Game Theory:  Petscop – The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game

Game Theory: Petscop – The GHOST Inside a HAUNTED Game

September 6, 2019 100 By William Hollis

“Most importantly,
when the next installment is. Spoiler alert, it’ll be a while.” Aw YOU GOTTA BE KIIDING ME! [Spooky glitch intro] Hello Internet! Welcome to Game Theory where last time, we
began unraveling the puzzle that is Petscop. To make sure everything is clear, let me quickly
summarize our findings in the form of a timeline: The story begins in 1977, when a dude rocking
some sick eyebrows named Marvin takes his female friend and her sister to a windmill. As you do…. The friend, who is named Tiara, is killed
by Marvin. Marvin then goes on to marry his victim’s sister, a woman who would come to fear him. So clearly, Marvin’s is set up to be our bad guy. Now, fast forward 11 years to 1988 when we know
our next key character is born — Michael Hammond. We know this based on his gravestone. He eventually disappears, kidnapped and abused
by Marvin, leading to his premature death at the age of seven in 1995. In the aftermath of Michael’s death, his
older brother Rainer starts developing the game Petscop in 1996, which he specifically
says is “for Marvin.” It’s a game that he would complete a year later in 1997 as evidenced
by the copyright date on the game’s Start Screen. Around the same time, June 5, 1997, Marvin
kidnaps his own daughter Care, a girl who bears a striking resemblance to Tiara – Marvin’s first
victim back at the windmill twenty years earlier. Eight days after Care’s kidnapping, June 13, a note appears
on a copy of the game Petscop that reveals a password which unlocks a hidden game buried
under the surface that seems to expose all of Marvin’s crimes. And that’s where we left off — a battle
between Rainer – the creator of Petscop – and Marvin – the serial kidnapped / murderer. But that still leaves us with a TON of unanswered questions. Why would Marvin kidnap his own daughter? What is he ACTUALLY doing to these kids? Why would Rainer create a VIDEO GAME of all
things to catch this killer? And how does ALL of this relate the videos that we’re watching and to our Let’s
Player Paul? So pluck those eyebrows Ladies and Gentlemen and watch out for windmills,
because today we’re putting the final touches on one of YouTube’s longest and creepiest Let’s Plays. Let’s start today by taking a closer look
at Marvin. Coming off of last episode, I saw a lot of
people asking why he would kidnap his own daughter, but you needn’t look any further
than episode 11 to find your answer. In episode 11, we watch as Paul unlocks a
“frozen house”, Marvin’s house, that we’re told was captured at three different
points in time. And we can tell when those moments are based
on calendars found posted on the wall. Now they don’t specify the year, but we can
see how the dates align with the days of the week and extrapolate the year from that information. The first has Christmas falling on a Thursday…which,
by checking past years, we know happened in 1997. Which just so happens to be the year of Care’s kidnapping. The episode makes sure to linger A LOT of
this paticular calendar, showing off a strange pattern of days highlighted in green, beginning as every other
day, then reducing to only weekends, then skipping a few days before turning into a
solid block of green for a series of months. In those few images, Rainer – through the language of the game – has shown us a
tale of a family falling apart. Bassically what we’ve just seen is a custody calendar — Marvin sees his
daughter Care every other day at the top of the year, then his custody is reduced to only
weekends until finally, on June 5, he breaks into his old house and kidnaps her, resulting in a solid block
of green until November 10, the day that she’s rescued. In other words, he’s kidnapping the daughter
that was taken from him by his wife and that block of green is all the time they’re spending
together now that she’s under his inprisonment. And like we discussed last episode – it’s a kidnapping that we actually see,
as the second calendar CONFIRMS that we’re watching her kidnapping. June 5, 1997. And the last calendar we see puts us at Christmas
of the year 2000, a date we’ll talk about a little bit later. So, what is Marvin doing once he kidnaps these
kids? Well, we know from Care NLM’s in-game description
in Petscop 9 that “Care NLM escaped from the school’s basement and wandered the Newmaker
Plane for days.” Escaped the school’s basement? What does that mean? Well, in episode 3, we visit actually visit her room and
find out: “A young person walks into your school building. They walk in with you. You’re holding their hands. They come out crying into their hands, because
nobody will love them, not ever again. “Nobody loves me!” They wander the Newmaker Plane.” Last episode, we established that the “you”
being talked about in these notes is Marvin — Rainer made this game for him to see…
“Well this part of the game was made for somebody to see.” …which means Marvin is a teacher
who abducts children and takes them to his classroom or a basement in the school…first Michael, then Care…then
does something to them that makes them unlovable…something that ruins them. Turns them into NLM status. But what is he DOING? Well I’m sure you could be imagining any number of awful things that a guy could be doing to kids in the bottom of a school but here’s where things get a bit odd. In video 2, Let’ s Player Paul finds a device
named TOOL under the Newmaker Plane which gives him the ability to ask questions. Now most of his questions don’t yield all that
much information until Petscop 7 when TOOL suddenly turns pink and starts talking on
SCHOOL BASEMENT STAIRWAY.” So he’s not only hurting the kids, but he’s
putting them into some kind of machine. It’s also worth noting that this Pink Tool
asking for help, by process of elimination, MUST be the voice of yet another child. I mean It can’t be Mike’s, since
we JUST walked past his gravestone, and it can’t be Care, since she’s
crying in NLM form under the shack. This means there must be a third victim, someone
else captured and tortured by Marvin. And based on Petscop 12, we know who this
is: a girl named Belle, a girl who we know somehow manages to escape. “Hi Belle. You’re free! I left these messages for you to look at,
in case you were ever rescued.” And it’s these messages to Belle in Petscop
12 that actually reveal A LOT about the plot when you read between the lines. First, we know these messages are coming from Rainer, himself,
since he specifically mentions features HE put into the game. “You’re not family, so I didn’t add
your traits to the face system. That means I didn’t add your eyes or your
eyebrows or your nose.” Now that revelation right there also drops a HUGE bombshell
on the dynamics of this game — Michael Hammond isn’t JUST Rainer’s dead younger brother,
he’s also part of Marvin’s family. I mean think about it – the text box says, only FAMILY have their
features in the game’s facial system, and since we know Mike’s features are in there,
his nose and eyebrows, as well as Care’s features in there – it means that Rainer, Care, Michael, and Marvin are all related. In short, that one line tells us that Petscop is the tale of a broken
family — a family dealing with the consequences of their abusive father. But thats not all! The family connection also ties in with our
player, Paul. “When I found my room, I was shocked
at first, but it made sense. In that line Paul EXPLICITLY STATES that he found a room dedicated to HIM in the
game, meaning that now HE TOO is aslo a part of this family. He also mentions that he and Care look alike
and happen to be the same age. “I remember you saying
that we are… exactly the same… age…I do agree there is a resemblance… very strong
resemblance between us.” The game seems to run in the family, as Rainer
reappears multiple times throughout the timeline to deliver it on Christmas Day. First in Christmas Day 1997, which we see
in the Frozen House, and again on Christmas Day in the year 2000. Paul actually mentions in episode 8 that his
mom was the one with the game, which she had in 2004. “Well it could have changed between then and 2004. After 2004, my mom had it, reportedly.” So Petscop is the equivalent of a family heirloom,
Rainer’s chronicle of the bad behavior his father committed that he now passes down between
generations. Secondly though, thelines that Rainer programed into the game for Belle show that
Marvin’s machine is somehow tied to playing music. “I was overeager before and started calling
you Tiara prematurely. I created a space for you in the menu, still
unused now. Then I put you inside the machine and played
the second movement of Stravinsky’s Septet on the Needles. I played it wrong, but that would have been
okay. If you hadn’t given up halfway, you would
be Tiara. This is not what happened, and now I’m gone.” The machine’s connection to music is further
supported by hidden images sprinkled throughout the game’s various loading screens. At first glance, most of the load screens
simply look black…and yet, throughout the entirety of the 13 episodes, there are hidden
images that reveal themselves when the screen is brightened or the exposure is cranked up. What you find are real-life equivalents of
key in-game objects and places: the bedroom layout we see in the Quitter’s Room, wooden
stairs leading into a basement just like the ones we descend in-game to get into the Newmaker
Plane, a piano with a Playstation controller connected to it, someone being forced to play
the piano, and Marvin’s face…or perhaps Marvin’s mask. I doubt in real life his face is REALLY that green. So what’s really going on here? What’s all this about a piano? Well, it seems like Marvin steals kids…often
his own kids…to “rebirth” the most promising candidates into Tiara, his friend from decades
prior — the windmill girl. It began with his son Mike, plucking his eyebrows
to best recreate Tiara’s hairless face. We know this based on the tweezers hidden
in Michael’s room. When he didn’t work out, Marvin moved on
to Care, who’s natural lack of eyebrows made her an exciting prospect. As we can see from a note in the back of her room: “Your wife says, “Care isn’t growing
eyebrows.” You say, “That’s a puzzle.” You’re secretly very excited to hear this
news. You’re in the bathtub thinking about her. I have a guess at which child you’ll pick
next.” That last line there CLEARLY indicates that Care is definitely not the first child to undergo this procedure. Now once at the school, he forces the kids into
the basement, which we see in the real-life loading screen image descending a wooden staircase,
then gets them to play music that somehow is tied to the bizarre rebirthing process. As evidenced by the hidden real-life photo
in the loading screens, he specifically forces them to play the piano. Those who fail are punished by getting locked
into a real-life version of the Quitter’s Room. Something that Rainer recreates in the game. That’s where Belle is imprisoned at the
beginning of the series and where she is rescued from in episode 12. While under his watch, Marvin “motivates”
his students to do better not by using a controlled shock, but rather by using TOOL, or rather
a tool, what appears to be an awl, a tool used for punching holes in leather and wood
but also, fittingly enough, a tool that’s often included in piano tuning kits. This is the cycle of abuse he creates, trying
to recreate his lost love Tiara. And that’s the way it continues for DECADES. At least until Rainer’s
game, but the story doesn’t conclude in the way you might think. You see, Petscop doesn’t seem content to
just retell the story of Marvin’s crimes. Like Paul says: “This game is trying very hard to make it seem like there’s an entity in it.” And he’s not wrong: Petscop seems able to
act on its own. We see Marvin’s in-game avatar literally
able to manipulate the level editor in video 6. We also know this is Marvin talking by
the language he is using in the game. Notice how he phrase his
questions: “Where is my house?” “Where is the School?” MY house. Marvin’s house. He’s trapped and now he’s looking for a means of
escape. It seems like Rainer made Petscop to stop
Marvin’s violent acts not by simply exposing him but by trapping him inside the game. Petscop is Marvin’s prison. And the Demo screen at the end of Petscop 12 confirms it. If you watch to the absolute last second of
the video, there are a few frames that reveal the pause menu for the demo screen and you can see that there
is no escape available. Unlike when Paul is playing, where the pause
menu has a “Quit Game” option, the demo screen doesn’t; the Demo players are literally trapped
in the game. So how’d Rainer get Marvin trapped inside the game? Admittedly it’s a bit unclear, but I’d say it has to do
with the Playstation controller attached to the piano that we saw during one of the loading
screens. I’m honestly not 100% sure, but knowing that Marvin’s
machine is tied to music, that he forces kids to play piano, and it’s the one place we see music and the game cross in real
life imagery, that seems to be important. REGARDLESS! Based on the way Marvin’s avatar behaves in the game – it seems undeniable that HE’S the entity who’s trapped inside of this code. So does that mean Petscop served its purpose? Does it mean Rainer won by capturing Marvin
inside the game? Well yes, and no. You see, the game is still out there. And like any good creepypasta, that leaves
open the possibility of a tragic conclusion. And in this case, it seems like it might be
falling on Paul’s hands. We see Marvin, in Petscop 8 trying to communicate
to Paul, leading him to the pictures of the school and his house, trying to walk into
a wall to show Paul the way to get there. Marvin is trying to use Paul to escape. Or at the very least, to make Paul into a new Marvin in the real world. I mean just stop and think: Even after Paul watches Marvin kidnap Care,
going so far as to say, “uh oh”, Paul, given the same opportunity, DOES THE
EXACT SAME THING. He literally does EXACTLY what Marvin just
did. In fact, Marvin is literally training Paul
throughout the course of this series. Remember, in Petscop 5 when Pink Tool tells
Paul, “Marvin picks up Tool hurts me when Playstation on.” Well, Paul knows that just keeping the Playstation
on is causing someone pain, but he doesn’t stop for a second. He doesn’t turn it off. That’s because Paul is Marvin reborn. That’s why we see multiple scenes of Marvin
teaching Paul…or Pall as the game says. Marvin may not be able to escape, but it seems like Paul
will be able to carry on his dirty work for him. So there you have it: Rainer vs. Marvin, son vs father. A
tale of loss, murder, and piano-controllers. In the end, it’s Rainer who comes out on
top. But still, that all begs the question: When
can we expect the next installment? Well, apparently earlier this week — I forgot
the series was having a one-year anniversary, so…you know…I may have been a bit wrong
in my prediction there. But I do stand by my ACTUAL prediction that
you should keep an eye on the Petscop channel around June 5 of this year. This game plays with dates, and June 5th is the pivotal moment of Care’s disappearance, so that seems like it’d be the perfect time to
continue the story…if it at this point it even wants to be continued at this point — episode 13 really
had an air of finality to it. Anyway, in the meantime, here’s something
I’d love to discuss that I’m just throwing here at the end of the video because 13 just came out and I haven’t had time to really process it: there’s a crucial point in episode 13, where Blue Tool becomes Black Tool and is used
to UNLOCK something on the table outside of Care’s room. Notice how the green chainlinks disappear after
black tool flies towards the objects. And we know this is June 5, the day of Care’s
kidnapping. Most interestingly of all we know that unlocking these objects is important enough to get rewarded with a bunch of pieces – just like when windmill girl died – but what are those things left on the table? It looks like a speaker system and a new microphone to me, but who knows. I’m still working through what it could
mean. Anyway, let me know what you think in the
comments below. Obviously there’s still A LOT of details to work through
on this one. And who knows, now that this episode went
up, maybe Petscop 14 is going to be released tomorrow (something tells me it won’t). But hey crazier things have happened! It’s Like Paul is the new Scott Coffin. ANYWAY! In the mean time remember: that’s just
a theory! A Game Theory! Thanks for watching!