Ghost Fleet Offensive COLONIAL DEFENDER BSG Deadlock New Ship

February 20, 2020 0 By William Hollis

Hello it’s Ricardo and welcome back to
Battlestar Galactica deadlock ghost fleet offensive we’re going to take a
look at some of the new ships now one of my previous videos we took a look at the
colonial Orion now it’s time for the colonial defender let’s check it out so
hello welcome back here we have the new part of the CIC we’ve been able to see
from the doorway in the normal table of where fleet command over in the 12
colonies it’s happening you can see all fleets doing their thing as if by magic
on the other side working out on their sorties that’s a good effect then we
come over to where I think this is where they do the FTL jumps and behind it we
have a different table look at this so you’ve got your go-to fleet mission I
cannot give you a bit of talkie talking about this and the fleets that are
actually here so we’ve got the ghost fleet reserve what’s in it we’ve got a
few not too much to be perfectly honest it could be better so the ones Hope
Center would you’ve been sporadic at best and us and we’ve we’ve got a fleet
here as well you see which is very good however when you get over here and it’s
very you can’t go any further than that you can just you know little the peak
round the corner perhaps to be released in other DLC you can unlock more ships so we spoken
about in my previous video the Orion frigate and how much that looks like you
know a submarine and so forth okay but the next thing to talk about
it’s the colonial defender and we can unlock that now for a whole 350
requisition points and there I was worrying I wouldn’t have enough
requisition points and I’ve been saving them all up so the colonial defender
let’s take a good look at this as purchase at first there you go
as it happens in real time everybody let’s inspect it so Armour much better
sixty sixty all around top and forty top and bottom much better than the year
Ryan okay which has made a tissue paper bit like this thing this thing’s made a
tissue paper for a battle star anyway don’t get me started on that we’re
digressing and taking ourselves away from the colonial defender it’s a
support ship okay a support ship of Germany’s origin the defender is a
mobile marine detachment platform okay the Raptors from the defender can both
boss of the marine defense friendly ships that have been boarded and provide
technical support to boost the strength of Ally subsystems okay so let’s take a
look at the model then ooh it’s a big enough now look at that we’ve seen
something like this before especially in if you’ve played war of
the colonies the Empire of war mod we’ve seen this so guns on the bottom there’s
a viper squadron which launches from that hangar bay at the bottom okay great few guns on the side those
cannons on the front let’s have a look at the specs but yeah very nice
okay so launches launches Raptors and things so it says Ross it’s say over
here on the on the stats 750 fleet points quite an be priced round about
the sort of adamant mark build cost is 300 Tilly a minute build time is three
turn so you can turn these around quite quickly sort of standard dradis range
speed it’s not a slouch armaments right so broadsides a point defense the bottom
has got medium turrets okay not bad advantages marine strength squadron of
agent and squadron repair and also the penalties a turret range and dradis
range well it’s a platform isn’t it so the crew veteran seed bonuses squadron
evade marine strengths and target accuracy the defender is a support ship
of Germany’s origin we’ve said this in the blurb that I’ve been given and it
says the substructure flight pod has been repurposed by clonal engineers into
a fast turnaround resupply Bay for squadron groups
so get your Raptors out there to fly it toward your defender rearm it could be
couldn’t it the support ship is moderately armed and armored which much
of its firepower focused on protecting the flight pod and its contents it is
often deployed to battles third groups as a marine detachment support center
capable of bolstering both support and boarding actions well I don’t want to
say I wonder what it’s like in in battle I’ve got to use it and you’ve got have a
go I mean this time with this DLC there’s no colonial an element okay
purchaser anyway clever got it from being complete and the EMP missiles of
modular I’ve got everything here as well I’m a piercing why not use those
requisition points we’ve got it all the Heracles gunship yeah and purchase that
so I was sixteen hundred command points yet these things where are they I’ve
lost them they’re a defender support two fifty and that one 350 and 250 lots of
missiles here just resupply there you’re not going to dent any base stars with it
but I do think it looks a nice model you know so now we’ve read it read the blurb
we can see that along the flight pod there’s the point defense there are the
medium cannons a little bit there on the bottom look a little gun there nothing
on the front so what those pipes there are four we don’t know it could be
sensors again we’ve got some point defense here point defense here all
around the flight pod and a gun sort of mid to front right there so that there
everybody is the colonial defender support ship one of the two colonial
ships that you get with Battlestar Galactica deadlock ghost fleet so there
you have it hope you’ve enjoyed the video
I’ve been Ricardo you can unlock these once you get to campaign mission after
campaign mission six which is quite difficult check out the video on that
also on YouTube it’s not they’ll be out in a couple of days all depends on the
release schedule have fun so say we all launch those Vipers from that flight pod
and let me know how you get on with the colonial Ryan and this colonial defender
thanks very much for watching check back for more videos in this series