Cryptid Paranormal and UFO  News.  Owlman and the Tr3B

Cryptid Paranormal and UFO News. Owlman and the Tr3B

September 14, 2019 10 By William Hollis

The stories I have you this week start with a
‘Half-man, half-owl’ that scared off holidaymakers and was ‘filmed in a Cornish graveyard’, secondly
in UFO news a Glowing object over Ukraine ‘could be TR-3B in hands of the Russians’. So first up a story a mythical ‘half-man half-owl’
that scares off holidaymakers in Cornwall has been filmed in a graveyard, it’s claimed. A cryptid creature that would remind many
of the famous “Mothman” The Owlman of Mawnan Smith has been the subject
of folklore since the 1920s but there haven’t been any ‘sightings’ since 1976. More than 40 years later, ‘ghosthunter’ Mark
Davies claims he’s captured the infamous cryptid or paranormal entity on camera. In a video Mark and his friend can be seen
creeping around the spooky graveyard, which is located behind a gate directly from a hammer
horror movie even having a dramatic-looking inscription. That reads “Da thymi nesse the Dhu,”, which
is Cornish and translates to “It is good to draw nigh to the Lord”. Mark holds out a ‘spiritual detector’ and
pans his camera around the graveyard, asking if “any creature lives here”. Then, in the corner of the frame, a ghostly
figure can be seen. The spooky creature then being caught on film. Mark goes to investigate, it is then the apparition
vanishes and no more trace of the Owlman was found. Local folklore tells the tale of two teenage
girls whom once spotted the figure while on holiday in Mawnan Smith, near Falmouth, Cornwall. It is said that One day, they walked down
to an old and remote church, more than a mile from the village center. There, the two girls saw a terrifying “bird-man”
with wings and feathers perched on top of the church steeple. The story says that they were so scared by
the sighting that their father decided to put an end to their holiday and leave Cornwall
straight away. In July of the same year, two 14-year-old
girls decided to go camping in the same area, they witnessed a giant owl of human-size ‘with
glowing eyes’. This is so similar to what was reported in
Point Pleasant and the Mothman there has to be some link! In Cornwall however the creature has been
curdling the locals’ Cornish blood for decades these stories, had all eyes turned to the
village and the discovery made the national headlines, the press naming the beast “the
Owlman of Mawnan Smith.” Although Cornish people still remember the
story, many say that they haven’t heard the name “owlman” for many years. Locals the village pub ‘The Red Lion’,
the post office and the Memorial Hall’ had all heard of the tale of the cryptid, but
all said that they did not know enough about it to comment. Penny Salisbury said: “I haven’t heard it
mentioned for years and years, since it first happened actually. “It was a media event at the time. People were scared to go to the church afterwards. “The Owlman looked quite menacing from the
pictures and drawings made by the girls involved.” What was the curious figure? Mark Davies, 47, from Falmouth, Cornwall,
was in the graveyard with his friend Chris Power, 36, from Manchester. Mark said: “There’s lay lines which are under
the ground near the church, and they give off paranormal activity. “There was a hissing in the trees and you
could hear flapping, I heard it go right over my head and I was shocked. “That’s when I saw the figure, and it had
horns on its head, it was mad. “On the meter I had, which picks up electric
magnetic energy that we use to detect ghosts, I was getting conscious replies to my questions
through it. “That’s telling me there’s a demonic energy
and it wasn’t safe. My mate got attacked, he had scratches on
his arm. His camera broke too. “He didn’t see anything, he just felt this
surge of energy. He didn’t realise til about half an hour later
when he felt some burning. “It’s not a place I would advise anyone to
go there alone, let’s put it that way.” So what do you think this Owlman was, do you
think it could be the same creature as Mothman? The next story has people spotting something
unidentifiable this time not so much in the realms of the supernatural but more in the
field of the technological. A ‘GLOWING’ object spotted over Ukraine
may well be the legendary craft the TR-3B, the anti-gravity spacecraft said to have been
built using reversed alien technology. The strange flying object was reported as
having no wings, windows, or leaving any type contrail. It maintained a reflective glowing white appearance
for the entire duration of the controversial 20 second video clip. The shaky handheld video, most likely filmed
on a phone is lacking in sound but UFO expert Scott Waring took to his blog
to speculate about what the intriguing amateur video captured. The clip being reportedly shot by one of his
subscribers. He said: “I emailed them back to learn more
details about the incident but they have been ignoring me. “Maybe Russia has knowledge of these top-secret
TR-3Bs flying around” he said, then going on to comment “But I understand as a lot
of people record these kind of things then get really frightened.” Waring then zooms in on the amateur footage
to examine the UFO in closer detail. He adds: “For a few seconds it kind of looks
like a disc in places and there are a few seconds where this UFO looks triangular in
shape, the intriguing object has no wings, windows, or contrail”
For Some time there has been the belief that there is a conspiracy of secrecy behind the
US military who have developed the craft which has come to be known as the TR-3B. Could the Russians have built similar technology? “Whatever America has, the Russians and
China have only a few months later, as they are always hacking everything.” Claims Waring. He goes on to say:
“Militaries around the world have these incredible new secret aircraft built using
alien technology. “US space agency NASA worked with the Russians
during the covert Apollo 18, 19 and 20 missions, which recovered a lot of alien technology
from some crashed ships on the moon.” Waring has his supporters, after viewing the
curious footage scores of comments rolled into the YouTube channel. Mike Littlejohn was also impressed by the
clip, commenting: “It’s got that aura around it like the others. “Propulsion system emission? If it’s not a secret government craft it
definitely is a UFO.” But user mrBlack340 appears unsure about the
footage’s provenance, noting: “We don’t have palm trees in Ukraine. “I can tell that for sure as a Ukrainian. So either this one is a fake or it’s been
shot somewhere else. And Maq Mustafa was less than impressed by
the Mr Waring’s outlandish claims, writing: “Its just a bad camera and it likely an
aircraft.” Is there anything from the news you would
like to see me take a deeper dive into? If so let me know in the comments below
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