End Of Denukasur (HD)  | Krishna vs Demons | Little Krishna  | Animated Stories For Kids

End Of Denukasur (HD) | Krishna vs Demons | Little Krishna | Animated Stories For Kids

September 18, 2019 1 By William Hollis

Vrindavan looked not like a forest growing wild, but more like an enchanted Garden. Spring seemed to stay eternally in this wonderful forest. The enchanting beauty of the forests of Vrindavan was also because of Krishna. Everywhere he went, he seemed to spread magic. Krishna and Balram were having lots of fun. The cows were gentle creatures. And there was no great difficulty in taking them to the green pastures. and bringing them back after a day of grazing. But even in Vrindavan, there was one place that the children avoided. This was a part of Vrindavan called, Talavana. Talavana was a beautiful part of Vrindavan filled with trees bearing delicious fruit. One day, the boys decided to go to Talavana. So led by Krishna and his elder brother, the mighty Balram, they entered Talavana. But the place was haunted by a very powerful asura called Denukasura, who had assumed the shape of a giant donkey. aaanh aaaah aaanh aaaah Balaram, holding the trunk of one of the trees began Shaking it with so much strength that, it quivered from top to bottom and the fruits started falling with great thuds. Hearing the thud of the fruits falling, Denukasura came running towards him. The ground shook. And the mighty hooves thundered as he came galloping at great speed. Then he turned around and started kicking Balram on his chest. Balaram did not even seem to feel the mighty kicks of this donkey like asura. Balram lifted him by his hind legs and started swinging him round and round and great speed with great force. then flung Denukasura’s body on top of a huge tree. Soon the evil asura who had been haunting Talavana was destroyed and peace and harmony reigned supreme in the whole of Vrindavan.