September 26, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Yeeeeeeeeeeessss we starting a new video . yes yes yes yes world womens day world womens day – tis…. hey okey it’s enough this is joke say me all of the womens ->happy World Womens Day Now .Go to the video All of them f***ing . One To One i’ve got something in my back i thought i saw it we watching to most horror joke i make it most horror joke watching them . are you ready ? why am i talking like an idiot ? because , its really funny ! hahaha television store prank what is this? he is promoting his television televisions and … all it televisions promo promoting film to white clothes girl aha really white clothes girl to left look at….. bro ,it’s so terrifying ahahahaha ohohohohoho 😮 if they were such a bitch they would kill the land in turkey look at …look at to running people look at the running sister ughhhh…. it’s most laugh yeah…… hahaha look at my bro… Back out slowly wow haha wow aha what a horrible reaction to this hahahahaha This is a movie shot with idiots camera we look more joke the maximum is 480p . Fine this is classsical camera joke you can do it everywhere aunt tina waiting in the elevator. there is a cover it cover opening and one girl entering to evalator look at now aha ! closed electric aha ! girl entering the under ayyyy ayyyy look look look aunt will have a heart attack now aunt will have a heart attack now don’t attack just waiting he girl screaming now….. watching ->screaming now look at the screaming Vaaaaahh most one joke found me. the most crazy loke this girl ,comeng for scare to people look at most horror bro most
unresponsive yaeh …… most
unresponsive yaeh …… look at. this most good. look at waiting young people in the middle of the road look at now say STOP STOP say STOP. why screaming are you crazy? whay screaming ? throwing bottles in her head bro …most good joke yeah… ……. hahahahaha:) yeah bro who are you scared? said FYA ! kicking girl DORIME HEMONE Şarkı – Ameno this is a very classic video bacause, you probably have seen it the sister is approaching quietly what do we do? will scare you? hahaha 🙂 okey. i found turkish joke. i will showing look at …make torpil joke to uncle is like bitch eyes fuacssdkyourtdsmotheres….. Please Subcribe Bekar Millet Game Channel After typing Kok Dayi in the search part of Youtube, you will need to enter videos in outlast.