Ghost Hunters: Haunted Graveyard Debunked w/ Ground Penetrating Radar | A&E

September 6, 2019 0 By William Hollis

So, this is, uh —
It’s an interesting one, guys. We’ve got this poor woman
who’s terrified… Kristen: Yeah.
…to live in her house. One of the reports is that this place was built
on an old graveyard, and so I’ve lined up
someone to come in with ground-penetrating radar and try to get
some answers there. He’ll do the whole grounds
and tell us what he finds. Wow.
That’s gonna be neat.
Awesome. ♪♪ Let’s go check it out, bro,
see what’s going on. How you doing, John?
Good to meet you. Hey.
How you doing today? Daryl. Daryl,
nice to meet you.
Mustafa. John Sweeney.
Nice to meet you guys. Nice to meet you.
What we got here? Well, now, what we got here
is the ground-penetrating radar, GPR, as they’re
known by here. Okay.
Yep. Basically shows you anything
that we have in the ground, anything — an anomaly,
any utility of any sort. When we’re rolling over
those bricks there, when we’re rolling over
that water line over there…
Uh-huh. …it’s gonna pick up
on this bugger. -Okay. Gotcha.
-Alright, cool. Something
I came up with was there might
have been a report of somebody who died on this
property in, like, 1876, right? So, like, over —
That’s a long time. I’m bad at math.
It’s over 100… It’s over, like,
100 years. But that’s, like, how far would
that go down — like 100 years? It could —
I mean, really, yeah. It all depends
on the material. It all depends
on the type of soil, I mean, erosion,
the way it goes. I mean, it could be
anywhere from, like I said, probably about 7, 8 foot,
maybe even further down. So even, like, if some–
like, a wooden casket was buried here 130 years ago,
140 years ago, you would still see that, even though it’s rotted away
and probably collapsed? Correct, correct.
Okay. Whereabouts would, like,
a body or a casket be? Sweeney: It would be
around here, within, like, the 7-to-8-foot
range, I’m gonna say. It can go up to 25 feet.
Wow. But I’m actually scanning
up to about 12 right now. Yeah, no one’s gonna be
burying anybody at, you know,
under 12 foot. That’s true. What we also have, too,
with this GPR unit, is we have
a GPS tracker here. -Okay.
-Oh, okay. So, like, if you did
find something, then we would know
the exact location? Correct. Exactly.
Very cool. Nice.
It’ll show
where that is, ’cause we pinpoint it
on that screen. So we’ll get, like, the precise
latitude, longitude — Exactly. So you can come back
and you can say, “Hey, it was right here,
back there in the back.” Interesting. Right.
That’s very cool. So…
Is there any difference between scanning in the basement
and scanning on the grass? There is, because when we’re
scanning the concrete, you can find different things,
like rebar. You can find possibly drainage
down there as well, like we have out here. It picks it up through
the concrete like that? Correct.
Yes, it will. Wow.
Yes, it will. Now, with — Obviously,
with the grass and all, with the lighter soil…
Yeah. …you got a clearer image
on the screen, so you can pick it up
a lot better on that screen. So if there was
a grave site or something, you’re gonna
pick it up on this. Did you find
anything so far? No, I have not. This is clear, concise,
concrete scientific evidence that
there’s nothing here. Yeah, I mean, he did
the whole property, didn’t find anything —
No, nothing. Not even a bottle or anything.
So that’s good news. Well, I think you’re gonna ease
her mind, which is great — That’s what we were
looking for — and dismiss
some of these claims.
Yeah. It would be cool if we found
some, like, jewelry. Oh, that’d be…
Yeah. Maybe some little
pinkie ring. [ Both laugh ] Thank you, sir.
nice meeting you. Mustafa, nice meeting you,
as well.
You too, bud. Alright, man.
Keep doing the good work.
Have a good one. You too.
Thank you very much. Yep.
That’s awesome. Yeah, it is.
That’s really awesome.