Ghost caught on video tape 1 (The Haunting)

September 11, 2019 0 By William Hollis

TEXT I think my house is haunted I just moved a lot of weird things have been going on in the basement where I’ve got the studio area. Down here it kind of freaks me out coming down here at night. Let me turn this light on..there we go This is the studio… I’ve got to do some more work to it because I’ve moved it kind of crazy……. boxes everywhere stuff like…. but a lot of weird things have been happening down here Let me see if I can record it…if I can record it I’ll go after it I try not to be scared of this stuff BUT.. if something does happen I will record it. and you can see it… (SNIFF).. (Fear) Oh Crap! Did you see that!! (Scared voice)Let me turn on this light…… Hello… Hello…..Hello…. is anybody in here? Let me see behind this door… Hello…??….Is anybody in here?? No one is trying to fool me and going to run out of here are they???? hello….. (SNIFF) Nobody is in here…HELLO (FEAR) THE ……sheet…….. It just flipped up I’ll out of here!!! (TEXT)