Don’t accept flowers from strangers… | Paranormal Storytime

August 18, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Hi, so today’s story is going to be a creepypasta, that my grandma told me when I was a kid. So this particular story was very disturbing to me as a child and I thought I’d share it with you guys. According to my grandmom this story is 100% true but I don’t really know, you guys tell me what you think. Back in like the late 40s and the early 50s there used to be these saints that lived in villages. So when these villagers have a problem, they would go to these saints and they would give them an object that was blessed. When you keep this object in your house, it is said to ward off any evil spirits and basically solve your problem. So there was one such saint that lived in my grandmom’s village. This Saint saw a very beautiful woman who lived in this village and he really liked her. He went up to her and gave her a flower So he told her that if she kept that flower on her hair, that all of her problems would be solved and she would live a happy life. So this woman she was really happy she took that flower, went back home and instead of putting it in her hair she put it in a vessel so that she could use it later on and she kept the vessel in the kitchen. So the woman completely forgot about the flower and she went to sleep that day. In the middle of the night, she started hearing loud thuds against her kitchen door. She was scared. She woke her husband up and with the help of some of her next-door neighbors, she went to investigate what that sound was. When they opened the door of the kitchen, they were surprised to see that the vessel was moving. Once the kitchen door was opened the vessel started moving across the house towards the exit. Everyone there was shocked. So they decided to follow it and see where it went. As they followed the vessel they realized that the vessel was going towards the saint’s house. The vessel went all the way into the saint’s house and stopped before him the same in the state of meditation without even opening his eyes said “Finally you’re here. I was waiting for all this while.” He opened his eyes and to his surprise he saw a group of angry religious who beat him up and sent him out of the village So now that I think about it this story is actually kind of funny but as a kid I was traumatised. I didn’t wear flowers on my hair I didn’t want anything that you know saints or priests gave me. Thank you so much for listening to my story. See you guys next time