Geometry Dash INSANE DEMON | 8o by Zobros & Etzer ~ A TILTED EVW

December 14, 2019 0 By William Hollis

Push a bunch of buttons until you get through. Hows it going guys? My name is EricVanWilderman and welcome back to geometry Dash. In this video we’re gonna be doing a level called a 80 by Zobros and Etzer. I believe it was a collab. Even though Zobros just says easy on every level because he’s like yeah, everything is easy for me, so… We miss you Zobros. We missed that cockiness. Anyways guys, if you’re noticing I’m wearing these different glasses. These are Gunnar glasses, and they protect your eyes from light that comes from the PC, so I’m using them, because geometry dash is it was like hurting my eyes too much playing this game. So I have to use them for Gd. They might look a little strange, but I think they look cool personally. Anyways, I’m gonna do one round two practice mode, and then we’re gonna go into normal mode, which I will be doing on stream. But for now, let’s explain this bit. So the first bit of the level, It looks like it’s pretty easy, you see someone in a video do it and overall once you memorize it it is. But there’s definitely some timings. Like you can’t just mash the button, and hit all the jump rings. You hit some of the Jump rings, you hit most of the jump rings but some jump rings are placed to prevent you from mashing. And sometimes you have to set yourself up for the next one properly. Like right there, there’s a bit of a timing even though It doesn’t look like it. It’s just because I’ve practiced it. 1 2 3 4, 1 2 3 4. So you go down. Here now, if you go up too late here, see like okay. Yeah, that’ll happen. You don’t want that to happen. If you go up too late like that. I don’t know why that happens like if you go up too late You go through the yellow portal. Or maybe it’s I’m hitting the blue jump ring at the top too early. Maybe that’s it. So I hit it. Yeah that’s it. Then you hit it a little bit late. I actually skipped a jump ring there; didn’t know that was possible. But I guess, I guess it is. And then right here. This is kind of hard because as you’re flying up there’s a yellow jump ring in the way. And it’s pretty close to the next one you have to press. So it’s really easy to hit that. So you really gotta practice that timing, and then also on the way down there’s a blue jump ring that can mess you up, so you got to wait. Then hit all those pink ones, all those pink ones. This part’s kind of easy because you hit all those jump rings. So as you’re flying up you can just hold down the button. You go hold: 1 2 3, 1, 1 2. That parts little hard because with those two jump rings if you’re too far forward and you mess up like sometime before then; you can like only hit the yellow jump ring. And then you won’t get enough air. It’s kind of a it’s a weird phenomenon. So you got to make sure to like, be early at some parts, late at other parts. Boom boom, boom boom. One two three, one two three four, one two three four, and it’s pretty easy from here on out. So you want to make sure. Yeah, you’re a little bit early there, and then, boom boom boom, boom, boom boom and then that’s it. You just hit the rest. Okay, so the first part of the levels like, just a lot of memorization. But there’s timings to some of the jump rings and also you don’t hit all the jump rings. That’s all you need to know. That just comes with practice. There’s no like big secret to that. It’s just memorize it and get comfortable with it. That’s it. Now here comes the hard part of the level because that beginning part is nothing compared to this. So I find the first ship part the hardest. What I like to do is I straighten myself out here. You just tap that ever so slightly. If you hold on just the littlest bit too long; you’ll like go too high like that. So I tap on it. Tap and then press it one more time, and then you reef it, and you go all the way down. So… Tap. press, boom and your reef it. Except I reefed it way too hard. Reef it, boom, straighten yourself out, and at the end there you have a lot of room. The beginning, you’re a bit more constricted. But at the end here lots more wiggle space. 1, 1 2, 1 2. You got to actually jump twice there; when you go through that yellow portal. 1, 1 2, 1. If you jump once there that you don’t get enough air, so you go: 1, 1 2, 1 2, wait, 1, 2, 3, and then you’re just ready to go to the next part. This part I find quite easy actually, it’s not too hard. So this part here, It’s tempting to want to jump twice there. But you’ll get too much air and you can actually do it like that. You can jump twice there but it’s so much easier to just jump once, twice, 3 times. (And) Like 3 or 4 times at the end, (depending on how much you need so this part here is). You hold down the button at different times. And you only have to hold down the button twice in the middle of this section. So first, you fly up here, you hold down the button until you hit the yellow jump ring, and then let go. And then from then on, it’s only between the yellow jump rings and the next blue jump ring that you hold. So you go like hold, hold, hold. Like that, and then you come back up. And then you just gotta like straight fly through there. This part is for me, the hardest part of the level: this next UFO section. Because you come out of that mini ship part like any kind of way like if you go out there straight. That’s great sometimes You’re kind of going up sometimes are kind of going down, and it messes up the UFO timing so much It’s crazy! For some reason because the portals are like all sideways and horizontal for me I don’t, it trips me out, and I don’t know exactly when it’s gonna change 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 1 2 3 Like that so when you get to the portal at the top there that yellow portal, um sometimes you have to wait a split second before you go down because you’re too low and sometimes you don’t Boom boom and then you go through that portal. Now there’s a little bit of a technique going through there I’ll tell you in a sec. This is the part that’s gonna kill me a lot I have a feeling… But I do get lucky through here every now and then my new advice to you is just Push a bunch of buttons until you get through! The way you do it is You have to react accordingly, like if you go through the UFO at low, through the portal it changes you into the UFO. Then you got to hit the button three times. If you don’t, you can hit it twice. You got to react to the situation. This is like the only *stutters one of the only levels that I would actually recommend that, and not like I don’t have like a set plan. You know? And then this part is not too bad, just go through here. Tap tap tap tap tap. I pressed it too early. Tap tap tap tap tap tap like that and then go through. That’s kind of a tight space though, I might actually die there as well. So the last UFO part I find isn’t as hard as the previous UFO part; the previous UFO part there’s not as much room for error, and it seems a lot more, I don’t want to say random, but it’s different depending on how you like go into it from the previous section. But that one you can. There’s a rhythm to it and even though it’s kind of tricky at first. You’ll definitely be able to do it. Let’s see if we can get to the ship part. Without streaming. Ow, that’s that’s awesome progress You see? Some of these jump ring timings I find it’s better to hit them late, instead of early See I hit those like a little bit late you know. Wow we’re making good progress, huh? Boom boom, one two three, boom a little bit late. Boom boom boom, boom boom, boom boom boom boom. Boom boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom boom boom. Boom boom boom. Boom. Boom boom wow we nailed it. Haha we got to the ship part pretty quick. Oh God. She’s loving me… Ah!!! Okay, I think we’re gonna go onto stream. I’ll see you guys there. What the heck my thumb’s not working. I’m getting too old for this game. No, I’m getting too old for it. Like, that is such a noob mistake. Like, not flying straight like that. I gotta find a new game. God dammit. What do I do solitaire Sol- okay solitaire! Candy crush, Wii Sports… We got a Pacman, Minesweeper. Guys, you are giving me good ideas. Do you think I can still be a a youtuber for those things though? Like could I be like a Minesweeper youtuber? I did my jump through there like I normally do… Like I practiced it, and I was too high. So that time I shouldn’t have jumped through there because I was pretty high going through there. So that time I should have just not jumped. So the problem with this level is everything is so Situational. Like, you don’t you never go through the level the same way twice. There’s so many like little variations that you have to be aware of. And you have to react to them accordingly, even though the levels going so fast. Yeah, I knew I was gonna die for that at some point like perfectly going in there is so hard What?!?! I’d press the button too early for the jump ring. Really? No way! ‘Cuz I just like flew up. I like didn’t hit it. I oh I must have just barely missed it. Oh, I barely missed it. No way! Yeah, I can feel it. I feel like we’re getting there, but… I just pressed it right as I died. That sucks! I was in there! ‘Cause like the first jumps the hardest because you transition right? Oh, I was like almost in there, too. I wasn’t like a big mistake like I was like almost in there… God! Come on! Yo Aeon! Thanks dude! Much appreciated! Thanks, man! Finally! Oh-ho man! Seven and a half hours of streaming. Oh my god! Can’t believe it. Can I just have a victory sip of coffee? This level tilted me so hard. You guys have no idea like. I don’t know what it was, But this level made me angry. Like, I actually like a lot of parts of this level. Like I like some parts of the cube at the beginning. Some parts where the uhh the music sync is really good. I just I don’t really like the mashing parts though. The mashing parts hurt my thumb a lot. I liked some of the cube parts though. I love the ship parts in this level. The ship parts are so fun, but man and some of the UFO parts are good. But that third UFO part is just, OH GOD, it’s frustrating. It just… makes me crazy. Anyways, my attempts 3441. Keep in mind 700 of these attempts were from like a year ago. So I would say like, from when I started practicing this now It’s like mmm, 2700 attempts. We’ll go with that. Because those attempts like back in the day. I forgot, I completely forgot this entire level. That was a lot of fun. I’ll see in the next one! As always, peace!!!