[ENG CC] Spoon – Spirits Integra Type R DC2 vs. DC5 – Battle in Ebisu HV54

January 13, 2020 0 By William Hollis

The new FWD car, the Integra
Type R makes an appearance. With specs such as 2 Liter
displacement, 17 inch wheels and brembo brakes, it’s got the upper
hand over the old version. But… In last edition we found
that the new front strut suspension makes the
tuning very difficult. More over the battle between old and new
version had to be postponed because of rain. 2001 the unsettled battle part 2
– tuned new-old Inte R showdown. Grid 1 Spirits DC2. It’s got combined gear ratios
from 96 and 98 spec version. Kawasaki is the driver. The old version is lighter though
there is 0.7 sec difference. I’ll do my best. The engine is little bit
tired with 70,000 km. 2nd pos, this DC5 comes from
the same Spirits tuner. Suspension, muffler, S tires,
it’s got just a light tune. Driver is DoriDori. Though my car’s been lightened a
bit it still got an A/C and audio. It’s a capable daily drive. Suspension is also good. Let’s do a battle. I won’t get beat up. 3rd pos, first appearance of K-One DC5. Tuning is almost the same as of Spirits. Be noted that the dampers are
based on Insight’s dampers. Yamaji is the driver. They say, the damper stroke wasn’t
sufficient, it had to be upgraded. I’m worried a bit. But you don’t have to be
worried about me not pushing hard enough, I’ll
push as hard as I can. The last car is Spoon DC2. It brings 4 pot calipers
and crossed gears in the battle against new Inte equipped with
2 liter engine and brembo brakes. Driver is Hacchyan. This Inte has already
been perfected by Spoon. I’ll show you that it still can
win the battle against new Inte. Probably. I’ll do my best.
The balance is very good. The stage is Ebisu east course. 5 laps battle start! DorDori’s Spirits DC5 stays outside. Let’s see the replay from the car camera. DoriDori’s DC5 had a good start, but Kawasaki’s
DC2 didn’t lose the leading position. He beat me. My car can’t drive over curbs. It’s very dangerous. Tsuchiya’s DC5 counters in next corner
using better acceleration from S chicane, Hey, give me break. Is Hacchyan waiting for a
rear attack chance as usual? 1.8 is also fast because it’s light. New-old versions in sandwich
formation enter the last corner. So it’s a climbing showdown. I miss shifted. Even with that, the fully geared Spoon
is getting closer to new version. He is fast. Kawasaki’s DC2 with slightly
altered gearing, was able to climb at the same
pace as the new version. Tsuchiya’s DC5 on-board
camera is shaking heavily. Kawasaki’s DC2 is
already beside him. Both cars enter the S
chicane side by side. That’s dangerous! They’re driving dangerously. Flying like that. 1.8 is really fast. It’s the leigthness. Everyone is hot headed. Kawasaki comes in the lead again, he’s
improving since the last GTR battle. It’s fast. So why was there such big time gap? Everybody is slow here. Hanzo is fast, too fast. Why is he so fast? That’s fast. With this, both old versions move
forward in 1. 2. place. Yamaji’s DC5 is unable to drive
over curbs due the insufficient damper stroke, he changes lane
in order not to drop speed. He avoids curbs in S chicane but his
cornering speed is still very good. Everyone is so fast. He steers very well. Why? Looks pretty fast. Old version Inte go! Spoon is here, it’s sticky. But that’s the old version Inte as well. His gearing seems to better match
the last corner, it looks faster. That’s dangerous running over that curb. It’s a climbing battle, pay attention
to the different gear shift point. I’ll go first. He’s coming. Too fast. Hattori’s Spoon DC2 moves in 1st position. Both new versions are close to each other. His cornering is faster. Although I can’t drive over
curbs, I’m still faster. Under steer. He’s totally faster. Why, why, why. He won’t allow me to overtake. It’s the final lap. Hattori’s DC2 is flying away. When I look into mirrors, it’s
obvious how good my suspension is. This is great. Indeed, the total balance
is very good, almost ideal. Brakes are fading, but
I’ll do my best, today. It won’t turn. Totally. Damn. I’m faster only on straights. Both old versions are running
happily in the lead, does this mean that the new version still
needs a lot of development? Yamaji’s final attack, controls the
speed from 100R up to last corner. He accelerates in inside
lane beside the Tsuchiya’s DC5. Low fuel. Old versions finish the battle in 1.
2. place. Tsuchiya’s DC5 drops into the
last position due to a fuel cut. I lost to old version. Without any success. Why’s that. Isn’t this a 2 Liter? It’s heavier. Don’t tune just the engine, Ichishima San. This is what happens when man creates cars.