End Of Pralamb (HD)  | Krishna vs Demons | Little Krishna  | Animated Stories For Kids

End Of Pralamb (HD) | Krishna vs Demons | Little Krishna | Animated Stories For Kids

November 12, 2019 2 By William Hollis

The exploits of Krishna and Balram would reach the ears of Kamsa from time to time He was getting worried as to how to kill the two brothers. I should separate the two brothers. In this way, the strength of Krishna would be halved and my demons would be able to overcome him easily. Hmmmm Thinking of this, he summoned one of his powerful demons named Pralamb and ordered him. Pralamb, go to Vrindavan and abduct Balram. This will decrease the strength of Krishna and we shall easily defeat him then. As you order, your majesty. Hmm When Pralamb reached Vrindavan, he saw Krishna playing with his friends. He turned himself into a cowherd and mingled with the other boys but Krishna took notice of him. At once Krishna devised a plan to kill him. Let’s play a new game. We will make two teams. There would be a leader of each team. The losing side will have to carry the winners on their shoulders. Everyone was eager to play the new game. Krishna divided all the boys into two teams and made sure the Demon was in his team. Balram led one team and Krishna the other. Krishna’s team lost the game and so, they had to carry the members of Balram’s team on their shoulders. The demon Pralamb who was in guise carried Balram on his shoulders. Then he saw that no one was observing him, he ran away with Balaram on his back to a distant place. without wasting a moment Pralamb resumed his real form. Balram folded his fists tight and hit the demon hard on the head. It was such a powerful blow that, it broke the head of the demon and he fell down dead. Hearing the sound, Krishna and the others went to the spot and Krishna embraced Balram and said, well done brother. Fortunately you’ve killed the Demon