Dodge Demon vs 2017 Corvette Z06 (Stock vs Stock)

September 12, 2019 0 By William Hollis

so guys we’re here with Matt and Andrea
they came out to uh check out the races so hopefully I won’t
let them down and we’ll be going They actually won the can of Boostane but Matt chose to give it off to somebody else who actually wanted to use it for
his particular vehicle and we’ll talk to that gentleman later tonight he
has a Corvette and we’re gonna race him in his Corvette so anyway guys let’s get
to racing. Alright so I’m here with and what’s your name? Chance. Chance and can
you tell us about your duster here? It’s 1973 Plymouth Duster I had it since I
was 14 about nine years ago drove it to high school and back and still driving
it today I’ve got a small-block Mopar 360. We have an old-school, what is this
Nova? An SS Nova? Oh man another old-school car. So can you tell us your name
and about your car sir I’m Dylan and I have this 73 Nova here it’s got a
454 in it Turbo 350 trans 373 gears in the
rear end. It’s amazing to see these young guys with these old-school cars you know
this is when I was growing up this is what we were running cars like this yeah nice nice man I’m loving it I’m loving
it all right well can you tell us your name and a little bit about your car
it’s Phil, Phil Malazzo and this pure stock is off the showroom floor, done nothing to it. and what year model is it? 2017. 2017 and what is it? A Z06. Z06 good deal okay well guys here’s our first 2017 Z06 that we’re gonna make an attempt to
run if we can get lined up can you tell me what you like about the Z06? It’s second one I’ve had and you know it’s this is the latest L engine with 650 horsepower
and 650 ft pounds of torque and it’s just uh a car that I’ve always
liked. How much does it weigh. About 3,300 pounds okay and you run it I see
like you’re running your stock Michelin’s on. Sport cut street tires. nice That Demon! I’m out here with Todd with the Blue Goose oh here we go. This car really flies so. Okay so we got Ric Flair out here running tonight at the Northstar. So we’ll see, we’ll see how Ric Flair runs. it’s a bad truck. I’ll tell you that right now.
Todd says he’s running a 5 or 4 second That pass right there was easily a low 5, but I don’t know if it was a 4 or not. hard to tell no time racer he’s a true
street racer. He’s that guy’s a heavy hitter in the local
scene here for the He’ll be out at Doomsday. In fact I think he won Doomsday last year. Uh I’ve won Doomsday alright guys I’ve had a couple
opportunity to race my friends Todd’s zo6 it’s called a blue goose guys it’s
an amazing vehicle this Corvette is just really really fast I mean it pretty much
stomps everybody out there you know it’s modded but last few times I raced it
it’s red lighted but I’ll definitely get a chance to race Todd and his blue
goose again but man he’s always a great guy to hang out with and talk to very
knowledgeable about cars and always willing to help anyway I’ll uh see Todd
out on the track again guys you know what I’m doing snatching souls. Peace.