ED AND LORRAINE  WARREN | Draw My Life Halloween  🎃 The Conjuring

ED AND LORRAINE WARREN | Draw My Life Halloween 🎃 The Conjuring

August 28, 2019 100 By William Hollis

Let’s continue with the Halloween special
in our channel! Today, we are gonna be talking about Ed and
Lorraine Warren, a couple from the US, from Bridgeport in Connecticut, who investigated
paranormal events. Ed was a renowned de monologist and writer
of several books on paranormal activity. Lorraine is a clairvóyant and a professional
medium According to Ed, his obsession with paranormal
events started when he was a child. He lived in a house where strange things happened
at night. The doors of his closet would suddenly open,
and he claims to have seen faces inside it. This was the trigger of his decision to live
his life trying to explain such phenomenons. Lorraine Warren, who is now 89 years old,
says her approach to the paranormal world started when she was 7 and a student at a
girls catholic school. She started seeing people’s auras, a secret
that she kept to herself for a long time, since nobody would believe her. This changed when she met Ed. They met when they were teenagers at the colonial
theater in Bridgeport, where Ed was working. They started talking, and when they told each
other their childhood secrets, they thought destiny had brought them together. After Ed joined the army, they got married,
and when he came back from fighting in the Second World War, they already had a daughter,
Judy. Before becoming a researcher, Ed was a painter. He would paint pictures of houses where people
heard strange things happened. Many of the owners of those houses would open
their doors for them when they tried to sell them the painting, and they would enter the
houses trying to research on their own. After all they saw in these houses, they decided
to work on paranormal phenomena for a linving, and they created the New England Society for
Psychic Research in 1952. This is the oldest ghost hunters group in
New England. As time went by, they became one of the most
famous couples in the US. They were the researchers in some of the most
terrifying events in the history of the US. In their house in Monroe they have a museum
with evil objects from their cases. That museum is blessed by a priest at least
once a week. One of the first events that made them famous
was the famous doll Raggedy (ráguedi) Ann, bought by a nursing student in 1970. When the doll started showing up in weird
places or changing its position without having anybody touch it, the girl contacted a medium. The woman said the doll had been possessed
by the spirit of a girl called Annabelle Higgins. When the doll started behaving in a more violent
way, the student called the Warrens. They discovered they was no Annabelle, and
the doll was possessed by an evil entity. The doll is now shut in a museum, inside a
glass cabinet. In 1971, they researched the Perrons family
house, in Harrisville, Rhode Island. The Perrons claimed they saw spirits in their
house. Ed and Lorraine discovered the house was possessed
by a witch, Bathshé(i)ba Sheldon, who had lived there during the 19th century. Bathsheba had swore to kill anybody who would
go into her territory. Their mysterious stories didnt go unnoticed
for Hollywood, and in 2013, they made an adaptation of these cases called The Warren Files or
The Cónjuring, , considered one of the most terrifying movies in history. Another case that moved everybody and made
they them more famous was the Amityville house. There, a terrible event had taken place in
November 1974. Ronald DeFéo Jr. – the oldest child of the
DeFeos- killed his parents and siblings with a shotgun when they were sleeping. Two years later, the the Lutzs were moving
into their house, and they would stay there for 28 days. George Lutz claimed that there were evil beings
in the house, and that they heard voices that made them do things against their will. Ironically, DeFeo said in his trial that he
killed his family because the voices told him to do it. In the late 70s, the couple moved to Enfield,
England, to research on a case about a little girl, Janet Hudson, who said she was possessed. Even tho the Warrens said it was true, there
are lots of theories saying the girl was only trying to call people’s attention. This story never had a clear ending. As it had already happened in previous cases,
there was a second adaptation of them: The Conjuring 2. It was as successful as the first one. Since the release of The Conjuring in 2013,
there are other 4 successful movies based on real stories related to Ed and Lorraine
Warrent, and the saga doesnt seem to have an end, at least for now. During their more than 50 years of work, they
investigated countless cases around the US. They have talks to students and they appeared
in tv programs talking about their experiences. The Warrens never asked for any money for
their domestic services. Eventually, Ed died of natural causes on August
23rd 2006, nad Lorraine quit the job. Once retired, she was the adviser during the
filming of the 2 movies about her life, appearing briefly in the first part. The credibility of their work varies depending
on the person, but something is unquestionable: the life of this couple was full of adventures,
mystery and dark presences.