November 2, 2019 0 By William Hollis

A long time ago,
humans staked their youth in the sea. In the seven seas, romance, ambition, adventures, and aspiration clashed
against fire. Now the youths in A.D. 2200… challenge the sea in the galaxy. There lies a world
far beyond our imagination. (ARMORED FLEET DAIRUGGER XV) (“THE GLORIOUS SUICIDE CORPS”) Captain. The Earth’s strategy may be important, but our crew members’ health
is even more important. That would be my forte, Aki. Doctor until we reach the rendezvous point
with the Reinforcement Fleet, we still have 35 space kilos
ahead of us. If we proceed without proper rest,
the morale of the members will drop. Let us take a short break
if there are any suitable planets around. Please, Captain. Aki, this is something
for the Captain to decide. You should not concern yourself with it. But Captain! In the first place, Aki is agitated… because he’s tired. No, Doctor. This happens all the time. -What, Captain? This and that are…
-See? You immediately sulk like this every time. It has nothing to do with fatigue. I agree with Aki’s suggestion. Our stay in space is getting long. Meanwhile, we don’t have enough time
to repair our ship… and exterminate termites. Ise, if it is safe, I believe it is a better idea… to wait for the Reinforcement Fleet
while the members rest. Captain. -What happened?
-He overexerted himself. I’m not surprised.
We’ve been working nonstop. Once permission is given,
I would like to begin the planet survey. I got it, Aki. Go and survey the planet. Yes, Captain! There’s still two hours
until the Allied Reinforcement Fleet… from Planet Mira and Sala arrives. What about the main team
from the Galaxy Garrison? They have yet to advance. What? They still haven’t started moving? Don’t make me repeat myself! The administration executives are on
a weekend vacation starting today. It’s impossible to have a meeting now. We can only have it
from next Tuesday onwards. I’m sorry,
but there was a miscommunication. Most of the administration executives… have taken a weekend vacation… and are on break right now. And the deadline
to decide on the Reinforcement Fleet… is already way over. If that’s the case,
then we won’t be able to dispatch… the Galaxy Garrison’s main team
as part of the Reinforcement Fleet! Just what do the administrative executives
think about… the work they’re doing
out in space right now? The previous Reinforcement Fleet
was annihilated. Do they intend to repeat the same mistake? What should we do, Director? To dispatch the main team, we also require permission
from the Earth Garrison. But we can’t isolate
the Rugger Guard either. You’re right. Supreme Commander Dewa! We’ve received transmission from
Commander Date of the Space Fortress. All right, I got it. Transfer it to my room. Director. What’s going on with the main team,
Supreme Commander Dewa? Actually, about that… We can’t decide until two days later. What? So we’re expected to be
on standby until then? Rugger Guard is fighting all alone now. However, we cannot allow
Planet Mira and Sala to go by themselves. Supreme Commander,
the Rugger Guard members are exhausted. On top of that, delaying reinforcements means that you’re
leaving them to fend for themselves! Never mind. You leave us with no choice. With my judgment and responsibility, I will dispatch the fleets
from Planet Mira and Sala as planned. Date! Director. This is all because I’m powerless. Nothing was detected. It doesn’t seem like
there’s anything unusual. There’s also a sea
for the Rugger Guard to land on. It’s quite the ideal location. All right, the southern hemisphere
is all clear. We’ll head to
the northern hemisphere next. Send all our gathered data
to the Rugger Guard, Patty. Roger. Paging Rugger Guard. This is Aki Team. We will now send the planet analysis data. It seems like they passed by
without noticing us. What should we do, Captain Gramon? Let’s stay put. Those from Earth must have
found this place by chance. But with their numbers, -our current strength is more than…
-You fool! Do not underestimate their power. They are not simply exploration fleets. Let’s wait until
the Supply Fleet arrives! Understood. Hey, the temperature
on the outer air suddenly dropped. The temperature difference is quite big. But Chief, the day and night… lasts for 60 days, right? Yes. When night falls, we’ll have to move
to where there is daylight. What a restless planet. We should head back soon. At this rate, it would be the same,
no matter where we go. We can’t find anything here. All right, I get it. Let’s head back. I don’t think there’d be anyone
hiding in a place like this. Patty, report to Rugger Guard
that there are no abnormalities here. Understood. Chief, something shone near the lake. Near the lake? That’s just the water reflection, Patty. Patty, when we were near the lake, we didn’t find anything unusual. Are your eyes playing tricks on you? No way. Patty, everyone in Rugger Guard… is tired and waiting for good news. We have to let them rest
as soon as possible. Understood. The fleets from Earth have pulled back. Tell the Supply Fleet to hurry up. Got it? They will definitely alight
in the southern hemisphere. Now’s the chance to defeat them! This is an announcement for
all crew members on Rugger Guard. We will rendezvous with
the Reinforcement Fleet from Earth here. Take a break,
but stay cautious of any potential enemy. Recharge as much as possible. -Yes!
-All right! Hold on, everyone. We have to take shifts… to be prepared
for any potential enemy attack. Let’s take turns in taking our break. -No way!
-What? The Walter Team will take a break first. Negre, Rugger Guard is on standby
on the fourth planet. We will meet with Rugger Guard,
no matter what it takes. The Galveston fleet
must be closely watching them. Exercise extreme caution. We will do that. With that, I wish you all the best. -Yes, sir!
-Yes, sir! Captain Drake!
We have detected the enemy fleet! They are currently navigating towards
the fourth planet. Darn Earth. Are they planning to rendezvous
with the exploration fleet? I will not allow that! All right. All fleets, prepare for combat! (ARMORED FLEET DAIRUGGER XV) All members must assume
first-class alert status! We are currently in a dangerous zone. -Roger!
-Roger! The Allied Reinforcement Fleet
from Planet Mira and Sala… have entered the danger zone! Report to
the Galaxy Garrison Headquarters… that there is no interference as of now… and that the Allied Reinforcement Fleet
from Planet Mira and Sala… will join the Rugger Guard in a moment. Understood! It’s a combat fleet, Captain! They are most likely Galveston fleets. So they’re here. Do not let a single transport vessel
come near the Rugger Guard! That is our duty. Prepare to counter-attack! We’ll blow up a hole to breakthrough! All fleets, prepare to attack! Attack the transport vessel! Captain, the enemy is approaching
the transport vessels! What? Hey, what was that? Wow, this sea is just like a hot spring! “Wow,” you say? There are rules in the sea too! What’s wrong, Kirigas? Hey, let go! Aki does have a point at times. Everyone is rejuvenated. The Supply Fleet has arrived! Finish up the replenishment
as soon as possible. According to the Frontline Command, Drake’s fleet is engaged in battle
with Earth’s Reinforcement Fleet. If that’s the case, the Earth survey ship
that stopped by on this planet… might be waiting
for replenishment to arrive. Once we’re done, we’ll take down those
who dared to get in our way. Understood! Captain! We’ve received a call from
the Galaxy Garrison Headquarters. The Reinforcement Fleet is currently
in combat with Galveston fleets! What? Captain, we’re also detecting strange
readings from the northern hemisphere. What? From the northern hemisphere? Galveston has invaded
from the northern hemisphere! Rugger Team, you must sortie immediately! Rugger Team, you must sortie immediately! Chief. What else can we do? This is our job. Chief! 400 kilometers more until they reach us! Aki Team is ready on standby! Keets Team is ready on standby. Walter Team is ready on standby. The target is 300 kilometers away. Rugger Team, move out! The enemy has dispatched
their battle machines! All right. Dispatch our battle machine! It’s a battle machine, Aki! What are you doing, Aki? We have to
transform into DaiRugger now! Chief! All right. Let’s go, everyone! DaiRugger Fighting Formation on! DaiRugger Kick! It’s the Galveston fleet! They are right ahead,
about 22 kilometers away. Darn. Get ready to intercept! Weapon like those won’t be enough
to damage the mighty Galveston fleet! It’s heading
towards the Rugger Guard, Aki! What should we do? Let’s drag him into the sea, Aki! -Into the sea?
-Leave it to me! Look for a ledge, Aki! There! Let’s drag it there! -Keets Team, launching detonation!
-Understood! Now’s the time! Escape! DaiRugger Sword! -Let’s hurry back to Rugger Guard, Aki!
-All right! The enemy
is now within the shooting range! All right. Let’s take them out
in one blow! Commence an all-out attack! This is bad. The enemy’s battle machine
is approaching! What did you say? Darn. There goes our chance. Yes. The Galveston fleet is retreating! It’s the DaiRugger! You fool, what were you doing? The enemy came from
the northern hemisphere! -Chief!
-Captain. Our Reinforcement Fleets… were determined to deliver our supplies… at the cost of their lives. And yet as the core of the operation, the Galaxy Survey Team is doing
just a slipshod work? The Reinforcement Fleets were annihilated. Captain! What can I do? Chief. Captain we have received transmission
from the Reinforcement Fleet. Two of the transport vessels are safe! -Really?
-How far are they from us? -The transport vessels are coming!
-Two of them survived! They weren’t annihilated! We can finally repair the engine room! The Reinforcement Fleet has arrived. We’ll immediately commence
with replenishment! Chief! I will be the first to welcome them! (TO BE CONTINUED)