COD Ghosts Maverick Assault Rifle Review & Analysis

September 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Kaboom Video Games Recon Hello and welcome to Video Games Recon in
this video we will be reviewing the Maverick assault rifle, keep in mind that this video
was probably filmed before any weapon patches and as such the Maverick assault rifle may
of changed slightly by the time you watch this video, anywho without any further adieu
let’s do it to it. The Maverick is a very interesting assault
rifle as it has some similarities with both the Remington and the AK-12, in that at close
range this weapon has a high amount of damage and a slow fire rate with a speed of 652 fully
auto which is akin to a Remington due in most part to its Hyper-Velocity Rounds, and at
medium to long range it feels very similar to an AK-12 due to its recoil and damage drop
off, aside from these things it has one of if not the fastest reload times out of all
the assault rifles and a great as standard iron sight which thus renders the red dot,
ACOG and almost all sights pointless, as equipping such attachments actually makes this gun worse
instead of improving it, that being said there is a call for using the VMR sight with its
4X variable zoom which can be useful to help you pick out targets at longer ranges which
this gun can struggle to do at times, another thing that can help with taking out enemies
at longer range is the fore grip attachment which can help with accuracy, range and recoil
reduction. In terms of where this gun sits compared to
the other assault rifles is a tricky one as this gun isn’t amazing, nor is it rubbish,
instead it sits somewhere in the middle ground, so anybody that was worried that this gun
would be O.P. need not worry as this is not a case of pay to win, that being said this
is a fun and satisfying gun to use and as such will find its way on a regular basis
into my loadouts, although it is in no way the best or my favourite assault rifle. So that is my review and analysis of the Maverick
assault rifle, if you would like to see my opinion of a best class or loadout for this
assault rifle then click the annotation on screen, and as always if you enjoyed this
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thank you and goodbye.