Elizabeth Bathory, The Living Vampire | Countess Dracula (Blood Countess) Of Hungarian History

January 23, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Elizabeth Báthory, the blood countess, the
living vampire, the renowned countess dracula. No, she’s not the red-eyed, superhuman or
undead vampire you see in today’s movies, but yes, she delighted in drinking the blood
of her murdered victims, believing it keeps her young and vibrant. Known throughout the world as the most prolific
female murderer, Elizabeth bathory was born to a noble family in the kingdom of Hungary,
where she spent her childhood at the Ecsed castle, and was showered with wealth, education,
and high social status. Her parents were George Báthory of Ecsed,
and lady Anna Bathory. While her older brother was Stephen Báthory,
who grew to become a judge royal of Hungary. At age 11, she was engaged to Ferenc Nádasdy,
and the couple got married after elizabeth clocked 15, and Nadasdy, 19. Bathory’s social status was much higher than
her husband’s, so she refused to change her surname, and remained a Bathory. In 1578, Nádasdy became the chief commander
of Hungarian troops, and led them to war against the Ottomans. This, was when Elizabeth’s bloody rampage
began. With her husband away at war, Elizabeth Báthory
was left in charge of all his business affairs and the estates. She began to lure adolescent daughters of
local peasants, with offers of well paid work as maidservants in the castle. She lured the daughters of the lesser gentry,
by offering to teach them courtly etiquette. Many young women fell for her trick, and those
she couldn’t get, she abducted. Elizabeth bathory brutalized, tortured, and
killed the girls. She subjected them to severe beatings, burning
or mutilation of hands, biting the flesh off the faces, arms and other body parts, freezing
in cold water, scalding in hot tongs, and starving to death. The girls were also covered in honey and live
ants. It was said that when any of the girls, died
from the torture and wounds, the countess had their blood extracted, which she then
bathed herself in, and drank some of it. This earned her the title, ‘blood countess’,
or in some occasions, ‘Bloody Mary’. Elizabeth bathory believed that the blood
of virgins kept her young and energetic, and so she continued these acts for a long time. But she was not alone, she had four other
accomplices who aided her in her atrocious acts, namely Dorotya, Ilona, Katarína, and
János. News of Bathory’s murderous acts spread throughout
the kingsom. Some suspected her of cannibalism, that she
ate the flesh of the girls she killed. in 1610, King Matthias II, sent Gyorgy Thurzó,
the Palatine of Hungary, to investigate these strange claims. Thurzo reportedly caught Elizabeth in the
act, thereby confirming these claims. As further evidence, Thurzo reportedly found
a mutilated dead girl, another badly wounded and dying, and a lot of other girls imprisoned
in the castle of the countess. Other investigators found traces of torture
on the dead bodies, some of which were buried in graveyards, and other locations. Elizabeth’s victims, were estimated to be
about 650. With these findings, Elizabeth Bathory was
arrested, along with her 4 accomplices. But because of her social prominence and her
family’s influence, she was saved from facing trial. The countess was later imprisoned in December
1609 within Čachtice Castle, and held in solitary confinement in a windowless room
until her death five years later. This is the real life story of Elizabeth Bathory,
the blood countess.