Ghost Dimension Paranormal Investigators Unseen Footage Bolton Sea Cadets Haunting

September 26, 2019 0 By William Hollis

– This is Ghost Dimension. – [Narrator] Coming up on Ghost Dimension. – Can you give us something? – Speak to the EVP machine,
tell us you’re here. Can you communicate to us? – Can you hear that? – On the floor? I felt it. I felt that. – That was when I said Jim. (mumbling) – Ghost Dimension. – Hello and welcome,
this is Ghost Dimension. Tonight we bring you
footage never seen before. Footage that we kept out
of the edit until now. Please enjoy. – So we’ve come to the store
room because (mumbles). – What’s it say? Nick. Oh my God, so before when
we were outside it said seven just before we came into this room. We have a Jim, a Pat, and a Nick. So slowly it’s going thought
the names of the people that are up here. – And we’ve come up
here because (mumbles), go through the stores. So we’ll call out.
– Call out. – Got the EVP going, let’s
see what we can get, yeah? – Already I can hear tapping behind. Don’t know what it is. – Let’s close our eyes, here we go. – Jim, Pat, Nick, are you here? Can you give us something? – Speak to the EVP machine,
tell us you’re here. Scratch. – Somebody’s touching my back. Is that one of you guys,
or is that somebody else? Can anybody hear that? Creaky floor board. – Yeah, it is an old building. – It’s an old building so
it could’ve been one of us. – Can you communicate to us? – Did you hear that? – On the floor? I felt it. – Yeah. – I felt that. – That was when I said Jim. – Say it again. – Jim, let’s hear you. – Can you tell us who you are? Speak into the EVP device. (whispering) – I did the same. I did the same, I squeezed twice. – Come forward. Come join us in this room. Give us a sign that you’re here please. – America. – America? – Were you from America? Whoa the lights dimming. It’s like it’s draining
the light because there’s seven of them in here. Is it Jim who’s from America? Pat? – I got some other names
while I was downstairs, I got David and Steve. – Ah, we got Paul in the basement. – I think the person up here
is supposed to be Harold. – Harold, are you here? – I heard that.
– Did you hear that? – Say Harry, he hates it. – What did it say? Hug.
– Hug? – Say Harry. – Harry, do you want a hug? – Harry? – Harry, come on, come play. – Copy this whistle. (whistles) – You hear a dog bark? – No, you heard woof. – Yeah. – Is that you? Is it a dog here? – Nick, are you here? Did you hear that?
– Steve? – Harry? Come into this room, Becks is here. – Sharp pain in the left bicep. – In the left bicep? – Yeah, just something
just went through it. It felt like a knife. – Is that you, Harry,
affecting Beck’s biceps? – Paul? Are you up here? Solo. I’m sorry. – I think that’s saying
that you need to do a solo. – No way will I do a solo. – I’ll do a solo in here then. – I’m not doing a solo just
because he doesn’t like women. – I’ll do a solo. – You do solo. – And then should we do the– – Sean’s solo story. – The last step piece
bit of the stairs, yeah? – Yeah okay I’m gonna head
out and Sean’s gonna do a solo. (dramatic music) – Harry, you here? Can you communicate with me? You’ve asked for solo, you’ve got solo. Is that you (mumbles)? Compound. You were stuck in here, this
was like a compound to you, was it? Give me a sign you’re here, Harry. Or whatever your name is,
just tell me you’re here. You wanted me on my own, I’m on my own. – [Woman] It’s tapping. – On the floor?
– On the floor. – My feet are still. – [Woman] My feet are still as well. – Tap again. Is that you, Harry? It’s behind you, Jane. – [Jane] That’s on the floor,
I can feel it vibrating on my feet. – That’s weird. – [Jane] You’re not moving your feet? I can feel such a vibration
under my feet, can you hear? – I can hear it. It’s like it was on this table. (making tap noises) – [Jane] But then it’s
vibrating to the floor. – Behind again. It’s behind. It’s again on the floor. – [Jane] Tapping. – Right behind you, look, look. Here, is there anything under here? – [Jane] I can hear it again. And you’re not moving? – No. (dramatic music) It’s weird. (dramatic music)