that song again. Or can we do the chant Paul? – [Sean] I heard that. – Somebody keeps
coming up the stairs. – Yeah I heard that.
– Yeah. – Are you in this room with us? Was that you then Paul? – [Paul] I’ve just moved a
little bit, I’m just trying to see if there’s anybody there popping their head
round or anything. – Paul’s just over
there checking to
see what’s happening. Is anybody there? – [Paul] Nope. – Okay. – Before we started it
sounded like somebody was coming up the stairs. Then just after
that song was played and then Charlie’s
face was changed it sounded again like somebody
was coming up the stairs. – We’ll play it again. – So if we play it
again that might be conjuring up
something mightn’t it. And Paul after we’ve played
it can you go with the chant? – [Paul] Yeah. – My eyes are definitely
playing tricks I’m sure of it. – [Sean] What you seeing? – Don’t know that my
eyes keep changing like big and then small but
I don’t know if it’s just like my mind telling
me that I’m seeing it you know what I mean. – [Sean] Yeah. – Obviously ’cause I can’t
see a clear image of myself. I don’t know if it’s
’cause I’m just. Dunno my eyes just
keep changing. – That’s really bizarre. – And when I can see see
over the top of you– – Yeah I can. – [Sean] And when I’m looking you do look
completely different. – Yeah.
– Totally different. – [Charlie] Like my nose
looks really long doesn’t it. (gentle knocking) – [Bex] Did you hear that? – Yeah what was that?
– Yeah I heard that. – Every time we play this chant. Are you there? (loud banging) (screaming) (laughing) – [Woman] That was
underneath my foot. – [Sean] It was
underneath your foot yeah? – [Woman] That was
underneath my foot. – I just shit my pants. – [Woman] I’ve
literally freaked out. – No way! – [Woman] I don’t like it! – Oh my God.
– Is anybody there by the stairs? – [Paul] There’s nobody there. – Oh my God. (loud banging) Ooh! – [Paul] Sorry that was me. – [Sean] It’s Paul. – [Woman] I’m sorry
for grabbing you. – Oh my head.
– Did you bang your head? – [Woman] You okay? – Shit, what was that? – There’s nobody there. – [Paul] There’s nobody there. You’d hear ’em
coming up the stairs. – What was that, it sounded
like a stone had been thrown or something. – [Woman] I know, it
vibrated under my foot. – Was that something
that had been thrown? – [Paul] I don’t
know what it was. – You see.
– It freaked me out. – I thought someone
had thrown something. – [Woman] Well check
that corner by the way ’cause there’s loads of
stuff set up in that corner. – [Sean] Oh maybe
something fell off. – [Woman] Is it the same? – [Charlie] There’s a
fucking massive spider. – [Paul] I’ll stay
over here then. – [Sean] Did anything
move from over there? What was that? – [Paul] There’s all sorts of
bits and pieces on the floor so it’s hard to say if anything did.
– But that sounded heavy like. – [Woman] It vibrated under– – Like a big stone or– – [Woman] It vibrated
underneath my foot. – Maybe it came from, well no it’s definitely
in the room it wasn’t– – It was in the room and
then I felt vibrations like under my foot.
– I ducked so I was getting ready to
feel something smack me. – [Woman] Yeah, yeah
that’s what I was like. – I’ve the biggest
headache ever. – [Paul] Yeah I’ve
got a headache. – Do you? – [Paul] Yeah. Mine’s been building all night. I think it’s worse up here. – [Sean] It’s every
time we play that music. – [Paul] Yeah try it again. – [Sean] Shall we just go
with that one more time. – Yeah.
– I don’t like it. (laughing) I wanted something to
happen and now I’m like oh I don’t know if I do. – That was definite like.
– That was. – There’s no mistaking that. – Right okay.
– You ready. – One more time. See if anything happens. – It’s horrible isn’t
it, okay you ready? (chanting music) Okay if that was you. – What’s that noise?
– What is that noise? – What is that?
– What is that noise? – Growling.
– Yeah. Like thunder.
– I don’t like it. – Let me just put
this off one sec. – Can we hear it again?
– Hang on. – [Sean] Scratching. – [Paul] I don’t know what
that was but that sounded– (screaming) – [Sean] Did you feel that then? – [Bex] There’s
something on my back. – [Sean] Yeah ’cause
something touched me. – There’s something on my back. – There’s nothing on your back. Okay. (laughing) – [Paul] And that’s why I
didn’t want to stand over there. – [Woman] I’m so glad
I’m not over there now. – Yeah I’m glad I’m
not where you are. – [Paul] No well. (talking over each other) – You’re the safest! – Oh God. – We’ll play it again then. – [Woman] Oh! (laughing) – Here we go. – Fuck’s sake. (chanting music) – Can you get closer? Can you touch one of us? Can you make a noise? – [Paul] There’s just been
a cold blast come up here. – So that means somebody’s
entered the room. – Somebody’s entered. – [Paul] Not set
the REM off then. – Can you touch Charlie? – No don’t. – [Sean] Ooh! – Oh my lord I heard that.
– What was that? The floor–
– Yes I felt that as well. – The floor like vibrated there. – Yeah. – [Charlie] Where
where where did it? – [Paul] I don’t think
it likes that music. – Yeah I think you’re right. I felt something on
the floor like it was, you know when you have
a washing machine. – Well this used to
be used as witchcraft didn’t it yeah, up here. – [Paul] Supposedly yeah. – Or could it be that
chap in that crystal? – Well–
– Yes. – [Woman] No. – [Paul] That was
the other option. Shall we– – [Sean] We took it
away from the main link. – [Paul] Oh it’s
way away from the– – Yeah turn that on Paul. – [Sean] The Ovilus. (voice from Ovilus) – What’s that?
– What’s this? – [Paul] This is
called an Ovilus 3 and it’s got a
built-in word data-bank and the theory is that a spirit
can manipulate the senses, eat, in it and talk to us. – [Sean] Oh sorry sorry. – What what what? – [Sean] There was
somebody by the stairs, hold on a sec.
– Shut up! – [Sean] There was
I saw a shadow. – [Woman] Oh no. – [Paul] Watch that REM. – [Sean] Okay. Yeah I saw, like
a physical shadow. Okay. – Who do you want to eat?
– Paul can you move over a little bit? I can’t see. I do believe somebody’s
coming up those stairs. – I think it’s like they’re teasing us.
– Yeah. ’cause I saw it before
we even started. – [Paul] Well I
got a name up here. – Go on.
– What did you get? – [Paul] Last night, Harriet. – Harriet? – [Woman] Didn’t we have
that earlier on as well? Oh no we were just talking
about that earlier. – What was that?
– I don’t know that was like keys wasn’t it. – Yeah, like a dragging.
– I heard a drag. – [Woman] Yeah. – Oh God. I don’t like it up here.
– Shall we go knock on this door as well, let’s
see if anybody taps back. – Oh I don’t like that.
– No. – I just want to
do it just once. Okay if you’re there I’m
gonna tap on this door. Maybe open it or tap back. (gentle thud) – [Woman] Did you hear that? – [Paul] Yeah. – [Sean] Was that in there? – It wasn’t in there but it was somewhere else.
– That was from down there. – [Sean] Yeah. – [Charlie] I
definitely heard that. – [Paul] Mm. – [Sean] Ooh. – What?
– That was a moaning noise. – Do it again there was
a noise in here then. Will I just do it again.
– Do you hear that, do you hear that? – No. Okay. That freaked me a bit. – Don’t do that ’cause I’m
standing in front of it. (gasping) (voice from Ovilus) (laughing) – That fucking camera!
– What did it say? Jesus, it said Jesus,
show it to camera Paul. – Does that say Jesus? – Yeah.
– Yes. – [Bex] Can we see it again? – [Sean] Ah Jesus. – What did you two hear
on that door before Jesus? – It was like, you’d
think somebody had walked. – Really. – Like a–
– Yeah like a tapping. Like footsteps. – Do it again. (voice from Ovilus) – Did you hear that,
did you hear that? – [Paul] Name. – That was a whisper.
– Yeah I heard something. – I did, in there. Do it again.
– And there was also a creak over here as well
like the floorboards. – What did that thing say? – [Paul] Main. – Main?
– Main. – [Paul] Main. – Oh you know what we’re– – What does that mean? – My hackles are going off. – I know we’re playing
with something here. – Yeah. – [Paul] Well if there
has been witchcraft practised up here.
– I know, we’re playing with
something here. – [Sean] Okay one more time. Is there any witches– – Hang on, what was that? – I heard that. – [Paul] Two taps. – Yeah I did. – [Sean] Ready. – Oh God. (voice from Ovilus) Spirit? – What did it say? – [Paul] Dirt, dirt. Is there somebody
here called Harriet? Were you a witch? – [Sean] Just gonna open
this door, just have a look. – Oh God.
– Oh God. I don’t like this. – You ready? Ready?
– No. – Fucking hell mate! – [Paul] What was that? – I heard. Can you throw
something in this room? There’s no one there. – Shall we play that music? – Yeah ’cause that music works. – [Woman] Oh no! – [Sean] Do you know
what this is really good. – I wish we’d done
this earlier you know. – [Sean] Yeah. But it always like this.
– I hadn’t realised ’cause I’d not been up here. – [Paul] The thing is I think whatever it is that’s
been building up. And I think if we’d
been up here first. – Yeah we’ve conjured
something haven’t we. Especially with that crystal. – [Sean] Are you ready? – [Woman] Oh I don’t
like this anymore. – I know! (chanting music) – Do you know what
we should do as well. – What what? – I think we should
go completely dark. – No.
– Oh no no no. – Listen okay all right okay. On one condition. We move all of this
so if we do need to – Dart.
– dart we’re not tripping over anything. – Let’s do it.
– Yeah. – No no have
something down there ’cause we’ll be racing. – [Woman] Yeah we
can’t race down there. – What if we put a
light on the stairs? – No ’cause I’ll
fall arse over tit and if I’m last in the
queue I’m gonna scream. – [Sean] Okay let’s not
go completely dark then. – Just one light? – [Paul] Just keep
the red light on. – [Sean] Keep the red light on. – [Woman] Oh! – You ready? – Let’s move all of this then.
– Oh I’m not ready for this. – Let’s move Charlie’s chair. – [Woman] I thought I would be but now I’m freaking out. – So we’ve got a space. – What am I doing? – Just, yeah move your chair. And then we’ve got a space then to.
– And we’re gonna stand up. – [Woman] Have you ever had
anything bad happen to anyone? – [Paul] Nah. – [Woman] Oh great. – So if we go back and– – [Woman] I don’t like
this beam in the middle. – No I don’t. – [Charlie] I know I
almost smacked myself. – [Paul] You wanna
step over that side? – [Woman] I don’t know
if I wanna go that side? I’m not gonna lie.
– I don’t know where I wanna go to be honest. – [Sean] Right you ready? – [Woman] Oh no I’m not ready. – [Woman] I feel like I
need to be near someone to hold their hand. Do you wanna come this side or? – [Charlie] I don’t know. – [Woman] I feel like
you’re in a dangerous place right underneath.
– Probably. – [Paul] Yeah don’t stand up. – [Sean] If you think you’re
gonna run run that way. (laughing) – Yeah run in there. – [Sean] You ready? – [Woman] Oh God. (chanting music) – [Charlie] Oh God it’s you. – [Woman] Oh sorry it’s me. – [Sean] If there’s
any spirits here that were doing all of
these noises, do it again. Even louder. – [Charlie] Who did that? – [Sean] Is it, what was it? Like a shuffle? – No it sounded like
someone said yes. – Okay one big noise, come on. (gasping) Oh!
– What was that? – That felt like it came
from underneath the floor. – [Paul] Yeah. – I thought it
was from in there. – I thought it was there. – [Sean] Did you feel it though? – [Bex] I thought
it was in there. – That was a thud
– I heard it. – [Paul] and a vibration. – [Sean] Yeah I
felt that vibration. – Bloody hell.
– It was like somebody jumped down. – [Paul] Very good. Are you building
to do something? – [Sean] One more time. – [Paul] Do you
want to get us out? – Something with
that I (screams). Sorry it’s just! (laughing) – Right.
– Jesus. – One more time. – What were you gonna say? – I can’t remember. (chanting music) Thank you for doing
what you’ve done but please just do
it one more time. (gasping) Is anybody–
– We’re all stood still. – [Sean] Paul stay still. – Yeah Paul. – Do it again again. (light thumping) (gasping) – [Sean] No way! – He’s close to us
that was closer. – [Paul] That was on the stairs. – [Sean] On the stairs? – [Paul] Yeah. – It’s like we’re
being caged in. – Oh I’ve got gooses.
– Yeah me too. – Can you do it one more
time, just a big one. I think that’s my foot–
– Okay. – [Paul] Feel like
I’m being pushed back. – It’s like we’re being
caged in isn’t it Paul. Oh God it happened
again behind us. – [Paul] What you gonna do? You trying to trap us? – [Sean] You all right Paul? – [Paul] Mm. – What’s the matter Paul? – [Paul] I just feel like
there should be a wall here. I don’t feel. Not a physical wall but a– (gasping) – [Woman] Oh Jeez
it was your hand! – Something is happening there. – Yeah I feel it.
– Right there. That’s where it’s happening. – In that corner.
– Yeah and I’m gonna move. – Yeah yeah yeah. – Oh sorry!
– Absolutely– – [Woman] I wasn’t expecting
to feel anything on my arm! (laughing) – [Bex] Jeez. I don’t like it in here. – [Paul] I want to
swap places with you for a second. – [Woman] We’re all
on edge right now. I don’t like this. – [Woman] Do you know this
has just drained this battery. Listen guys listen.
– Yeah. – [Woman] I had 14
minutes on this battery. It’s just jumped now
down to zero three and it’s just flashing red. – Seriously?
– Yeah. Where’s your back up? – Oh!
– Ooh! – [Paul] Something
just touched me. – Yeah I felt something
– Oh I don’t like this – move behind.
– anymore – [Bex] That’s
what I kept feeling when I was standing there. – Yeah. I had that definitely. (loud thumping) (screaming) What was that?
– What was that? – [Paul] I’ve no idea. – [Charlie] What the fuck? – Jesus Christ! – [Woman] Quick guys my
camera’s going down I need– – [Woman] Okay okay. – [Woman] I’m
losing my shit now. (laughing) I’ve completely lost my shit! – I think we’ve all
established that corner is out of bounds.
– Out of bounds that corner. – [Woman] Shit I don’t like it. Don’t like it.
– Think we should leave it there.
– I think we should call it, wrap it up. – Really?
– Leave it there. – [Woman] Am I cutting? – Yeah yeah. – [Sean] ’cause it’s getting
stronger and a bit dangerous. – [Bex] You know
why it’s because we can’t get down those stairs quick enough.
– Yeah, yeah. I think it is. – [Bex] And it
would be, I’d fall. – Tell you what
let’s, one more thing. – No no no.
– If you want us to go one more thing. – Do your Patris thing.
– So close it. – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Sean] Before
we leave the room. – Yeah.
– Okay. – [Bex] Somebody’s touching
the back of my hair. – [Paul] Give us one more
sign, you’re doing really well. You’ve nearly frightened us off. – I felt that.
– Yeah – Like a tap tap,
like a doof doof. – Feels like the
floor’s vibrating below my feet.
– I’ve had that. Do you hear that? – Yeah we’d have picked
that up on the audio. (gentle creaking) – [Paul] Something
behind this door. – [Woman] No. – Fuck off Paul!
– What the hell was that? – You jump when Paul jumps. – [Woman] What just happened? – I don’t know, I really
don’t know what happened. – Someone just did
that in my face. (laughing) – [Woman] I don’t
like this anymore! – [Paul] That was fingers. – What were you thinking Paul? You said one more,
one last thing. (voice on Ovilus) – Entire.
– Entire. It’s like the entire night. It’s weird. – There’s nothing there,
what’s touching my head. – [Woman] Can you
two turn round? – [Sean] Sorry. – [Woman] That’s it
just turn round– – [Sean] Just laughing! – So if there’s anybody in– – Oh! – Fuck me!
– Jesus Christ! Someone touched my head. – Same as what happened to me. – I know it’s a low ceiling
but I’m still short. – Well this is it. There’s cobwebs
hanging down here. It’s not cobwebs, I had
fingers just touch my face. – It’s like someone
ruffled my hair. – Yeah I got that a
few times last night. You should stand here and
see if that happens to you. – [Charlie] Did you just? – [Woman] No that’s
me touching you. – Don’t.
– I felt like I need some kind of human contact. – Yeah I know. – Okay if there’s anything
up here of a negative. I’ve lost it. I can’t even speak.
– Entity, entity. – I can’t even speak. If there’s anything negative
up here that’s practised satanic rituals,
witchcraft, demonology, I banish you from this place
now and do not follow us home. (talking in foreign language) Amen. – Amen.
– Amen. – Say it again Paul. – Just one more time, it
doesn’t feel like it’s gone. – [Bex] No. – [Paul] It doesn’t feel like
we’re gonna get out of here. That’s the way I
feel at the moment. – [Sean] Yeah. (talking in foreign language) – Amen.
– Amen. – Amen. – Happy? – No.
– No? – [Bex] I’m not. I want one a bit louder. – I haven’t stopped
to hear that thing. (tense music) (talking in foreign language) – Amen. – Paul’s face looks different. – Yeah. Oh Paul. – Like his facial
features have changed. – [Bex] Fuck off. – Can you see that, or does
he look the same to you? – Yeah I can see that.
– I don’t know. – Something’s going on. Does anybody know how
to bring him out though? – [Sean] I don’t
think it’s anything. – Move to camera. Move to camera – Paul are you with us?
– Oh fuck. – Paul. – [Bex] Watch your
heads on there. Get to the other
side of the beam. – [Woman] I don’t like this. – [Bex] Paul. Paul come back to us.
– Fuck fuck fuck. – [Bex] Paul. – [Woman] Somebody
needs to be near him ’cause he’ll go down,
in case he goes down. – [Bex] Sean’ll have to go. – [Sean] I’ll come over. Where is he? Shit. – [Woman] Paul. – [Sean] Tell it
to step back Paul. Okay.
– Paul come back to us. – I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay. – [Sean] What was it? – [Paul] Didn’t like me. Trying to stop me. – You okay?
– Mm. – Yes? – Feel a little bit
light that’s all. – [Sean] Did you manage
to get rid of it? – I’m not sure. – [Woman] I don’t
like this anymore. – He’s strong whatever it is. It’s just gone right through
my defence like it was nothing. – [Woman] You okay? – Yeah we need to leave– – [Bex] Right
let’s go, let’s go. Right we need torches on
and I’m turning this off. (tense music) (mysterious whispering) Wow, what a fantastic night. What did you make of it Charlie? – Oh my God I freaked out. It was that last bit for me.
– Yeah. – Oh my God. – It started to build didn’t it. So the night, little
things started to happen. – [Charlie] Yeah. – And then at the end
it just kicked off. – I felt some of it,
I could hear stuff. There was no making that up. Like that bang everything. – Yeah. – There was something
behind that door for sure. – What was your favourite
room that we went into? – I guess obviously that one ’cause I suppose stuff happened. Obviously it’s not
my favourite room ’cause I was like
scared out of my wits. – [Bex] ’cause you were scared. – But it was, there was
definitely stuff going on. I felt it, do you
know what I mean. I could feel it. – [Bex] Yeah. So you experienced something. – Definitely. – Positive to take away.
– There was definitely something in that room 100%. I don’t know about
like, in here obviously ’cause it just started
out as oh my God, but I didn’t really
sense anything as such. Second room, maybe a little bit. That one definitely. – [Bex] Yeah okay. – Now in the Grandad bedroom
you did a human pendulum. – Oh yes yeah I
did go backwards. – [Sean] And you felt it. – [Charlie] Yeah
I felt it, yeah. – And what did it feel like? – Like so I was in
control ’cause that’s what I was scared about,
like losing control but I was in control but
I literally did fly back– – Feel the force yeah. – I did, I went backwards. – It was good, I think– – And it was only
afterwards when we, we got Tom on the Alice Box and then downstairs one
of the staff members said there was a Tom
who had died in the – Kitchen.
– kitchen area. – Oh yeah yeah. – So it’s all adding up.
– It’s all linking. – And I think if you,
when we look back at this there’s gonna be, we’re
gonna find more links. – And perhaps this
crystal tonight had something to do with it. – I think that may have helped. – Maybe it did maybe it didn’t. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – It could’ve, you
know, but hopefully it’s back together now. – Something definitely
was in that room. – Yeah there was definitely.
– Yeah it stirred up didn’t it it stirred up. – Well it was a witches
room, wasn’t it, and they used to practise
witch practise in that room so when we did the
chanting on Sean’s phone something didn’t like it.
– Something stirred it up really big yeah. – Yeah, no it did.
– It all kicked off didn’t it. – Yeah it did.
– Yeah so. – One of the record books. – Definitely one for the record books.
– The most haunted pub in the UK. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – With fantastic
paranormal evidence. – Yeah. Brilliant, so from all
at Ghost Dimension. – Thank you for watching. – And goodnight. (tense music)